Wanted: Two old scenarios (1 / 2 found)

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Wanted: Two old scenarios (1 / 2 found)

Post Apr 20th '19, 16:42

It is amazing that this place is still here.

I was never much of an active member and I regret to have not kept up with the times better.

Part of that is why I'm here now; I am looking for two old scenarios. I don't remember the names of either, but I do remember is how they both started. And I hope someone here might recognize which I'm looking for.

The first took place on Earth or in the Solar system. The story as I recall it, involved the player, along with a pair of BoBs (maintenance or reactor workers/engineers), being sent to investigate a nuclear powerplant. It was either to find out why it had gone active, or why it had shut down.

The story that unfolded revealed that the Pfhor had arrived on Earth/the Planet without humanity's knowledge, and that one or two AIs - potentially from the future - had been sent to help the player stop the invasion (Similar to Marathon Fell in the timetravel regard).

The mapping was fairly labyrinthian. Lots of walkways and lava. I recall the first mission/map was mainly exploring the facility and ended with the player activating something, followed by Pfhor starting to appear and the AI or AIs contacting the player.

[Note: Found!] The second was stranger. It was either a badly translated non-english mod, or leaned very heavily into mindfuck and obfuscation territory. Very Marathon Infinity-ish.

It was pretty damn hard, with very limited amounts of ammunition.

If I don't misremember, the first stage/map had the player appear on a square platform surrounded by lava. It was something of a hub area and you had to search around the place until unlocking the teleporter (I think) to the next area. Part of the difficulty came from a lack of shield rechargers in both the hub-area and later stages, with the hub-area needing some pretty perfect movement and trial and error to figure out.

Alternatively, it started elsewhere and you eventually ended up at the hub-area with the lava. I distinctly remember a narrow hallway with at least two Enforcers (which used nonstandard weapons), and a terminal that had an incredibly garbled text along with some imagery of the player or a vacBob (or an enforcer).

I mainly recall not understanding a single thing about what it said.

I am also fairly sure the weapon was some manner of minigun, with the barrels at the center of the screen.

Oh, and I am pretty sure drones appeared around the hub area after awhile.

... so yea, if anyone knows which scenarios I'm talking about, I would be very happy to learn more about them.
And if you even happen to still have the files for them, I would very much like to ask for copies.
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Post Apr 20th '19, 17:11

The second scenario you're describing sounds like it could be Harkozynx 9.
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Post Apr 20th '19, 17:51

thedoctor45 wrote:The second scenario you're describing sounds like it could be Harkozynx 9.

Oh damn, you are totally correct! I managed to dig it out of fileball (download links in the scenario's profile page are broken, but the links in the search-result list still worked) and gave it a try - and it is exactly the one I was thinking about.

Big thanks man!
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Post Apr 23rd '19, 11:18

I'm curious as to the name of the first scenario; was it Earth Wars?
welcome to the scene of the crash
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Post Apr 23rd '19, 17:45

General-RADIX wrote:I'm curious as to the name of the first scenario; was it Earth Wars?

I looked it up, but the description didn't fit. The enemies were still Pfhor as far as I remember. I distinctly recall compilers being revealed as having restarted the reactor, afterwhich the rest of the "standard" enemy cast started showing up.

Still, thanks for suggestion!

(The old links to the files are also dead so I can't give it a closer look unfortunately)
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