Marathon Infinity Multiplayer

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Marathon Infinity Multiplayer

Post Mar 25th '16, 20:25

I saw a game and tried to join but it didn't let me. Join was greyed out. Do I have to register, or can I play as a guest? I don't know a thing about this. Does anyone still play on a regular basis?

Post Mar 26th '16, 00:26

I went to my mom's house and installed Aleph on her comp. Someone named madboi was online and he told me I had to port forward port 4226 on TCP and UDP to host. Props to madboi. So I went home and configured my router. Then I called mom and had her try to join and it worked! So I think this means other people can join my games.

Post Mar 26th '16, 03:07

no only your mom
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Post Mar 26th '16, 08:21

I hope you hosted the right map.

Post Mar 26th '16, 12:04

p.s.—all jesting aside, welcome
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Post Mar 26th '16, 13:49

I wasn't jesting, his mom does sound cool. My mom never helped me play Marathon.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Mar 26th '16, 17:47

Ok Patrick, I have to admit this time, That was funny!
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Veldin Orbit

Post Mar 26th '16, 17:51

Ya mom is nice person. Last night I played a few multiplayer games with TK and aquateenhngrforce and madboi. I also got some help with my map from Windbreaker himself!

Post Mar 26th '16, 18:25

Joltacks wrote:Windbreaker himself!

Windbreaker himself?! Did you also get his autograph? :P
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