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HUD Size

Post Nov 1st '14, 18:11

I'm relatively new to the Marathon series, and I've played through a bit of both Marathon 1 and 2, just to get the hang of things, although I have a question.
I have seen many screenshots and videos where the player's HUD, is a bar on the bottom of the screen, in a similar fashion to Doom's HUD. I have messed around with the Graphics/HUD options, but I simply can't figure out how to get the same results. Any help please?
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The Civ

Post Nov 1st '14, 19:13

In preferences > environment > plugins, see if you have any "Enhanced HUD" plugins enabled. If you do, click on it to disable it and see if you have the HUD you want. Otherwise, maybe what you're looking for is one of the custom HUDs on simplici7y:
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