Escape From the Marathon

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Post Jul 13th '12, 21:05

Down on the planet, the girls received a signal saying that their window of opportunity was open for about fifteen minutes. Jessie grabbed her M1911 and put a suppressor on it before slinging her L96. Remi grabbed her Remington 870 express super magnum. Looking at the schedule, Jessie said, "Okay, there should be a transport ship about to be done fueling up to go right outside here, you ready?"

"Yeah" Remi replied.

"I mean ready as in do you have your things and understand that we're not making noise till we get on the ship." Hearing this Remi paused with a slight smile on her face and tilted her head after a few seconds. "Whatever you do now, so let's go." Jessie led Remi to where she cut the hole in the fence and went through. They once again went through the same window and stopped. The door to the offices was opening. There was nowhere to hide and no way to avoid what happened next. A man walked out and didn't even take in what had happened yet when Jessie double tapped him. Once in the heart and once in the right lung. With common sense it was obvious that the shot was as loud as someone slamming a door with high effort. Remi looked at her and whispered "What was that about not making noise Mrs... Perfect CQC and sniping?"

"Shut up"

There was no time now. They ran up into the ship where two men sat. Jessie ran up to the one on the right co-pilot seat, and Remi went to the pilot. They each screamed for affect at them "FREEZE! DON'T MOVE! DON'T DO ANYTHING"
The pilot yelled in surprise before saying "WHOA WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!? WHO ARE YOU CRAZY WOMEN?"
The girls each looked at each other with surprise and slight joy. Jessie asked "Is that Dave Chapelle?"
"What!? I don't even know a Dave!" The pilot paused for a beat and began to turn around slowly with his hand out and casually said "Hi I'm Jeff Mark how you doi-" He was cut off as the girls started screaming not to move while Jeff screamed back in approval. "Just get this damn thing in the sky and go where we tell you to! There should be a beacon in one of the Marathon's hangers, so go to it! You've got less than thirteen minutes to get there and 30 seconds to get going before I shoot you!" Remi yelled, ready to get out of there and go home. She thought for a moment before saying "Although I think it would be interesting to bring a Dave home with us. Should we keep him?"

"Maybe so Lady Remington"

Serj looked around. Mikhail was gone, but nobody knew where. 'shit' "I don't know but this is very bad." He turned around to find a horde of pfhor troopers and fighters coming their way 'SHIT' "We don't have time to kill them all! Run!" Serj began to move away from the crowd as he lobbed a grenade at the aliens. Then he thought about the crippled guy. 'no way he can run, and we need that cane back.' He went over to Doug and picked him up with one arm and carried him along on his shoulder. As they continued to run, he threw his last two grenades into the pack as it piled up more behind them.
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A few minutes earlier...

Clark made his way toward the only transport ship fully fueled and ready to fly. Being one of the few pilots around - actually, a close to retirement pilot - he was assigned to this ship to be the pilot's co-pilot. He had done this a few times before. He had been, however, doing this a lot once he arrived here. It seemed the U.E.S.C. was trying to get him to retire quickly.

"Hello." Clark said with a smile. "I'm going to be your co-pilot today." Clark was fifty-three, shaved head, and was wearing a standard pilot uniform of the U.E.S.C.. He looked like any middle-age man moving toward retirement. "Let's begin our flight for today."

Clark was ready for any regular day, if today was any regular day. Today wasn't one of those days.


This wasn't a regular day.

There was nothing Clark could do to stop the two women. They were both armed with guns, obviously. The only thing he really could do was to follow their commands. After that he would try to apprehend them.

"I'll handle this Jeff." Clark started the ship up as fast as he could to be able to reach the hangar in the time they wanted. When everything was started up, he started taking the ship out of the hangar and into space.

The sound of an alarm woke Jack up from unconsciousness. He was on solid ground again.


Trying to get up, his side let out pain. He was injured by the crash, but he was alive, which mattered the most. Pulling on the emergency release lever, the door blew off and flew a few several feet away from where he had crashed. He was quickly out of the pod shortly after.

All Jack could see was rock. Rock, rock, and more rock. Karen's pod was nowhere in sight. He was going to have to find it, wherever it was, that is.

Before they could really think about where Mikhail had disappeared to, a large group of aliens were coming down the hallway, as always. Serj told them all to run, and run they did.

Running with Doug was difficult on Kayla. They were moving way to slow to avoid capture from the aliens. Serj came over and picked up Doug and ran the way not with aliens.
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Serj just kept running with the others. He wasn't fast and was slightly behind the others. Eventually they made it to a door. Serj promptly opened it and ushered the others through. The door closed behind them as they stepped into a large hanger with multiple entrances. Barricades from previous survivors had already been set up. The survivors themselves were strewn across the area, some sprawled across the ground, some hanging over the barricades, and some just a splattered mess. There were still some weapons left, but not many. Two assault rifles, a fusion pistol, and another alien weapon. Serj set Doug against on of the barricades and set an assault rifle in a spot while also grabbing the alien weapon. "Get ready", he said. As the others scrambled for what they wanted, doors began opening. Serj began to fire.

Mikhail charged through the hallway as fast as he could. To his dismay, he was stopped in his tracks by a massive bulkhead door. There was a terminal on the left that sprang to life as he came by it. It read
Incoming message from Leela

I apologize for the misfortune but there is no way around this door. I cannot open it here and you cannot destroy it. It is an accomplishment of the U.E.S.C's engineering and designs to create an emergency bulkhead that could withstand even the worst catastrophic failures and immense attacks such as the one currently receding. It has been scientifically proven that it would take a WMD to even damage it. The only way to where you need to be now is to turn back and find a jump pad. However that will take to long.

Mikhail became furious. In rage he pulled out a breaching charge and yelled "Well FUCK SCIENCE!" A strange red glow appeared in Mikhail's hand as he slammed it into the charge. There was a massively loud metallic clang, like a hammer, as everything on the marathon lurched forward and the power being disrupted causing the lights to flicker. Then there was a static tearing of steel, then more static and a light clanging. The massive door appeared to be pounded in slowly before finally exploding with the sound of it being torn apart as everything lurched forward again. There was a red, massive, sideways sort of tornado energy that lasted for about a second as it ripped the door apart. What was left was disintegrating in a blue fire. An alarm began to sound stating that there were multiple problems and to report to your assigned stations as well as that it wasn't a drill. There were hull breaches all across the ship and internal damage to many important parts of the ship.

