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Post Jul 22nd '20, 04:29

If you're looking for regular online action for Marathon, especially now that FCAW (For Carnage, Apply Within) is defunct, a group lead by main host The Vituperator™ has been holding weekly game events in Marathon: Evil for years now; and they now have a Discord where you can be updated on game events happening soon (since the days and times vary a bit, though it's almost always on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening) and voice chat with other players midgame without using the goofy game mic. Also, for those who need a refresher, Marathon: Evil has a railgun, a nuke gun, a Pfhor staff, and an improved assault rifles, so it makes for some unique (and hilarious) matches. The Vituperator™ hosts some unique maps you've most likely never played before and also hosts Evil versions of known classic maps.

Here is the Discord to join:

We've had 6-7 player games, but we're already getting more new people, and the more, the merrier. The Evil-Marathon! group lets pretty much everyone play in their games. I just made a video trailer for these game events that showcases highlights from recent matches, and these events shall for the current season be referred to collectively as the Marathon 2020 Summer Slaughterfest to seem important (which it is). See here:

Join us! And, of course, here's Evil if you don't already have it:

I hope to see you online.
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Post Aug 9th '20, 05:41

Uh oh! It would appear your discord link is broken! :wacko:
No, it would be really cool to join some netgame groups, I just want to wait until Aleph One 1.3 comes out before I redownload all of the games again.
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