Marathon 2 Special Edition music on Simplici7y

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Marathon 2 Special Edition music on Simplici7y

Post Oct 1st '14, 06:16

Wasn't sure where to put this... I'm only recently making a serious attempt at dipping my toes into the Marathon trilogy after having grown up on the likes of Doom. I'm still going through Marathon 1 through Aleph One and really enjoying it.

Anyway, Marathon 2 is next, and I know it's without music but that kind of bugs me, so I'm looking to see if anyone had this uploaded somewhere. As you might be aware, the link is long dead thanks to Megaupload's takedown ages ago. Any help would be appreciated.

Post Oct 5th '14, 21:10

Found these on a backup drive and 7z'd them up.
M2 SE.7z

Post Oct 6th '14, 00:17


Post Oct 6th '14, 09:38

I'm still curious about getting a copy of the special editions themselves. It seems like no one has it anymore.
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Post Oct 6th '14, 15:18

What was the Special Edition? I don't know that I've ever heard of such a thing.

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