The ship that the girls were in now had the marathon in sight. They continued forward until something strange happened. The Marathon almost seemed to extend slightly as it's lights flickered and the ship shook the girls slightly off balance. "What the hell was that?"

Serj was still firing when it hit them. The sounds were just as audible from there as it was at it's origin. The aliens all tumbled over each other and the survivors, including Serj fell over as if they were in a vehicle that had suddenly stopped. There was a slight pause as something tore inside the marathon and threw them all even farther to the side.

Mikhail kneeled down and panted in front of what remained of the area. After a few seconds he went charging off again for another minute or so. He stopped when he saw a man in a white mask come around the corner. The man handed over an Odachi blade. It was a high-frequency blade that had multiple settings for different cutting jobs and about twice as long as a katana. Mikhail took the blade with thanks and placed it on his back. "A little hard to use for me, but thanks" he said "We should talk later, how's your business going?" The man paused for a beat before saying "It's going well, but you need to go" He then disappeared from the marathon for the last time.
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Karen woke up. But something was off. Something was different.

Her pod door was open.

Looking out of the pod, her surroundings were, well, rocky. And that was pretty much it.

"Glad to see you're awake. You had me worried there, just lying there. What were you thinking, hell-jumping from up there?!" Said an unknown voice, although tone and tenor was familiar. Almost like...
Turning around, she almost had a heart attack. For standing there was non-other than Scott.

"Scott!" Yelled Karen, throwing herself at him to hug him. "How did you survive, what happened?" And with that pause, she smacked him across the face. "AND WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKING, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

He looked confused. "Wait, what? I'm not Scott. I'm his brother, John. You know Scott. Where is he? Is he okay?"
He looked at Karen, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

Karen was shocked. Scott had a brother? And she had to be the bearer of bad news? Why was it always her?

Karen sighed. He had to know. "John, your brother's dead. He sacrificed himself to save us. Without him, the pfhour would've killed us all on Marathon. He was brave, and he was kind to all that came with him. To me, he saved me from myself, he joined with Jack in the sewers, just because they needed to to survive. And from what I can gather, he trusted Mikhail and Serj, even if their actions were a little weird."

Thinking back on this, she realized that Jack was missing.

Reaching for the com, she said "Jack, do you copy. You're not going to believe it, and don't freak out. I'm giving you my coordinates."

Post Jul 18th '12, 19:59

Jack spent five minutes looking over the landscape for any clue of where Karen was.

At this rate, it's going to take forever to find her.

"Jack, do you copy. You're not going to believe it, and don't freak out. I'm giving you my coordinates."

Karen was still alive, thankfully. The coordinates were quickly sent over to Jack and appeared on the gadget Karen had given to him while they were still on the ship.

"Copy that." Jack replied through the earpiece. "I'll make my way over to there."

Running along the designated line the coordinates told him to follow, he eventually got to Karen's position in a couple minutes. With her was someone that looked awfully like Scott... but not quite, like he was missing certain aspects and had different ones. Either way, he had his hand close enough to a pistol, so if he turned out to be hostile he could take him out.

"Who is he?" He asked Karen, being cautious. "Are you alright?"

Kayla and Mike were right behind Serj the whole time they were running for their lives. When they reached the door, Kayla tripped onto the floor while also out of breath. Trying to get back up, he fell back to the floor in pain. She had sprang her ankle. There was nothing she could do about it.

"I can't get up." She said, trying to move out of the way.

Mike was already in the room, and had taken one of the assault rifles in the room. He heard Kayla. Serj at the same time told them to get ready.

Just great...

Having to quickly move, Mike tightly grabbed a hold of Kayla's shoulder and roughly dragged her to the sideline. Getting a fusion pistol, he threw it at her for her to use. She caught it in time before it hit her in the face. Mike didn't care if Serj beat him up afterwards. He had to be quickly about this before those aliens started pouring in, which they started doing. Now Mike was sharing in the fighting, until some shock wave thing hit the Marathon.

Everyone, even the aliens, were thrown off their balance. When the second wave hit, everyone really went flying.

While Clark was following the route to the Marathon's hangar, the transport ship shook slightly. The two women went a little off balance.
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"Jack, this is Scott's brother, John. John, this is Jack, Scott's friend." Karen's voice cracked on the last couple of words. Since they were finally out of danger, the full implication of Scott's sacrifice fully set in. She sucked it in. She was needed here, in the present.

"We need to get to safety. Is there a base here or something? I know GC is still up, so maybe we can help the resistance?" Karen suggested.

Post Jul 19th '12, 19:59

When Jack heard Karen say Scott's brother, he backed off with being ready to grab his pistol, but then again, even if John was Scott's brother, could he be trusted? He was going to have to put his trust in him for now.

"I have no clue." Jack said to Karen's question about there being any base nearby. "I spent most of my time on the ship, but the colony should be somewhere nearby. John, where did you come from?"
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John looked at the two newcomers. They we're looking at him, for answers. Dammit! He was not his brother. He wasn't a natural leader.

Rubbing his temples, he said "SGC is still up, yes, but the space port got destroyed by a low yield nuclear bomb. We'd probably be better off fight like a rag-tag group." With that, he hefted his baby, a semi-auto shotgun. Not exactly legal on the colony, but who really cares?

"What do you guys have?" John asked?
Karen beat Jack to the answer. "I have a katana and two pistols. Jack has... Jack, what did you grab?"

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The end was approaching slowly along with the ship with the girls in it. Serj got back on his feet and continued to fire. Bullets grenades and body parts flew as the madness continued in an endless rush of pfhor. Eventually, the ship got there with Serj and the other survivors still fighting. When it landed and opened the doors for them, Jessie yelled, "Sit here and don't move until everyone's on this ship!" Serj saw the ship opening and picked up Doug and Kayla to run them up to it. He placed them down on their stomachs when Remi asked, "Where's Mikhail?"
"Wait for him" he replied. She passed him some clips for the cane and he took them to Doug. He lined them up next to him, extended the cane, loaded it, and yelled "Take this and start shooting!"

They kept firing until some pfhor stopped firing, some turned around, and some continued. Mikhail came charging through and drop kicked a pfhor trooper. He used it as a platform to jump off of and flipped through the air, unloading this rifle magazine. When it was empty he took the flamethrower and sprayed napalm all across the hanger. The entire area was set ablaze and the entrances were blocked by the flames. The pfhor that were caught in it screamed like chickens as their flesh burned away till all that was left was the charred red bones. No way in, only way out was the ship, and there were still many stragglers. Mikhail attempted to reload in the blazing inferno when a hunter knocked away the gun. Before he could get it, a grenade destroyed it. The others were screaming at him to get aboard, but he knew he couldn't just do that. If he did the aliens would just blow them out of the air. The only way to get out safely was to kill a good amount of the pfhor before getting on. The problem was that they didn't have time, and there were too many.

