Durandal was Laughing

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Durandal was Laughing

Post May 20th '18, 11:46

I have finished Marathon 1 at last! After all this stand-back and these obstacles, the first game is finished. (I hope)

I really hope the Deimos editor actually gets made. I really liked the future-human architecture of the Marathon that I can't resist making something out of it. But I don't know how to make it so perhaps someone else could someday make it if they get motivated to.

Or if I get help.
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Post May 20th '18, 18:45

Durandal is the worst AI character:

- All he does is gloat about how big his brain is "Leave it to those of us with planet sized brains."

- He hits on Leela using the size of his brain "Hey baby, ever been with an AI with a brain the size of a planet?"

- He screwed over Tycho and when Tycho gets the better of him and Durandal can no longer speak coherently he still talks about his brain size, "Tycho is destroying my core? [Spurious Interrupt]--- BUT BRAIN SIZE OF PLANET!?"

- The ultimate example of Durandal being the worst is his portrayals in 3rd party scenarios is just paraphrases of Durandal mentioning to the player about how big his brain is.

- Durandal:
"Do you have any idea how big my BRAIN is? My brain is sooo big, its the size of a planet. So shut up and leave the talking to AI's with planet sized brains."

Post May 20th '18, 21:02

Shocktart wrote:his portrayals in 3rd party scenarios

I'd Rather Be A Lutefisk wrote:If the human forces only knew that their greatest allies were such a modest pair - an ex security guard and an ex door operations AI aboard that lovable hunk of rock, the UESC Mararthon.

Writers, it behoves you to keep the tone acerbic-proletarian rather than messianic-space-marine.

Post May 21st '18, 15:16


This post was just to say that I've finished M1. "Durandal was Laughing" is just a quote.
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Post May 22nd '18, 00:16

Shocktart wrote:- All he does is gloat about how big his brain is "Leave it to those of us with planet sized brains."

Not to be pedantic*, but Durandal never said that or anything resembling it in the original trilogy; it's a sight misquote of Tycho from "Rise Robot Rise" (or possibly "Poor Yorick", but I think the former). The quote is much closer to "Don't sweat the details, little monkey. Leave the strategizing to those of us with planet-sized brains," and it's a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in any case ("Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they ask me to take you to the bridge. Call that job satisfaction? 'Cos I don't").

Why I have these quotes memorised almost verbatim but can't tell you for certain which level the Tycho quote comes from is a riddle for the ages.

@SN: Congrats on completing the game.

*OK, fine. My intention is actually exactly to be pedantic.

ETA: I was correct that it was "Rise Robot Rise", though I forgot "just eliminate his troopers", which finished off the first sentence. Marvin may also have said "take you down to the bridge", in which case I'd also have forgotten one word in the H2G2 quote. I was close, though. (H2G2 also varies across versions, so one of those might be the book and another the radio show, for instance.)
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