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Med-bay or the hangar? The hangar might have a ship there. Then again, there may not be and instead more aliens. We can't fight aliens with how much ammo and people we have in our group, but then we still would be on the ship where the odds of surviving grows slimmer the longer we stay.

There were both pros and cons of choosing a med-bay or a hangar. Jack wasn't sure about what to choose. Their choice would either have them live longer, or die. Risks had to be taken.

"We should go to the hangar. If there's a chance that there is a ship there, we should take it."
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The other's had already moved up. Mikhail decided that if they could move up then they shouldn't have much trouble. He wasn't too good with this line of work in computers but could do a fair amount. Eventually he didn't know what to do next and the job wasn't done. Fortunately, Durandal had enough to at least appear in that terminal. Very good, I'll take over from here. "Alright we're good now let's move!" Leaving the room, he noticed that the aliens were at least temporarily gone, and that a man was missing. "Where's Ben?" his question was answered when he saw inside of the room on the right. 'Unfortunate' As he and the others moved up the stairs, which led to a hallway overlooking the room on the right, more aliens teleported in and surrounded them. They began to fight them off, but Serj's new toy stopped firing. 'Damn, it's out' He quickly switched weapons and continued to fight. The enemies continued to close in on them and didn't seem to let up. The door on the other end of the walkway opened up again, but this time it wasn't an alien that stepped out. It was another man. He was difficult to see past the aliens and wore a featureless, white mask. The new aliens suddenly exploded and their blood splattered across the area. The slave simply disappeared as they died for a reason unknown to most. Another man, wearing the same kind of mask appeared in the area below them and fired grenades up at the other enemies. 'Thanks for the help, don't have a hat to tip to you though' Once all of the aliens died, Mikhail and Serj nodded to the two men who then disappeared without a trace. The group moved into the next room and were teleported out by Durandal onto another part of the Marathon. Mikhail retracted the cane and sat against the wall. "Give me a minute, I need a break. This has to be over soon." He pulled out his bag of jerky and began to eat some as they rested. 'There's probably only a few reasons that Durandal wanted us to do that. Either he's challenging their network, or he wants off the ship like we do.' Mikhail began to laugh a bit and said "Is this it? This is too easy! If we're not going to get out of here soon then it should get harder! Let's do it, up to eleven, hard mode, TOTAL CARNAGE!" He looked down then, and stopped laughing. "I want to feel alive again."

Meanwhile, the hero of our original story is busy breaking the chains of their new friends.
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"Maybe in the hangar there'll be a working ship there."
Anywhere is better than here.

With the group running full tilt, it didn't take long for them the terminal, which bathed them in a creepy green glow.

"Durendal, we need to get to the hangar"
"What do you mean no?"
I mean no. You will only leave before i'm done messing with your head.
[color=#000000]"If we don't leave soon, We'll be dead."
So? Well, if you insist.

Prepare to transport to the only hangar with Pfhor in it.

Oh, Screw you

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Mike leaned against the alien ship's walls, taking his chance at a break. Ben just a few minutes ago had been killed. Normally, a person would have started reacting negatively after such a situation, but that wasn't the case. Mike felt nothing. He was completely fine, as if it hadn't happened, but then again, this was who he was. All he was concerned about was getting away from here and staying alive, even if it cost the lives of the other survivors around him.

Turning toward Mikhail, he felt that he held that same connection in a way with him and his other partner. Manny, on the other hand, did not have the same policy. Mike was going to have to deal with him later, when no one was around. Figure out what really happened back there, and to have it never happen again.

The sensation of teleporting flowed through Jack, as his body's particles separated from where they were to the hangar and reformed back into his body. To their good side of luck, there was still a single ship still in the hangar; however, the hangar was crawling with aliens, which wasn't to their benefit. The strange thing about the aliens, was that they weren't paying attention to their arrival, but to another group of survivors fighting their way to the ship.

"Do you guys think we should help them or not?" Jack asked. He was low on ammo already, and he wasn't sure if he could take them on with the amount he has. The other alternation to this situation would be to sneak their way to the ship while the aliens are distracted by the other survivors. He wasn't quite sure what to do. "We should make a decision quick!"
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'Hmmm interesting, no reaction' Mikhail turned to Serj and said, "So, recognize our friends now? Not the masks, the pfhor."
"Yeah, didn't think we'd be on this end of their sticks. A bit different though. I think those ones on the ship were a different kind of enforcer." They sat silently and remembered about the pfhor. After a bit they had pieced together what the either forgot or hadn't known about the aliens. A sound of hunter fire was suddenly audible in the hallway. Mikhail stopped eating and closed the bag of jerky before saying, "Break time's over, let's go" He stood up and walked down the hall. There was something odd about the shots. They weren't controlled, and there wasn't anything else making noise except for the hunter. Around the corner were three fighters standing outside of a door on the left of the hallway.