'Two minutes and thirty-eight seconds left for energy......... over thirty pfhor............ let's see just what happens when that time is compressed into a less than a second.' Mikhail stood before the crowd. He unsheathed the Odachi, and turned it to it's highest setting. There was a fairly loud hum from the vibrating blade. He slowly moved it in an arc with his right hand from the sheath to the floor. The tip of the blade lightly touched the floor and instantly burned and cut a small hole in it.
'Let's do this'
The aliens continued to advance on him. After a few seconds, not much seemed to change in one's immediate sight, except that there was a sudden silence and the blade was being sheathed slowly, everything else stopped in it's tracks. As Mikhail sheathed the blade slowly, the pfhor in range of him each split apart into seventeen pieces each. The one's that were farther out died from less slashes, and the one's out of range stumbled back as blood sprayed across them. When everything settled, the blade was fully sheathed, and Mikhail collapsed.

'Damn it, what did he just do?' the others were almost awe struck as they saw this. Jessie ran over to the door and laid down in prone with her rifle to start shooting the few remaining pfhor as Remi ran to grab Mikhail. She dragged him back onto the ship as they yelled at the pilots to go. Jeff began yelling himself as he took over and flew out. "Don't need to tell me! I'm going now!" The madness had finally fallen behind them.

The girls rested Mikhail against the wall across from the others. Serj went over to Doug and collected the cane. "We're going to need this back." Mikhail could still see, and was aware, but at the same time, completely unresponsive. "Is he dead?" Remi asked
"No, but he's not responding completely. His eyes are open, and he has a sort of subconscious reaction rather than anything else."
Remi thought for a moment before saying "I have an idea" She leaned over closer to Mikhail until Jessie stopped her "I know what you're thinking, but that's not necessary, and kind of inappropriate"

After about fifteen minutes, he got up. "Yeah, I'm not doing that again. Now we know exactly what happens when it's used all at once. Yes I know what i've been told but now we've got other matters to attend to." He walked over to the other survivors. "Okay...... now we've got to make some big decisions. While I can't tell you all of the details of what happens, this is a sort of blue pill red pill decision. You have two immediate options. The first, is to be dropped off where ever so that you can live on with your lives again like nothing happened. However, there is a very strong chance that you'll be enlisted by Durandal. The other option has more options after that. You'll probably never be heard from again. You'll come with us, and we'll go on from there. There will be quite an amount of options to go with. However I cannot tell you more till you decide.

Time to choose........"
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Jack pulled the pistols he had originally gotten aboard the Marathon and showed them to the other two. They were easy to handle, and they packed enough punch to take down the aliens. Holstering them, he then pointed to the rocket launcher slung on his back. It was clearly visible.

"I have enough ammo for now for the pistols, I still have grenades, and I have three rockets for the launcher."

The idea of just going around as a rag-tag group seemed only like a temporary option. They wouldn't last long like that.


"Okay...... now we've got to make some big decisions. While I can't tell you all of the details of what happens, this is a sort of blue pill red pill decision. You have two immediate options. The first, is to be dropped off where ever so that you can live on with your lives again like nothing happened. However, there is a very strong chance that you'll be enlisted by Durandal. The other option has more options after that. You'll probably never be heard from again. You'll come with us, and we'll go on from there. There will be quite an amount of options to go with. However I cannot tell you more till you decide.

Time to choose........"

Mike was tired of all this stuff. All he wanted to do was collect his reward and leave this all behind. He didn't want this life. He was the first to answer Mikhail's question.

"Look, the only reason I joined up with you guys was because we had the same goal: finding Strauss. All I want to do is collect my reward from that crazy computer and leave. As it is, my guys are all dead because of this job. Now, can you please get in contact with Durandal?"

There was no way he was choosing the second option. He didn't care about any of these people. They could all die and he wouldn't be bothered.

Kayla still hadn't found her brother yet, and now she had to make a decision without him around. She really needed him right now. None of the options Mikhail just gave right now sounded good. The first option had a strong chance of Durandal forcefully making her do whatever he has in mind in the future. The second option required her to leave her brother behind, which she wasn't going to do. All she seemed to be able to do right at that moment was stay quiet. It didn't seem to be the case with Doug.

"Drop me off, please." Doug said bluntly. "I have a family that needs me, so drop me off."

The only one left to make a decision was now Kayla.
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All of the others had decided. They didn't want anything to do with their optional hosts. Kayla however never chose. She simply remained silent throughout the rest of the journey and was dropped off with the others. Jeff flew to where Jessie and the others wanted to go without anyone else. What became of those who left was yet to be revealed.

An unknown amount of time later, two people, a man and a woman spoke over a radio. "So when are you going to be here?" she asked
"Probably about three hours" he replied
"Alright, so let's do the report here. How did it go?"
"Great. As it turns out, an alien invasion is an amazing cover-up. My turn, so how was our acting?"
"It was great, it seemed almost like even Mikhail and Serj were fooling themselves during the time. It was so great in fact, that I don't think that anyone, not even Durandal, would have know that Strauss was never on the Marathon after he broke Durandal. He's been sitting here next to me in pieces the whole time."

744 years earlier

June 28, 2050 â?? 11:29 AM
Name unavailable, place holder=H
Aegean Sea Greece

The boy from the Sea of Okhotsk, H, remained where he was under the water. Every year after December 25 he would move from Russia, to Greece or the other way around. His mother was Greek and stayed there and his father was Russian similarly. The world was becoming increasingly terrible through the years. This was very apparent in America. Politics progressively went from bad to worse through the century and became more susceptible to bribes, blackmails, and similar things. Corporate scandals and corruption became more and more common in similar ways to the politics. Wars were created with just so that people had something to fight over with bullshit excuses as to why. Weapons and equipment were sold and distributed to whoever had enough money to be used for whatever they had in mind. Whether this be acts of terrorism, local insurrections, government oppression, gang wars, petty crimes, whatever they wanted all dressed with paperwork to make it look legal and correct or to hide it all together. Profit had become more important than morals or life. Times general were just difficult for people. The rich came first and the poor were just stuck without a Robin Hood. The police and justice were useless in the terms of this because they were just as corrupt as the rest of the world. If someone wanted something done about it then they would need to do it themselves as a rogue or anonymous person.

