Does anyone have contact info for the Rubicon creators?

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Does anyone have contact info for the Rubicon creators?

Post Jun 10th '18, 01:44

The Rubicon website itself doesn’t have any contact info for either Chris Lund or D. Scott Brown, and their websites also don’t appear to have any such info (in fact, Lund’s site is no longer even up, but the archived versions from the Wayback Machine also didn’t have any contact info that I could find). I’d like to contact one or both of them for two reasons – one, to obtain formal permission to use various graphics and sounds from the scenario, and two, on the chance that one of them have the resource fork from the original map, so that the versions of Dr Sumner’s films I encode will have terminal images. (I can probably rebuild a reasonable approximation from the Rubicon X map’s resource fork, but there’s a chance that some of the content may have changed between releases, and I’d like to leave the terminal graphics as close to their original form as possible.)

I’ll probably have similar queries about other scenario creators at some point, but I figure I’ll tackle this one at a time (I tend to agonise over emails before sending them), so I’ll just restrict this query to Lund and Brown for the time being.
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