Trying to remember and properly pronounce the language correctly, he made a strange warbling sound. To the fighters, it might as well have been hello. Their knowledge of speaking the language was very limited. Reading it was much easier. Two of the fighters came closer to where they were before Mikhail and Serj turned the corner to kill them. As they came out, the third one came running forward while the other two stopped. Mikhail lifted the cane like a bat with the spike pointing down and swung it into the fighter's skull, killing it. Serj simply smacked the other one down before curb stomping it. As the third one came close enough, Mikhail head-butted it, causing it to fall over in pain. To finish it up, Serj just walked forward and crushed the fighter's stomach as he walked. Mikhail used the cane like normal and placed the spike through the alien's neck as if it weren't there. The hunter was still making a mess inside the room. Mikhail extended his cane and Serj pulled out his pickaxe as they positioned themselves on each side of the door as usual. Mikhail was on the far side and held the cane left-handed. Serj looked back at the marathoners and motioned forward with his head. "Pile up, get ready to breach." Serj then opened the door as the others went through with Mikhail diving, and rolling into the room. It was a complete mess, and the hunter inside was searching it. Serj moved in behind them as Mikhail shot into the hunter. The spike bounced off it's armor, up onto the ceiling and down at Mikhail as it grazed his face, knocking him over and leaving a large cut on it. Lady Luck always does need some payment
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Keeping his voice low, Scott decided on the third choice.

"Sneak on the ship, but once we're on, take out the aliens. If the other survivors are still alive, we take them with us." Keeping Jack, and now Karen, alive was the priority.
Sneaking towards the ship, the other survivors we're distracting the aliens, helping Scott and his crew to get aboard the ship. Once aboard Scott took a kneeling stance on the gang-plank of the ship, preparing to shoot the aliens that were attacking the other survivors. The only problem was that the other survivors were already dead. The pfhor were now making their way towards the ship.

"Karen! Do you have any idea how to pilot this ship?" Scott shouted to Karen , who was already strapping herself into the pilots seat.
"I know how to pilot similar models, but that's the best that we've got right now." Karen shouted back.

Scott nodded, to busy shooting the pfhor to shout back.
"Preflight check complete! I'm starting up her engines now." A pause. "Crap! The dang airlock doors are shut! We're stuck in here I can't shut down the engines, we're to far into the sequence! All we can do is hover!" Karen shouted, sounding angry and yet completely scared out of her mind.

"What can we do about it?" Scott shouted. He no longer needed to focus on the pfhor, as they were hovering over the bay floor by about 7 feet. The shields took care of the bolts that were shot at them.

"Nothing! The only way to open them would be to go into the control booth in the center. But that options out. The airtight door has been ripped open, so it would be suicide!" Karen shouted.

Scott looked over at Jack, not sure if he had said anything over the sound of the engine and him shouting to Karen. But Scott knew Jack, just as Jack knew Scott. And that would mean that Jack would try and stop him.

Tackling Jack, he wrested him into the seat, making sure that it was buckled into position. The thing wouldn't open unless they landed, or Karen opened for him. Going up to the pilot's seat he shouted to Karen.

"Keep him safe, and no matter what, keep him alive! He has to have some reason to live!"
"What are you doing? You can't!"

And if i don't, you die.

Without another word, and with one final glance at Jack, Scott Pushed the close button, and jumping out into the bay.

Green light sealed.

Grunting as he landed, Scott manged to land on his good side. Then scrambling to his feet Scott opened fire on the pfhor, who switched their target from the ship to him. Running full out towards the wrecked control booth, Scott managed to avoid every bolt that was thrown at him, while hitting a pfhor with every shot of his fusion pistol.

'Making every shot count for me.'

All the while he was heading towards the booth, Karen had discovered that the ship had weapons. Machine guns, to be precise. Setting the controls to keep the ship hovering, Karen provided cover for Scott.

Scott noticed the machine gun, but didn't pay attention to it. It was human. And as the machine gun went on longer, the less and less the pfhor shot at him, but he still didn't care.

Reaching the booth Scott ran his eyes over the control board. Praying that it hadn't been smashed. It hadn't.

Punching the black and yellow striped button, Scott was relieved that the board lit up. Red lights started to flash, signaling to clear the area. Scott wished he could.

Allowing himself to glance at the ship one last time, he stared at where Jack should be. Wishing that he could say the things that now he never would. Scott had hoped that once this was all over they would have became best friends. One last glimpse at his tea--- no the team. It was no longer Scott's team. It was him, and THE Team.

Scott sighed. All those things that now would never happen. Things that he wished he had done sooner, and now would never. But sacrificing himself? That would be the only way that Jack and Karen would be able to have those moments. It was all worth it.

"Three, two, one, Doors are opening." Came the metallic voice, the one that announced Scott's death, one that didn't care.

Scott body was flung out into the open, as the air rushed out into the surrounding vacuum. Taking a deep breath, Scott then forced it all out of his body. Theoretically, Scott could last up to 10-20 seconds in a vacuum. That's how Scott life was measured know. In seconds.


The stars are so beautiful. Seeing them for the first time, all of them. Why couldn't I see them inside Marathon?
There goes the ship, flying down to the colony. I can finally see the name of the ship. The Final Hope. It was the most fitting name that it could have been.
Oh, but the stars are gone now.