On a lighter note, the world was becoming increasingly advanced in technology whether it helped the world or pushed it farther to the brink of destruction in a world war. Weapon systems such as high-frequency blades, compact yet powerful explosives, highly efficient and maneuverable firearms, and even in helmet HUD made war more intense, dangerous, complex, and like some crazy video-game. In fact that was how some people began to see it. Just one big chance for glory by playing a game where you kill other humans. Many people lived in comfort not knowing that anything was wrong with the world while others lived in turmoil and fear hoping that one day their lives could become more peaceful. Medical procedures and scientific discoveries created potential to save and comfort more lives than it would in the earlier 21st century. A new thing known as stasis, which is the closest equivalent to what was once only a piece of fiction created by someone who didnâ??t understand cryogenics, became reality through different means. Overall the world was just becoming a dystopia in a sci-fi movie.

H had heard from his birds that a drug deal similar to the ones he normally dealt with was going on above him at 11:30 in the morning. The transaction would take place on a private cargo ship. He had calculated and planned to decide that in four minutes of his arrival, the ship would be passing over, and he had arrived at 11:25. For the hit he had equipped a wakizashi, an AA-12 and a Five-seveN. As he thought, the ship was coming close to his position. He had covertly left a rope that had a set timer to release it down to where he could reach it at the exact time he was ready. Swimming up, he rose above the surface to find the rope falling to his right. Making haste, he climbed up the rope and peeked over the edge. The transaction was to be made on the top deck of a tower in front of him. There were two guards standing in front of the door he needed to be in. He looked left, right, up, and down and was satisfied that nothing was there. Climbing over the edge, he dropped his diving gear and pulled a suppressor out of his bag to put on the Five-seveN. Turning the corner he shot the two guards. The blood from the first one exploded over the other one as he jumped in surprise right before he met a similar fate. H looked around again and went through the door.

Now that the first shots had been fired, it was only a matter of time before the bodies were found and the place went on alert. Ships had changed in the past thirty years. Now there was a central tower that was essentially a hub for the entire ship, with the majority fo things under the deck. It also had a roof top for multiple purposes, which could possibly be used for old or primitive navigation, as well as sight seeing. There was also an elevator that led three floors below the roof. H took it up to the top and held each gun in each hand. When he opened the door two guards stood and saluted by the opening. Instead of an official like they expected, H came out instead. He fired the Five-seveN into one guard three times and once into the other with the AA-12. H ran to his left and kicked open the door in front of him. Behind it was a break room for the crew. Five guards stood in the room scrambling for their weapons as H killed them all. He heard four sets foot steps outside of the door across from him. Putting down the AA-12 on the table he held the 5-7 in the central axis relock stance and unloaded into the door and wall. After reloading, putting away the 5-7, and picking up the AA-12, he ran through the door.

All of the targets there were thankfully dead. He ran up the stairs and found the navigation controls, unmanned and auto-piloted. This was an excellent opportunity for him to sabotage them and leave the ship stranded in the water. As most people would, he took it. He turned off everything that kept the ship moving and deleted its last destination before firing the AA-12 into the controls. When finished he moved up the next floor and literally ran into a group of three guards coming to get him. Like usual, he was faster than them and cut them apart with his sword. Going up the last flight of stairs, he reloaded. The last door was now in front of him as he slowed down and stopped by it. Six seconds passed before he charged through the door.

The ones behind the transaction were waiting for him and had someone moving to the door as he came through. Instinctively, H was already down low and brought himself up to knock the M16 out of the other guyâ??s hand as he did the same to H. Hâ??s next move was to pull out the handgun, but he was mirrored by the other man. They stood still, pointing the guns at each other with almost no range. The other man was reaching slowly for a knife on his chest but had more attention to the little Mexican standoff they had. Similarly, H reached for his sword and quickly kicked up at the other manâ??s gun. In response the man knocked Hâ??s gun out of his hand using the knife while they both held the blades close to each otherâ??s necks. H held the sword backhanded with his left hand and the guy held his knife regularly with his left hand. â??Checkmate.â?
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"This is SGC, repeat, SGC. The pfhour have given up. Repeat, the pfhour has given up. All survivors are to report to the closest military or governmental installation."
That was 2 hours ago. Since then Karen had felt nothing but numbness. The pfhour had given up. Just given up.
How the hell could they have just given up.

But what hit her the most was the it had happened less then and hour since Scott's death. Which means that Scott's death wasn't necessary. Pity on the pfhour that got in her way.

Marathon, corridor 3c-4.
Unauthorized teleportation.
Teleportation accepted.


On planet. Off colony.

They had the barest of grave markers. Just a rock, where John had taken his knife to it and carved Scott's name in it. But it was enough. The little group of three stood apart, each one remembering Scott in their own way.

It was time to move. The group moved on, moving towards the colony. Bodies and weapons littered the ground. It was sad to look at. Some looked like they were just asleep, about to wake up. Others looked just, mauled.

Walking away, the group took one last look at the spot that they had symbolically buried their fallen comrade, their friend, and a brother.

The group moved on. All except one. The one that lingered was the only one there that saw the teleportation happen. On the grave marker now was a helmet.

A helmet with a bullet hole in it.

Post Jul 31st '12, 20:45

The fight was over. Over, at least for fighting the Pfhor for the time being. He still had one enemy to still fight. As much as Scott wanted them to stick with Mikhail and Serj, Jack was never going to. Even without these new memories, he sure as heck wasn't going to. He wasn't going to team up with a murderer.

"I'm sorry you had to die this way, Scott." Jack said quietly so none of the others walking away could hear. "You see, it should have been me to save everyone back on the Marathon. You have loved ones. As for me, my family was already dead before this war, all except for my brother, who probably died and joined them too. You see, I'm the last of them. The last descendent."

Jack stood there quietly for a moment to let those words sink in. The last.

"I guess these is how it's suppose to be. For as long as Mikhail is alive, I won't let that murderer get away with what he did. We will meet again, someday, and when that day comes, I will kill him."

Turning to join with the others, he saw them disappear into thin air. They had been teleported somewhere, and he was too. The sensation of being teleported filled his body, and he was gone. Where? He didn't know. One thing for sure, wherever he was going, him and Mikahil were bound to cross paths once more.
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Part 2 Manipulators

She was almost finished with her work. A red haired girl sat in her workshop planning for the upcoming events. Many things were going to happen and she thought that she had figured out everything she needed to. Soon, Durandal would attack the alien planet, soon he would take UMBRA with him, and soon she would remove the largest obstacles stopping her plans and slowing down the domination. All it would take was some well placed traps, and some hard work to end the trouble, and to reveal their secrets before continuing her own.

