Changed Setting to "fill screen" now doesnt fit

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Changed Setting to "fill screen" now doesnt fit

Post Jul 13th '19, 00:14

Hi, just downloaded the marathon series. but i think i broke the launcher. in preferences i changed the setting to "fill the screen" of my 1920 x 1080 display, but now everything is too big and the mouse doesnt line up with functions properly.

is there a .cfg file or something? how do i change the display to 1080p?
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Post Jul 13th '19, 00:49

sorry didnt realise you could alt enter then change settings that way.

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Post Jul 13th '19, 01:26

There is a preferences file, for future reference. The location depends on your OS: ... references

You can set whatever resolution you want there, pretty much. (I render most of my M2/Infinity films these days in 1440x1080 because the classic HUD, which I use, originally showed up in 4:3, and I want to keep that aspect old-school.) You might want to save a backup just in case you mess something up while manually editing, though, as otherwise the app will overwrite your default preferences. Anyway, hope that helps.
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The Man
Sarasota, FL

Post Jul 13th '19, 02:18

thanks The Man, duly noted.
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