Cold, so cold. I should be in pain, but all I feel is bliss. Bliss that I have done right. That I have saved people that I have come to love in the short time that I had known them.

I can't hold on much longer. It's too much to bear.

I wanted to live longer.

I wanted to live.

I wanted to.

I wanted...


It's a pity. You weren't my strangest play-toy, but you were among the most interesting.
You've shown me how crazy humanity can be. But why? Why would you throw your life away?
Was it the emotion of love? Was it that you wanted to be the hero?

Well no matter what humanity remembers you, you will rank up with the best in my data-banks.
Your death is a stepping stone to escaping, but was it worth it? That will be a question I will ponder for a while.

I don't regret anything.
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"Sneak on the ship, but once we're on, take out the aliens. If the other survivors are still alive, we take them with us."

Jack followed behind Scott and Karen. Covering them was important. He had no clue how to fly that ship, so he hoped one of them did. He was ready to help the other survivors that were fighting the aliens, but when he reached the ship and saw them again, they were dead. Worse, the aliens were coming to the ship.


Between Scott firing, Jack fired his two pistols in bursts until, what he had thought about before, had happened: he was out of ammo.

"I'm out of ammo!" Jack yelled over the gunfire. His ammo problem wasn't the worse of things.

"Shit! The Damn airlock doors are shut! We're stuck in here I can't shut down the engines, we're to far into the sequence! All we can do is hover!" Karen had yelled.

"What can we do about it?" Scott shouted.

"Nothing! The only way to open them would be to go into the control booth in the center. But that options out. The airtight door has been ripped open, so it would be suicide!" Karen shouted back at Scott.

Jack had heard the whole conversation between the two. They were stuck in the hangar with nowhere to go, unless one of them were to sacrifice themselves to go open up the door. It was at this point that Scott and him locked eyes, both knowing what was going on inside their heads. Jack knew exactly what Scott was going to do.

Scott tackled Jack to one of the ship's chairs. He was a lot stronger than he looked, which was to his disadvantage. Scott eventually got him buckled in, and he couldn't get it undone. Scott was going to sacrifice himself for him and Karen.

"Scott get back here!" Jack yelled. "Your not sacrificing yourself!!!"

There was nothing Jack could do about it, however. It wasn't long before Scott went out the ship. He wasn't going to be coming back. All Jack could do was watch from his seat as everything happened before his eyes.

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As Scott's life slipped away, two figures appeared. Although his body was still in space, his life was no longer on the same plane. One of the figures had jurisdiction over life and was dressed in a suit, and the other death, in a long cloak. "Let's make this quick, we have work to do." the suit said. Time had essentially been stopped in the inner universe. There was a green ocean that was composed in such a way that it is inconceivable and that almost no human can comprehend. Blue lights of indescribable shape and features were visible in what seemed to be the sky. Off in the distance farther than most other things appeared to be, something amazing was there. It looked like a large red pillar of energy and lightning flowing smoothly up and down in harmony. Black clouds spread across where it visibly ended at the top and bottom. The life energy that once belonged to Scott flowed into the hand of the cloaked one, then passed into the suit's, and was cast into the pillar behind them. Of course, Scott himself had no control or consciousness in this matter. His energy was recycled from there and flowed through the pillar to be used again in the universe. The suit then went to Scott's body and shook it's hand saying, "Good luck in your next life" Before returning to the normal universe.

And time shall flow again Mikhail continued to fire at the hunter as the others did what they did. Serj tackled the hunter and held it down telling the other's to finish it.
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When the doors to the hangar opened, Jack knew that it was over. When those doors opened, Scott was pretty much dead. Fighting to get out of the chair now was useless. There was no way to help Scott.

Jack was silent for a bit while his mind grasped everything that had now happened. The man that had helped him from when he woke up until now was dead - gone. It was now his job to lead the group.

"Karen," Jack started, "please get me out of this chair. You'll probably want me out of this chair and ready."

The hunter in search of Kayla was now getting annoyed of the fact that the humans were trying to make him stop searching for his prey and instead of to deal with them. With one of them struggling to keep him on the floor, he brought all his strength together and threw it off of him. He wasn't going to let them get off with interrupting him like that.

Mike aimed his shotgun toward the hunter's head, but before he could pull the trigger, it threw Serj off and got back up. Shooting it in the head would have probably killed it easily, but now Mike wasn't so sure if it would die with a single shotgun shell to the chest. It had green armor, unlike the other brownish armor of the others. Did green armor mean it was stronger or weaker?

Manny was firing his pistol at the hunter regardless of that. The hunter was then drawn to him, being that he was weaker than the rest of the group of attackers. Leaping toward the right of the room, onto one of the tables, it fired a few plasma shots toward Mike, Serj, and Mikhail, before leaping again. This time it was toward Manny, who was unprepared for such an action. He fired at point blank range, with no success. The hunter rammed its shield attached to its arm into Manny's gut, going completely through.