The UMBRA station was as peaceful as ever. They had just fixed their teleporters and completed a mission. This was also deserving a nice formal dinner. This band of hired guns were more than just that. They didn't just take any job, they took ones they wanted, and they followed their own agendas. They constantly rotated and/or changed names just in case. Three of the four attending the dinner that just went to the mission now had no names until they decided on one. One of them, a guy looking about 19 or so woke up casually and dressed in a well fitting black suit and tie. When he walked out of the door he was suddenly pinned against the wall. He was about to react until he saw who it was. "Hi there!" A Greek, brown haired girl in a dress had pinned him, and he wouldn't do a thing. His face went a little red, "Hey Alexis" He was a bit shy, but at the same time, could be good with ladies. He wouldn't dare hurt a lady, especially her or another one of the UMBRA members unless the situation really called for it. She released him and began to walk back down the corridor smiling. The guy followed and asked, "Is the big guy up yet?"
"No" she responded. Moving to the big guy's room, the guy knocked loudly and yelled, "Hey, Dutch! Get up!" He waited for a moment before hearing a thump, and a response, "I'm Irish ya damn loon!"
"But you're up now aren't you?" The big guy hated when he was called Dutch. At the moment he was the other man who didn't currently have a name. Continuing their walk, another door opened. A large African-American man who was about 6-2 stepped out in another suit. "Hey Dom how you doing?" the guy said.
"Great" Dom said as the big guy threw his door open with the manual feature and came over to join them. He was about 6-7 and pretty much pushed Dom's size and strength up to eleven. They continued through until they reached the dining hall, where they all sat down with whatever they chose to be in front of them. They had an eight person multi-national team that had lived for a long time. Once they were seated, a Finnish, well-built woman named Zoe, with blond, some-what curly hair, picked up her glass of wine "Here's to a new teleporter and another successful mission!" they all then stood and performed a toast. Another girl, this one French and named Charlotte with hair that strangely, was almost pure white, up in a ponytail looked up to the guy with her bright blue eyes. She wasn't albino or anything, but she had white hair and it looked good. She asked him "So have you decided on a name yet?"
"Yeah I think I'll go with Ulric"

"Ulric it is then" She smiled in conformation. Another girl, this one a bit smaller than Zoe, but not by much, and with straight blond hair, spoke. "I'll be Mary!" She said this in a cheerful manner similar to the playfulness of Alexis to Ulric. "That just leaves you big guy" Ulric said as everyone turned to him. Nobody had stopped eating unless they were talking that second. "I'll be Goban" Everyone now had their names and toasted again to this. The only person who hadn't spoke was Rickard. He was a German engineer, and quiet. After the breakfast they all went to do whatever. Goban went back to sleep. Rickard went to check the maintenance and what not. Mary went to the training room. The others went to the lounge to talk. That's life by Frank Sinatra was playing in the back. Although they were far into the future, they maintained things like this from the past. "So Ulric, I've managed to turn you injections into a pill that you can swallow instead. It should be easier, faster, and more convenient than a syrenge" Alexis said. Ulric nodded to her and said, "Thanks" They made small talk but were eventually interrupted. They were receiving a message. Ulric went over to the terminal to see who it was. 'Hello there' An A.I called Durandal was contacting them. 'I have a job for you, how about you meet us here? Go ahead and bring whatever weapons you want, we'll need them' Durandal logged off and left the coordinates of his ship. Ulric pressed pressed a button and said over the intercom, "Everyone get ready, we've got work to do."

They went to their armory and began to decide what they were going to bring. Charlotte then spoke out, "We haven't used our brand name weapons, so why not? It'll be more believable too." They agreed. Their weapons were very nice anyways. Each of them took what they thought they needed. The handgun seemed to have the slide of a five-seven but with visible hammer, a see-through grip and magazine like an ASP does, and a handguard. It had an optional shoulder stock as well. The assualt rifle, called UR1 for ease, had good parts of a few different guns put together. It had the body of a Kalashnikov with an M16 carrying handle, an open fire bolt, a box magazine similar to a PKM with 200 rounds for the stronger people and 100 for the others, a bayonet that was similar to a Ka-bar, and a vertically folding stock from a kalash. It was modified to be lighter than most machine guns while maintaining the ammo strength and durability of the gun. It fired at about 700 RPM. The long rifle they had wasn't much different from an L96A1. It had a sort of shell around the barrel made from the stock like a mosin nagant, a high powered AAS scope, and had a system by the bolt that pushed and pulled on it to make it easier to pull back and auto-matically moved forward like a slide of an automatic. The AAS scope that they developed automatically calculated where the shot would land. It took in wind, distance, gravity, everything and showed where you would need to aim or how to adjust the scope. Although this was all that they really made, they had enough with what they had.

They had taken a few extra weapons just in case. Next they took their masks. The masks were thick, hard, and light. They were thick enough to not show any features. They were curved, smooth and only had small slits for the eyes. Upon close inspection one would notice a sort of hex pattern on it. The masks had adaptive HUD as well as nightvision and other cool features. The HUD changed for whatever you were doing, giving temperature in places where it would be necessary, threat level, motion tracking, radar, whatever was needed. As usual, someone needed to stay behind on support, even though this was just a briefing. Rickard was usually the one who stayed and this was no different. The ship they were going to was incredibly far away. Thankfully, UMBRA had a good amount of teleporters of various uses. There was the standard jump pad, which sent targets to wherever within range and unprotected from certain jamming and intercepting. There were the transfer booths, which had set destinations. They could only teleport to another one that had been set up somewhere, but always worked. Then there was the supertrans, as they called it. It was a high-powered teleporter that could send you where ever in the universe it had set. The latter was what they were using. They stepped in and waited for Rickard. A voice went over the room along with an alarm. "Transport in progress. Please follow safety regulations. Transport in 3.....2......1" When the countdown had finished they were teleported away. "Transport complete"
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She woke up in a dark space, about a foot and a half to small for her.
*Who am I?*
She searched through her thoughts, her memories for something, anything, that would give her a hint at who she was.
She couldn't remember.
*Why can't I remember?*

The door hissed open. She stepped outside, into a very weirdly colored room.
*Ugh, purple and green, who thought that that would look good together?*
A terminal booted up, behind her and next to the... cyro tube. Yes, that's what they're called.
Looking behind her, she saw some green text. And for some reason it chilled her to the bone.

