Try Again Completion Parameters

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Try Again Completion Parameters

Post Apr 15th '15, 22:48

I don't mean to burst your people's bubbles, but, I hate this level.
No, not because of Ingue Ferroque, not because of the combat, but because I can't finish it.
I've killed all ayy lmaos possible, and have looked at every line of geometry,
even the secret room ones.

What kind of level is that, where you find the extra-ordinaries before the ordinaries?
TRY AGAIN. It doesn't say it because you'll have a tough time beating Ingue Ferroque.
It's because you'll try every way to beat this level and it will still give you the first terminal phrases.
So, how do you beat this level?

Technical Aspects:
Aleph One, newest version (or the third newest), Windows Vista,
This is not M1A1, it's the ".appl" version.

Post Apr 17th '15, 18:35

You don't leave from the first terminal. See the guide.
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Post Apr 18th '15, 01:45

Hopper wrote:You don't leave from the first terminal. See the guide.

Thank you! On to Durandal!

Post Apr 30th '15, 06:28

Funnier26 wrote:
even the secret room ones.

I don't think the fact that secrets exist is a spoiler.

Post Apr 30th '15, 07:07

Perhaps, but I wouldn't fault a guy for exercising caution.
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