Kayla was sitting on the floor, still against the table, when the fight broke out against the hunter and the unknown attackers. She had no way to help if they were human. The table was the only thing protecting her from everything. She kept still and quiet, as the fight went on, hoping that she would make it out of here in one piece.
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Mikhail was still bleeding quite a bit on the right side of his face and Serj was thrown off the hunter. 'Damn, stronger than the others. Slow shits' The hunter had gotten up and fired at all of them. Serj dodged back and to the right, and Mikhail rolled over to avoid the shot. He rolled backward and to the side behind a table to reload when he noticed a girl had been hiding back there. Realizing that she was what the hunter was looking for he gave no indication to the others that she was back there and nodded to her. He was about to reload his cane rifle when he became aware that he was out of ammo for it. 'Well damn' The cane was already retracted and probably looked believable to others.

The hunter was still fighting and killed another one of the other group. While it was doing so, Serj took a grenade and jammed it between the shield and it's arm before yelling, "Get down!" The hunter turned around as Serj jumped backwards. The grenade's explosive power was directed toward the hunter because of how strong the shield itself was. After the grenade exploded, the hunter itself exploded and wrecked the room more than it already had been.

Mikhail looked at the girl and held up his hand as an indicator to stay there. He whispered "I'll get to him in a second" acknowledging the injured man next to her. When he saw that the hunter was dead he patted her shoulder and gave a thumbs up. Looking to the injured guy, he noticed some debris sticking out of his leg and pulled it out before patching it up. Mikhail picked him up and placed the leg up on the table. "Anything else wrong with either of you?" he said in an assuring tone. Serj went over to Mike and began to speak, "You slow-ass bastard. I told you shoot 'em! Not that hard. That's a shotgun there, you point and shoot. It's not hard to bring up a gun and shoot at that range you know." He stopped and picked up the spike to Mikhail's cane and tossed it to him. Mikhail then attached it to his cane and leaned back against the wall next to the girl. 'I should probably do something about the cut on my face.'
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"Yeah, just a sec." Replied Karen, searching for the button to release Jack.

Karen realized that she should feel something, anything, for the man that just sacrificed himself for Jack and herself. But she couldn't bring herself to feel something. She had barely known Scott. Scott was just a person that had helped her survive, but they had only been together for less than an hour.

Finding the button, she pushed it, releasing Jack. Without turning, she said "There should be a weapons locker in the back room. Load up." If what happened on the Marathon was anything like what had happened on the colony...

But the real reason was that Karen thought that Jack would need some time alone.

A voice cracked through the radio.

"Shuttle 'The Final Hope', this is ground and space control, identify yourself and your passengers."

"G and S, this is Karen of Marathon with 1 passenger. Human. We need supplies and support. We offer weapons and air support."

"Final Hope, remain in space. Aliens have invaded the colony. Stand by."

"Negative, we need to land now! The passenger has a high probability of mental damage."

"Final Hope, if you attempt to land, the aliens will shoot you out of the sky. They've crippled our air support.

Karen reached and switched off the radio. Never the one to make decisions, she reached for the in-ship com.

"Jack, we can't land on the colony without getting shot at, what do we do."

Karen could probably maneuver though the storm of anti-air missiles. But there was always the chance...

Post Jul 2nd '12, 20:55

When Karen finally got Jack out of the chair, she quickly gave him something to do.

"There should be a weapons locker in the back room. Load up."

Jack made his way to the back of the ship. It was kinda cramped, but the locker was easily found because of the size of the room. Opening the one of the two lockers, he found two pistols, one assault rifle, both weapons having extra amounts of ammunition, and a tank of oxygen. The other locker had two more pistols and a larger, sealed box with a warning label on it. He opened the box to find a massive rocket launcher. There were only two rockets for it.

Well, looks like I found a rocket launcher finally.

He quickly took count of it all, and began to divide it among him and Karen. When all was done, he had with him six pistol clips and the rocket launcher with its rockets. He gave the remaining two pistols to Karen with seven clips and the assault rifle with its four clips and three grenade clips.

This should do.

Scott's death didn't really faze Jack as much as Karen would have thought. He was sorta used to it, in a way. Sure, Scott was the first he teamed up with, along with Frank, but, although he was dead now, sacrificing himself for him and Karen, Jack knew that there was no way to bring him back. He was gone for good, and that was that.

"Jack, we can't land on the colony without getting shot at, what do we do."

Jack had clearly missed a whole conversation that Karen had with someone, as to why he wasn't sure why they couldn't land without the colony helping them. He came out of the room, doing his best to bring everything into the main room, to deal with the matter with Karen.

"What do you mean we can't land without getting shot at!?" Jack said, with a little frustration in his voice. "Can't the colony help us get planetside???"

Right now, they were probably hitting ducks were they were. They needed to get to the planet! At least there, they could somewhat determine their fate.

"What are our chances of landing without the colony helping us?"

Mike was a little in shock of Manny getting killed so easily. He should've seen it coming, but for some reason, he didn't. He was, however, able to react when Serj yelled to get down. Mike threw himself behind one of the many tables in the room, so he didn't get hit by any of the shrapnel. When the explosion was made, and everything settled, he got back up. He was going to partly regret it.