Oh, glad you're awake, Karen. Not really. I can do without you, but it would be nice to some distractions to keep my processors active. We're over the planet Lw'hon. I'm going to wake up your friends, and we can be on our way. Oh, and one more thing, I'll be introducing you to a friend of mine soon. You won't actually meet him, but he'll guide you. Grab those eye pieces, and get going!

The terminal shut down.
* My names Karen? And I have friends?*
Figuring out her life one piece at a time.
The cabinet next to the terminal opened. Little eyepieces that hooked over the ear. Slipping it on, she was immersed in a new world.
Motion sensor, temp gauge, all sorts of goodies that would help in a war.
*Is that what's going on? Am I in a war?*

*How can I be in a war when I don't even know who I'm fight against, or for who?*

*Why can't I remember?!*
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The first thing to greet Jack upon awakening was the cover of a cryo tube. Funny, he didn't remember being put into one. The outside of the tube, which was barely visible, showed a surrounding unfamiliar to him as well. It clearly wasn't anything human.

The tube cover leaked air in and slowly began its opening process. When it was more than enough open for him, he got out. Yep, this wasn't some human ship. It looked alien, like the alien ship that had attacked the Marathon.

Jack was still wearing the same things he was wearing before: the bottom part of a security outfit, which was stained red blood and the yellow blood of the alien's, a standard U.E.S.C. Marathon gray T-shirt with a bullet-proof vest on top of it, and combat boots. His weapons had somehow been misplaced, since his rocket launcher, two pistols, and the ammunition for it was nowhere in sight.

Great. Nothing to defend myself, again.

There was no one in sight. The only thing in the room was his cyro tube and a terminal on the wall. The terminal wasn't working.

Nothing really in here to help me.

A door was visible. He wasn't sure if it was locked or not, but he might have well checked it anyways. Luckily, it was unlocked. Activating it, the door slid into the ceiling revealing a vertical hallway. Left or right? Which way would he go?
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Karen slowly walked out into the hallway. She had taken the eyepieces and had stuffed them into her pockets. Counting them up, she counted two other pieces besides her own.
"Karen, this is Erin. I'm going to be your adviser in this fight. Take the next hallway to the right."

*Great, now I'm crazy!*

"K, Erin, mind telling me how you're in my head?"

"What, oh, you're still suffering the effects of the cyro tube, aren't you? I'm not in your head, I'm coming to you over the radio."

Slightly better. Taking the next right put her into a corridor just like the on that she had left. With one difference. There was a man in it.
"Remember him? He's the on that you'll give the second piece to."

*Remember him? I don't remember anything!*

Walking up to him, still being cautious, Karen just stood, not sure of what to do. Reaching, she tapped his shoulder.
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The UMBRA group, still in their formal wear but with masks on, teleported onto an alien ship. Durandal wanted to brief them in an armory on the ship. In it, there were just enough weapons for each of them of different kinds. There were new models and custom weapons on the walls ready. A terminal came to life.
'Well hello there. I prefer to have more than one competent human working for me. I think that I'll get to the point so that we can begin quickly. We're going to war with the P'fhor, and while we do, we're taking back this planet near us to free the slaves there. You'll be doing more than just fighting though. We're looking for something that we can use against the pfhor in our battles. These weapons are new custom models that I created based off of the original weapons from the marathon and other nice places. We haven't finished with all of the weapons such as the fusion pistol and rocket launcher but we do have a few useful things. First is the .44 magnum. It's design is slightly more practical but otherwise isn't much different from the marathon's. Next is the assault rifle. I hope you enjoy it's new design more than the original. However, it's still based off of it and has the problems of accuracy. Recoil and what not aren't as bad though. Here's something that I thought was interesting, it's basically a lever action shotgun based off of some old design. However it's very efficient. Take some time to look. While you do I'll compile a list of things to do for you and send it over.'

The new designs really did make a difference. The originals were simply bad, but now they were thinking about fixing up the new designs and making them work. All of the weapons worked for Mary, Charlotte, Gabon, and Dom. Zoe, Ulric, Rickard, and Alexis, while they liked they other guns, didn't have much use for anything outside of the handgun. They were satisfied with their new gifts. A suitcase teleported into Dom's hands before he spoke. "If you're creating a militia and weapons for them, then you should look at this." he opened the case to reveal an MP5K with a suppressor. "Work with that" he said before they all took the guns and teleported without the case.

Back on the Umbra station, the team began to plan what to do next. "So what are we doing now?" Zoe asked
"Well, either we explore the planet and it's ruins first, or we assault a base first" Rickard replied
"Let's do the attack first"
"Okay, operational set-up?" in response to this, Alexis spoke up, "Ladies first. We'll do it and tear it to the ground." The four men looked at the group of women gathering for the mission. "Are you sure about this?" Gabon said.
"Of course.... How are we going to do this?" Mary said looking up to the others
"Get the truck ready"
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Gerald puked up a hamburger and thought about maybe eating it again. Some kind of hulking alien stepped on his puke and he said, "Alien, whence came you?"

"§¶���ª" said the alien.

"Holy shit what the hell man."

But the alien looked sad, because its face was a blue vagina. Gerald tried to give it a scoop of burger as a sign of friendship. It walked away.

"I can't believe it. No friends on this whole ship, even though all the losers are dead." Then a thought occurred to him that he tried to keep secret even from himself: "But I'm a loser."

Was he dead, too?

As he walked down the corridor with his wrench, he realized it was wishful thinking. A whole party of people or animals had been camping here for some time, years ago. He knew this because their feces were piled shoulder-high along the walls. The crusted brown matter sloped from this high point and almost met in the center of the hallway, where dozens of feet had worn a path. "Just like prehistory," Gerald wondered aloud.

Further along, he saw a staff that must have belonged to one of the invaders. Someone had playfully jammed it into the last chunky piles before the elevator shaft began. It still shone like a beacon, guiding him into more and more shit, just like he wanted. The elevator shaft was crusted open. From below came a stench like none available on Earth or Tau Ceti. It was as though a sun god had died down there drowning in twizzler wax, only to have his body preserved for the slow rot of millennia.

"OH WELL," said Gerald, and he flipped the gravity switch, hurling himself up the elevator shaft and into the light of his spiritual aura. He thought he heard vaginahulk cry out far ahead, but realized it was only him. His echoes preceded him, much like the pre-echo that results from encoding castanet music in older versions of the MP2 codec.

If only MP3 could replace the dead format of his soul, too. He would have to wait for that. His wrench needed him wherever he was going. And he was going straight into Hell.

