Can you play on LAN between a PC and a MAC?

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Can you play on LAN between a PC and a MAC?

Post Feb 5th '20, 20:23

Can you play on LAN Network between a PC and a MAC?

First post here.

Thanks for this game. it so much fun playing this after so long...

Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !

Post Feb 5th '20, 20:36

You can! Just uncheck "Advertise Game on Internet"

If you are gathering from the Windows machine, I suggest turning off fullscreen the first time you click "Gather Network Game" so that the Windows firewall window is visible, because you'll need to allow Aleph One through the firewall to play games.
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Post Feb 5th '20, 21:02

Can you play Counter-Strike in Marathon?

Yes you can
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