My favorite Marathon scenarios. (And least favorite.)

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What is your favorite Marathon scenario? (TGI and Phoenix in one option, only 7 options allowed.)

Marathon 2: Durandal
Marathon Infinity
Marathon EVIL
No votes
Marathon Eternal
Marathon Rubicon X
Marathon Phoenix (TGI as well)
Total votes : 14

Re: My favorite Marathon scenarios. (And least favorite.)

Post Jul 29th '18, 03:59

Did everyone decide it wasn’t going to work tonight? Everyone vanished from the metaserver in like… five minutes.
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The Man
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Post Jul 30th '18, 14:33

Unfortunately. I cannot port-forward so someone else would have to host and we could join in. I am now at 'Just Run Around And Shoot Some Stuff' level of TGI.

Post Jul 30th '18, 16:23

ForeverBlackened wrote:Marathon is listed #20 on the list and the screenshot is from none other than Marathon Phoenix.

Deus Ex (which should be #1 of course) is on there but the screenshot is from Deus Ex: HR. Zero credibility.
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Post Jul 30th '18, 16:48

Deus Ex has like 4 different layers of greatness from watching a review of it. The politics of the game are actually real facts of today's world. Great storyline. Stealthy. (Haven't played it myself but it looks fascinating.)

And the article has no #1. It just screws up. I think it's just a poorly made article. At least Mr. Bolton got some exposure indirectly.


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