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"Vid it and bring it back?"
"Vid it with style"

The girls all rode in a truck that was like an extended and larger Toyota pickup with a camper shell that had been heavily modified for them. Alexis drove, Charlotte was in the front next to her, and Zoe and Mary were in the back. They drove through the desert at night straight for a pfhor base. In the back of the truck was an M2 browning ready to fire once the back was opened up. They all were ready to hop out and begin the slaughter whenever and wanted to do this efficiently. They hadn't even bothered to put on armor though and had casual clothing on with the masks. Charlotte calmly spoke short requests at Alexis regarding the settings on the truck. "Night vision" Alexis complied and pressed a button that caused all of the windows to have a green tint and allowed them to see farther, but not far enough. "FLIR" she said as Alexis switched to a thermal imaging setting. They could see the entire terrain along with a good amount of pfhor moving around the base. "That's better, get ready" Mary made sure everything was set and that she knew how Durandal's assault rifle and shotguns worked before they stopped. Charlotte did the same but used the handgun rather than a shotgun. When they came in range she said one last thing to Alexis "Drop window and execute" Alexis pressed something else and the windshield quickly dropped down so that they could fire forward without it in the way. Charlotte fired three grenades out the window at some pfhor in front of them while Alexis turned to run over a few more while having only two more enemies at the back. When this happened, Mary opened up the back and hopped out with the rifle in one hand and shotgun in the other before blowing several holes in the small fighters on each side of her. She reloaded the shotgun and stood by Charlotte as Zoe manned the M2 and Alexis drove off.

Mary and Charlotte didn't waste anytime running into the base as the sound of the M2 firing at outside patrols filled the air. Mary ran through the door and immediately cracked a pfhor's skull with the butt of her rifle while Charlotte sweeped the room of others before reloading. There surprisingly wasn't any alarm or siren within the base. In fact, it seemed like the pfhor got so lazy that they surpassed human nature and didn't even install any security while they weren't even away of what had just happened. The ones outside might as well have been taking an evening stroll when they slaughtered them. Their masks even stated that the pfhors current threat level was minimal and that they should split up. There were two ways to go. Mary went right and Charlotte went left. They continued until they were relatively in the center of the base and began to plant C4 and semtex around the area. Meanwhile, Alexis drove around the area to clear out anything outside while Zoe fired the M2 into anything that moved. After some time there was a circle of pfhor corpses and destroyed drones around the base. Alexis then began to stop at different sides of the base where Zoe would grab some explosives from out of the back of the truck and plant them on the side. When they finished, they watched the other's silhouettes moving around inside the base until they came out the back door. They got back into the truck, closed up, and drove off before detonating the explosives in a glorious cloud of gas, dust, and heat.

Alexis used the radio to contact the guys up at the base, "Sweep complete" They drove on for about twenty more seconds as their large ship seemed to materialize out of nowhere and picked them up.
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Reacting to a tap on his shoulder, he spun around quickly to see who touched him, and if hostile, eliminate them. It was only Karen, though.

"Thank God your still alive." Jack told her, now relaxing a little. "I thought I might've been the only one on this ship. Do you know where John is? I've barely left the cryo tube, so I haven't gotten the chance to search for him or you."

Now that he had teamed up with Karen again, he needed to find out where they were exactly, and why.


Being wet and cold at the same time isn't the best combination.

Kayla awoke in her open pod completely wet. As if being wet didn't feel uncomfortable enough, she was also cold as well. Her surroundings were unfamiliar to her, the green and purplish walls being very foreign to her. Everything was also dark as well. Nothing could have been more comforting or welcoming.

I gotta find help. was the only thought that seemed to be on her mind at this moment.

Stumbling out of the wet and cold cryo tube, she made her way over to the door. It opened to her touch, and revealed a hallway equally dark as her room.

No, not more dark corridors...

Staying in her room wasn't an option she she was to find people and some help. She placed one foot before her, until she was fully out of the room. The floor felt funny while walking. Looking down at her feet, she realized she was barefoot. Where had her shoes gone? Examining herself closer, she realized her clothing had been replaced with a clean (still wet), white T-shirt and a gray skirt going below her knees.

Why am I wearing these clothes?

A little ways down the hallway, Kayla could see two people, a male and female. She didn't know if they were friendly or not, but she wasn't in any way cautious by walking up to them.

"Um, excuse me," she started, "but do you know where I am?"
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When the girls returned from their joy ride, they found Rickard staring off forward, Dom sharpening his machete, Goban somewhere else, and Ulric asleep. Alexis, in her playful mood as usual, put her finger to her lips and slowly crept behind Ulric. When she came about five inches away from him, he quickly pulled out the UMBRA handgun (UH3) and pointed it at her with his eyes open. Of course with his nature he unloaded the gun and began to remove the bullets from the magazine. Alexis giggled a bit before Ulric spoke "Sorry. So how was it? Fun?"
"Videos for later, and yeah it was."
"So what comes next?" Dom said.
"Well next on the list we're meant to start exploring the area for anything that might be of use or have information about how we can take down the pfhor and all that stuff" Rickard jumped in, still staring forward.
"So who's going?" Mary asked. Everyone but Rickard then looked at Ulric and Dom intently.
"Fine," Dom said, "Notable land masses?"
"All one thing, no oceans" Zoe answered.
"It's about half desert and half wetlands. Otherwise it's mostly flat and warm."
"If we see anything or are spotted?"
"Weapons free, but if it's a large base or something you find, then don't go for it, we'll plan and attack later when we know what's there."
Ulric listened in as he finished reloading his gun and fitting a suppressor on it. Dom sheathed his machete and asked "So who's doing desert and who's wading in the water?"
Rickard spoke up again "We'll send some drones through the desert for now, you can both split up in the wetlands." Dom went over to the armory for one of Durandal's shotguns and Ulric grabbed a large bowie knife and a shoulder stock for the UH3. Dom wasn't a stranger to forests and jungles, but the wetlands themselves were usually avoided. He figured that he'd need waders and a boat, until he saw Ulric putting on the least heated boots he had and a woodland camo battledress with a water proof undershirt and pants. He rolled up the sleeves and fitted gloves with the trigger finger exposed over his hands. Overall, he looked like he was going to have a heat stroke if he didn't stay in the water. His boots alone were meant for arctic environments rated for around -20 degree weather. He took his mask and put it on before saying "Those waders are going to be a lot warmer than what I've got on, they don't breath. You stay somewhere dry with lighter clothes, I'll stay low." Dom felt a little embarrassed and switched to some light clothing before putting on his mask with camo painted on it. Ulric thought about bringing more equipment, but he decided that he could do just as well with what he had. When they finished preparing, they went into the teleporter and jumped to two different wetland areas.

