Missed Island

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Missed Island

Post May 14th '16, 21:01

So I got nostalgic as shit today and downloaded AO and Missed Island.

I can't for the life of me figure out the combination lock puzzle.


what the fuck does that even mean

Post May 14th '16, 21:06

It's just 247.
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Sharkie Lino

Post May 14th '16, 21:08

Shit, really?

I must have missed something else then. Or the physics aren't playing nice.

Edit: Clock tower worked though, so I must have done something wrong

Post May 14th '16, 21:15

Oh, I guess it broke somehow. Maybe the Enforcer despawned. I tried on a new game and it worked fine. I also never found the chip to fix the power line, so I just brute forced the maze.

C'est la vie

Cheers for the help, and very impressive on the speedy reply

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