"You slow-ass bastard. I told you shoot 'em! Not that hard. That's a shotgun there, you point and shoot. It's not hard to bring up a gun and shoot at that range you know."

"Well excuse me!" Mike shot back. "I couldn't get a clear shot with that thing getting back up and shooting back at me, and I know how to shoot a gun!"

Mike would probably have said more, and some stuff he probably would've regretted saying, until he saw the girl.

"Who the heck is she? Why didn't she do anything to help???"

As it was, he still said something stupid.

Kayla covered her ears when someone yelled to get down. It only meant one thing: an explosive. The sound of the explosive rattled her ears even though she covered her ears the best she could. She saw someone land a little close by. He was human, thankful, and by the sign he made with his hand, he clearly wanted her to stay there. She wasn't able to hear what he said, but he assumed it was about the lab technician. When everything was safe, he patted her shoulder and gave her a thumbs up, indicating that everything was clear.

The leader, which she also assumed, helped the lab tech by getting whatever was in his leg out and treating the rest of the wound.

"Anything else wrong with either of you?"

"N-no." Kayla said the best she could. "I'm fine."

To the contrary, her clothing didn't look the best. Her pants were stained with the blood of someone's and the lower section a little torn. Her shirt, which was originally white, was a mix of different colors made by blood and debris. The helmet she was wearing seemed to be in working order.

"Who are you?" she asked. She wasn't sure who any of them were. One of them died in the fight, which she felt somewhat responsible for.

Before she could get an answer from the man with the cane, one of them abruptly said something. "Who the heck is she? Why didn't she do anything to help???"

She didn't really know what to say in response. Could she have done something?
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The girl responded quickly. No problems. She could hear well enough, she seemed to be thinking straight, and Mike was yelling at her. Neither Mikhail nor Serj liked that. This was the reasoning of why Serj suddenly picked him up and gently threw him across the room. "Sorry about that" Mikhail said, "My name is Mikhail, big guy's Serj, and the other guy is Mike." She didn't appear to be armed and he figured she'd need a weapon. However, the guy he just helped probably needed the cane and Serj had only one reasonable firearm for regular encounters. Mikhail thought for a moment. He pulled out the ear filters like he had for the other survivors and handed them to here. "You should take these, you won't go deaf with them. Do you know how to use a firearm? And what's your name?"
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Mike wasn't used to being thrown that easily. Not liking his comment, Serj threw him across the room. He probably tried to do this gently, making it that he could still fight, but it was painful, nonetheless.

"You didn't have to throw me across the room to get me to listen." Mike grumbled to himself while getting back onto his feet. Knowing that they would be busy with the girl, he went to pay his respects to his late brother.

"Sorry you had to die this way. If I could've, I would've left you with the others where you would've had a better chance at survive'en." Taking his weapon, he put in against his belt to keep it safe.

"I'm Kayla." Kayla said to Mikhail's last question. It was best to first know someone's name. "I know a little about firearms. I can use one."

Kayla took the earplugs that were given to her and put them into her ears. Surprisingly, she could still hear normally, but what was there to be surprised about with how technology was today?

There still was that nagging question of whether her brother was still alive or not. Not knowing where this men had gone, she thought maybe they knew what became of him. "Did you by any chance find someone who was a doctor?" she asked, hoping nothing bad had happened to him. "Hes about this high, has black, messy hair, and was wearing a lab coat."

She hoped nothing bad had happened. She hoped he was still alive.

Please still be alive...
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The girl responded quickly. Her name was Kayla and she could use a firearm. She attempted to describe another man to them asking if the had seen him. "No sorry, haven't seen anyone like that." Mikhail said. He then walked over to Mike and took the handgun out of his belt before placing it in Kayla's hands. "To make sure, this is a .45 magnum. It's going to kick a lot, and it's going to put a decent hole in whatever it hits, be careful." Walking back over to the corpse, he found an extra magazine on it and gave it to Kayle as well. "Listen, we have a way out of here but we need to wait until the aliens can't just shoot us down when our ride gets here. Durandal should be taking care of that. We need to go soon, but we need to be ready. In other words, give me a heads up when you are." Mikhail said to the others in the room. Wish that guy would wake up soon. I don't think that they'll appreciate me waking him up now.
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"Oh..." Kayla softly said. She was hoping that maybe they had seen him, but they hadn't. Then again, it could also mean that he was still alive somewhere.

The pistol Mikhail handed to her was now one of the few things that could protect her that wasn't her brother. It felt a little cold, unlike her brother.

Oh well...

"I'm ready to go." she told Mikhail, while still standing in the same spot.

Doug woke up in a lot of pain. The thing, whatever it was, wasn't in his leg anymore and was instead wrapped up in bandages. There were several new faces in the room who he didn't know.

"Who are you people!?" he said a little louder than had expected. The pain was pretty bad.
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Kayla was ready and the oth
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Kayla was ready and the other guy finally woke up screaming. Loud bastard he is Mikhail tossed the cane over to the guy. "Take it, you'll need it more than me, Dead leg." he said. "We're getting out of here, and sorry to put you in a rush, but we need to move now. Just tell us if you start falling behind." He was tired of all of this. He wanted to go. Serj went out the door first as the confused man took the cane and Mikhail followed. The others came out right after them.

