The Secret History of Mac Gaming

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The Secret History of Mac Gaming

Post Jul 8th '16, 17:47

So I just got an email from an author named Richard Moss (because "I saw in my latest spot of background research that you were one of the most active people in the Marathon community way back when" :D) who is writing a book on the Secret History of Mac Gaming, and he asked me to spread the news to any old school Bungie fan people I still know.

From his description to me:

It's called The Secret History of Mac Gaming. It's a narrative-style history of the Mac games scene in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. There'll be chapters on Bungie, Cyan, Freeverse, Ambrosia, John Calhoun, and lots of other people/companies.

For the Bungie chapter I'm talking to Alex Seropian, Doug Zartman, and Matt Soell, and trying to get onto a few of the other guys too...

Looking at the comments thread on his site, it looks like a lot of other big name old school Bungie fan people like Randy Reddig and Bruce Morrison are pretty excited about it too.
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Post Jul 9th '16, 03:51

Yep, PPC Luddite just had an article about this book not too long ago. Perks of still being a PowerPC user.
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Veldin Orbit

Post Jul 11th '16, 23:13

I like this thread because it reminded me of the company that made Myst (that is, Cyan Worlds). Not because of Myst itself, but because of Cosmic Osmo, which I very clearly remember despite being maybe 3 years old when it came out.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Jul 12th '16, 01:59

Ooh, I hope he didn't forget about Eric Parker (Parsoft) and his amazing flight sims A-10 Attack and Cuba. Next to marathon, that was essentially my childhood.
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Ledyard, CT

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