Back in the corridor, Mikhail went in front of Serj and walked to the left. About 30 meters down there was a fork in the path. However, there wasn't much of a decision. To the right was a dead-end with a guy against the wall. He quivered and muttered to himself. In his hand was another .45 and it was pointed at his temple.

The crazy guy didn't know what he was doing. He was clearly fed up with the aliens and life and such. He didn't want to be interrupted though. So when the group passed in front of him there was a problem. He pointed the gun, shaking and trying to say something that must have been GET BACK to him. Serj could take the hit himself and Mikhail wasn't sure how bad the hit would be for him, but they knew the others wouldn't make it if they were hit. So they got shoulder to shoulder in front of them and the guy seemed to settle. He slowly rested and almost went limp. Mikhail slowly took his rifle and brought it up while Serj similarly reached for the handgun. Unfotunatly the guy didn't know what he was doing at all. His intentions were unknown and ever changing.

In an instant, two shots went off. The crazy guy had brought up his gun and shot Mikhail for whatever reason. In return Serj shot him and stomped on his head. Mikhail staggered back a bit before tipping over. Well damn. He lay on the floor feeling like he had been hit by a truck, but he was alive.
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Post Jul 5th '12, 15:58

"Not good. The chance of us getting down there in one piece without knowing the weather, or the landing spots...." Karen trailed off.
"We have two viable options. We can take the escape pods, witch have been known to survive reentry, but they've been known to crash land with no-survivors."

"The other option is to fly this ship down. With you on the gunner's position, I can pilot past most of them, but the ones that get past me will need to get shot down."

Glancing at the control panel, she saw something to hasten the choice.

"Either way, who ever filled up this ship did a crappy job at it. We have enough to pilot this ship down, but we need to do it now! Jack. I need an answer."

Post Jul 6th '12, 20:34

With Scott no longer around, Jack was the leader. It was his choice that would either have it that they would survive, or die.

The odds are not in our favor, either way. Taking the escape pods would make us harder to get hit, but we might not survive it. The other option would be for me to take the gunner's seat and take down whatever I see, but how long would I last in there and how much ammunition is even left, if there even is any? There are risks with either option.

"Lets take the pods." Jack decided. "There may not be enough ammo in the gunner's position to take down everything that comes after us. We'll be smaller targets with the pods."

Kayla helped the lab tech as best as she could. With the cane, he still had some struggles with moving around. Having that problem, the both of them were mainly in the back of the group.

Mike followed closely behind Mikhail and Serj. He saw the unstable man on the floor with the gun. It wasn't surprising that he wanted to kill himself after everything that had happened. He let Mikhail and Serj deal with the situation, while he stood away from the man's vision, hopefully not causing anything funny to happen. It didn't do anything, either way, since the man shot Mikhail with his gun. Serj fired his weapon at the man and stomped his head with his foot. Mike assumed him to be dead after someone as strong as Serj stomping him with his foot at the head.

"Are you alright, Mikhail?" Mike asked. Their was no worry or concern in his voice.
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"Я Ñ?Ñ?вÑ
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Post Jul 6th '12, 21:46

"Pods it is then. I trust that sense you're a big boy you won't need me to buckle you in." Karen said.

"First though, fill up on weaponry." Karen said this while raiding the weapons cabinet. She took some grenades, two pistols, and an old fashioned Katana.

Spotting something else, she picked them up and threw Jack a pair.
" Communicators. Place it in your ear, and it will act as a link, even if we can't see each other. We might get seperated when we get down."

Getting into her own escape pod, she turned. "The pods will automatically do what they need to do, so don't mess around with anything..."

Straps on, door closed, Ejection.

The fall was a strange one. It didn't feel like she was falling. If it wasn't for the small triangular window, she would've sworn she hadn't gone off.

Until the shoot opened. Wrenching her with the sudden appearence of several more G's than she was used to, she cried out in pain.
But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the landing. Karen's pod landed on an angle, and she was unable to get the door open.

She sighed. Jack wouldn't be able to hear her through the escape pod. She would wait a few minutes to call him.

Surely there was enough time for a small nap? She was so tired.

Post Jul 11th '12, 20:36

"Fine," Mike grumbled, "don't bother with an answer." He didn't care that much anyways.

Continuing down the endless corridors of the Marathon, Mikhail and Serj stopped by the door at the end. Something was inside the room. Mike didn't get a good enough glimpse, but it looked bad, bad enough that Mikhail closed the door behind him. Mike, Kayla, and the lab technician, Doug, were left behind the door to now fight for themselves if anything happened to come. To the bad side of their luck, something did come. A whole lot of something.

A large group of twelve aliens with staffs were wandering down the hallway, most likely trying to make their way to the room beyond the door, which was now closed.

Just great! They left us to deal with these bugs all by ourselves.

"Girl get down!" Mike yelled, knowing that the aliens probably had already noticed them, or eventually were going to.

Pushing her aside, he fired shotgun shell after another into the group of fighters. They were stunned at first by the opposition, but quickly got over it and moved into attack formation.

Dang! This bugs are smarter than they look!

Nonetheless, he kept firing at them until when he pulled the trigger again, nothing fired from his shotgun, signaling that he was out. He quickly rummaged through his pockets for more ammo. The group of aliens that were twelve were now a group of two.

One of the aliens managed to get by unnoticed for a minute. It was quickly up in Mike's face, trying to attack him. He had his hands free at the moment, so he was able to get both hands on his shotgun and fight the alien with his shotgun as if it too was a staff. The fighter, seemingly weak, was stronger than expected. Mike felt a little overpowered by the bug, until the ringing sound of a pistol firing blew a gaping hole through the alien's chest. Kayla had managed to get a clear shot from where she was.

Shes better than I expected...

Making a mental note to possibly thank her, Mike pushed the corpse off him and fired the a shotgun shell at the remaining alien.

All dead. Good
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Post Jul 11th '12, 21:51

Mikhail fired his last grenade and Serj fired the last of his rockets. They continued to run circles around it as the juggernaut kept firing at them. Mikhail quickly swapped the grenade launcher attachment for the rifle one and fired another AR mag. The S'pht suddenly began to teleport in and assist in the combat. The Juggernaut flew slightly lower and fired rockets at him. Seeing an opportunity, Mikhail ran forward and jumped off of the desks onto the juggernaut. It flew higher and tried to fly around to shake him off but was too slow. Mikhail pressed the barrel against what was similar to a neck on the machine and fired five anti-material rounds into it. The juggernaut then began to waver, fall, and send out a loud alarm. Mikhail jumped off and took cover while Serj did the same. In an instant, the beast was reduced to a pile of rubble as it exploded in a blinding flash of light and shrapnel.

Satisfied with it's death, Serj went back over to the door and opened it behind the others. A mass of dead pfhor laid at their feet. "Come on, let's go." Serj said as he turned around and went to a terminal with Mikhail, the others must have been slightly frustrated until they saw what Serj and Mikhail did. Durandal logged onto the terminal and spoke to them.

Well done, that seemed like a hassle. On the bright side, your struggle is almost over. I've taken over the Pfhor ship and freed some of the slaves. I've already contacted your friends and there is a fifteen minute window now for you and them to meet up. I'll be sure to give you my number so that we can have fun like this again.

As the terminal shutdown they were teleported into a hallway that would more or less lead to a hanger.

Mikhail hadn't teleported with the others however. Instead, he was teleported somewhere else and knocked out. When he awoke, he found that he had been stripped of his weapons and armor, and was now once again only in his black cargo pants and jacket. A man was tossing most of his equipment into the incinerator and only had the SIG and the flamethrower left before he noticed that Mikhail was awake. 'and so he ....Rises....' He turned and said, "Do you know who I am? Do you know why I'm doing this?" Mikhail said nothing. "My name is James Conner. 24/01, a terrorist group attacked a hotel. They killed some hostages and blew a bomb in the building, causing one of the most terrible incidents in fifty years. My family was among the hostages that were killed. A few of them got away, and you know what I think?" Mikhail remained silent. "I think you were one of them. I saw recordings. Two of them were different, and betrayed a few of the others. One of them was just like you. When I saw you on the camera of one of the soldiers of the first time, I knew it had to be you wolf boy. So now I want revenge. That's not all though. I think I've found out you're biggest secret." 'What is he thinking..............' "2049. On earth before anything we have now was in sight, in the area known as the Sea of Okhotsk, someone killed a load of drug smugglers and destroyed their tanker. This was the first of a long series of events. As time went on, more of these incidents appeared across the world. Eventually the man made a name for himself. Do you know what it was?" James asked as he sat down and offered a chair to Mikhail. He took it but remained silent. "I think you do. He called himself Rise. He gained followers, groups, and cults in his name. He and his followers began to kill off and effectively eliminate the corruption and evil in the world. Three years later, 2052. They eventually found him, and cut him off from any support. He was held up in a large multi-purpose area. It was a boneyard, a cemetery, and a shipyard. He was equipped with some old obsolete weapons like the ones you use. An AK-47 and a Mosin-Nagant I think he had. They're some ancient assault rifle and long rifle. Anyways, he tried to survive as a lone wolf. Amazingly, he fought and survived for about a whole year, nothing could stop him." James continued his history lecture. 'He can't know....... How can he?'

"At first they just sent in heavily armed police units, but they couldn't get to him. They tried everything, helicopters, tanks, the army, the best of the best, bombing and strafing runs, snipers. But they just couldn't kill him. Nobody knew how, some say he used secret tunnels and shelters below the area, and some say he just never got hit. Eventually, they decided to nuke the poor bastard. It had already been launched when someone said that they got him, but they were too late. The nuke hit, and they were all wiped from the face of the earth. His body was never found and they don't know who he was. Nobody survived. He turned out to just be a guy that spent his highschool and few college years killing thousands of people. Maybe millions." Mikhail thought more and remembered things that had been said to him before. '"You've lost....... When we bring you in, I don't want to wait for them to kill you............. So I'll finish you here. Goodbye'........... 'To all those still alive there, your services and sacrifices will be honored'" James spoke again, "And I think I know who you are. Rise was your ancestor, you're his lineage. You and your friends carry his legacy and follow him in your little cult of secrecy. Am I right?" Mikhail said nothing. "So now, I want a final, and even fight with you..... Son of Rise."

James finished talking and stood in a fighting stance, waiting for Mikhail to do the same. So he did. James lashed out with a straight punch and Mikhail side stepped it. He then grabbed James's wrist and hit his elbow before spinning to hit James in the head with his elbow. Stumbling away, James got back into his stance. He was stronger than Mikhail, but nobody is too strong to be taken by anything. He did a roundhouse kick at Mikhail, who then ducked under it and attempted to counter with the same. James followed through and met Mikhail's leg with a second kick from his roundhouse. They both stopped and moved back into position. Mikhail ran forward to attack James, but was then countered by James once again, who grabbed him and tried to use his momentum to through him back the other way. Mikhail recognized the passive style and safely cartwheeled onto his feet. James then charged at Mikhail and had the process repeated, but reversed who was countering. 'Aikido? I didn't think any of these modern space men knew things like that.' Once, again, James attempted to punch Mikhail. Mikhail grabbed, his arm and kicked up at James's head, and moved it back the other way to hit him again before rolling backwards and sending James seven feet behind him. Watching James get up Mikhail thought 'Damn he's tough. He must be a determined type who just won't go down.' 'Maybe fighting is in the blood' Mikhail then began to attack in their back and forth fighting. He ran forward and slid beneath James's legs and rolled backwards onto his hands. James had turned around when Mikhail had launched himself backwards feet first into Jame's stomach. Frustrated and in fury, James recovered and moved at Mikhail fast enough to begin to pummel him. He punched him four times in multiple spots before kicking him away.

The two were tired, and about to collapse if they were hit many more times. In a final move, James punched forward at Mikhail like the first time, but with a running start. Mikhail could barely see anything. His vision was almost gone, he felt dizzy, and was about to go down. What he could see, was that James was making a movement, he was attacking, but Mikhail couldn't quite tell from sight how. So he used his mind and his senses like usual. He matched up what made sense. James was attacking, he heard a tired and furious scream with footsteps coming closer, and James had punched quite a bit with his fists. James was running forward to straight punch Mikhail and was going to stop running when he did so that he could have more balance in the punch rather than falling over with Mikhail. When he sensed James finishing the attack, Mikhail dropped back, narrowly avoiding the punch. He landed back on his hands and brought his foot up to kick James under the chin before flipping back over on his feet. It connected and James fell without getting back up. It was Mikhail's turn to talk, and he was running out of time. "You're alright, but I didn't kill your family, and you're close about me with Rise, but wrong. Search for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. When you find it, you will either accept it as well as me, or you will return as a broken man, begging for me to kill you. See you later." He picked up his SIG and attached the flamethrower. With the last of the energy he had, he recovered and ran to meet with the others and escape.
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Post Jul 13th '12, 19:48

By the time Karen was in her pod, Jack had collected everything he was going to need and put the communication device in his ear so he could communicate with Karen once they had landed. It was a strange sensation, being in one of these pods. It felt, familiar, in a sense, as if one of his ancestors had done something like this before. He had no time to linger on that feeling, because the door to the pod was shutting. Three seconds later, the pod let go.

The falling was sorta painful, but not. His nose was bleeding a quarter the way of the trip to the surface.

I'm guessing this isn't normal, people falling from the sky in a piece of metal.

Halfway down, his vision started getting funny, like the time down in the sewers. The pain was slightly heightening along with it. There was nothing he could do about it, however. He had to deal with it. It was the only way to live.

Three-fourths of the way done. The line between consciousness and unconsciousness kept blurring, but that wasn't the only thing now happening.

I...I think... I think I remember why I was down... there, in those sewers. I remember.

Jack blacked out as soon as his pod hit the surface of Tau Ceti.

When the door was opened, Kayla saw why Mikhail and Serj had closed it behind them in the first place. Behind them was a pile of rubble that, although it looked like nothing, was one of those flying things the aliens had. She had seen one before, only a part of it, though.

"Come on, let's go." Serj said to them.

"It's about time!" Mike said, while trying not to explode into anger. "If you haven't already seen, we had to deal with some friends of our own."

"He yells to much..." Doug said, voice faltering somewhat. He didn't seem to be getting any better, even after Mikhail had treated his wound.

"Come on." Kayla said gently. "I'll help you again."

Kayla wasn't all that angry as Mike, who seemed to be angry all the time for some apparent reason. They were just trying to help them stay alive. That's what anyone else would do, right?

The group teleported away from the setting of dead aliens to a new hallway, with one exception, however: Mikhail wasn't with them. Fear and worry gripped onto Kayla, as she wondered what happened to him and why was it that he was not able to teleport with them to here.

"Wh-where's Mikhail?" Kayla asked Serj. Serj seemed to be his friend. Surely he would know what had happened to him.
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