Ulric looked around the area and activated his mask. It made a high pitch, but quiet sound as the white mask suddenly generated a camouflage pattern after it adapted to the environment. Wetlands were excellent for him. He loved them for their quietness, and abundance of hiding places. It was still dark outside and he wasn't going to be spotted easily if there was even anything out there. He walked forward over a hill to see a lake in front of him with a pipe running it's length, and he wasn't too thrilled with that. He began to walk with his feet in the water so that he could find where the pipe lead.

Dom could hardly see without the nightvision or FLIR of his mask. He didn't like this much but was thankful that Ulric was taking the low path. 'He's probably walking around in the dark using only his eyes.' He thought as he turned on the standard nightvision and walked forward. Unlike Ulric, he wasn't used to the dark and quiet, and he didn't worry about leaving much of a trace so he pulled out the machete and cut anything in his way that wasn't a tree. He wished he had worn at least a jacket, because it was similar to earth where it can be extremely hot during the day and very cold at night. Eventually he found himself looking at a large green beast with a mouth that went the length of it's torso. It roared as he fired the shotgun into it. It died quickly and he moved on. After about ten minutes, Dom found the entrance to some ruined structure that evidently was there before the pfhor took over, and probably had exactly what they were looking for.
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Karen's eyes went wide.

He knows me!?

Backing up quickly, she was about to say something, but was interrupted by another women coming towards them.
"Um, excuse me, but do you know where I am?"

"Nope. I just woke up, without any memories. But he seems to know me."

"Pity that the cryo took your memories. I'll leave your life to you, but in answer to her question, ah, wait a moment."

Erin had managed to turn on the external speakers.

"Good even folks. In answer to your question miss, you're on the alien ship Boomer. This ship is currently under Durandel's control, so that's good... Or is it?"
Erin shut up.

Turning back to Jack, she tossed him the eyepiece. "The guys on the radio told me to give this to you. Now, how do you know me?" She asked, and not in a hostile manner. She desperately wanted to get another piece of her life back.
Looking at her hands, she saw that they were shaking. Lifting them, she willed them to stop, but they wouldn't.

Stupid PTSD...


"SHUT UP!" Yelled Ian. The stupid pinging had been going on for almost a half an hour. All they did was lead him in circles.


"Dammit." Ian mumbled. Stumbling around in who knows where for thirty minutes was bound to tick some people off.

He paused. If he strained his ears, he could swear he could hear somebody, scratch that, a group of somebodies....

"Hey!" He yelled.


Karen stared at Jack.

"Hey!" Karen faintly heard.

"Hold that thought." Karen said, sprinting to the direction that the sound came in.-

Luckily the source was just around the corner.

Staring at a man, she said "Over hear." Just loud enough for him to hear it.

Swiveling his head toward her, his eyes were wide open, yet staring at nothing...

"Oh my god, you're-"


Don't say it, please don't say it.

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Ulric continued to creep through the dark by the pipeline. He thought that the pipe was either for some water processing, or sewage and waste. For a time, nothing disturbed him, and he disturbed nothing but the water's surface tension. Suddenly, his mask warned him that he was being watched. It displayed a white circle with an arrow pointing behind and to his right where the threat was. He completely froze as the circle remained with the word "danger" above it. 'They haven't seen me'. For about a minute, he didn't move and nothing changed. When he finally wasn't being watched he spun and pointed his gun where the threat had been, but saw nothing. Whatever had been watching him hadn't actually noticed him and was unaware of his presence, so he moved on.

The ruins that Dom had found were flooded, but accessible. This didn't make him any happier about it though. He waded through the dark hallways and empty rooms finding nothing mostly. There was a set of stairs that led up a level where it hadn't been flooded. On that floor he found a strange ball with bug like wings that looked like a walnut. He thought nothing of it until it started flying, opened up, and revealed it's green insides and tentacles. He promptly cut it down and stabbed it multiple times before moving on through a door across from him. Through the door there were three terminals still active on each wall and a broken one next to him. 'jackpot'

When Dom had finished reviewing the terminals, he walked back outside and teleported back to the station to find that Ulric had already finished his job and was sitting there with light and faded camouflage pants with a nearly perfect fitting green shirt, unloading his gun and magazines again like before, placing each bullet facing up on a table. "So what have we got?" Dom asked.
"We've located quite a few bases and other notable locations across the planet, and Ulric found a munitions and weapons factory. What do you have?" Mary said, losing her excitable attitude with continued downtime. She completely lost her interest in the conversation and thought about doing training simulations on high levels. "I don't have anything, just some war logs I found in a destroyed bunker." Dom said.
"Something else" Rickard jumped in, "One of our drones got shot down, it detonated and didn't leave a trace as planned, but" he paused a beat "but it wasn't the pfhor that shot it down, it was human. I don't know anything else. Until then we were thinking about sending Gabon and Mary in to destroy that munitions factory." Mary perked up when she heard this, but was disappointed to here Zoe say "We're not doing it now though, let's wait till later" There was nothing else to do but hang around then. Ulric had finished his small task long before hand and was putting away the handgun and magazine before walking off through the hall to his room. When he was about half way down the hall, Alexis opened up a part of the ceiling from one of the many hiding places they had around the ship and dropped down. She was ginning ear to ear and clearly had a single sentence on her mind. 'I got you again' Then she followed Ulric. Dom shrugged and went to go get a drink from a vending machine, Mary went off to the training area as a loud thump and a low yelp of pain from Ulric became audible through the room, Rickard sat by his computer doing whatever it was he did, and the others sat around in the lounge.
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"Good even folks." a voice said. "In answer to your question miss, you're on the alien ship Boomer. This ship is currently under Durandel's control, so that's good... Or is it?"

Great. It's just as I thought. Only someone like him would just take people and use them as soldiers for his own personal army.

Jack didn't have a whole lot of time to think more about this, because Karen threw some small piece at him. "The guys on the radio told me to give this to you." she said. "Now, how do you know me?"

He was just going to answer her question, until she told him to hold it for a moment, and she walked off. Following her, he saw a newcomer trying to walk over to Karen. He wasn't very good at walking, as if he were-

"Oh my god, you're blind."

Yeah. Why would Durandal recruit disabled people?


Kayla couldn't believe one of their AIs had stolen an alien ship, and taken them with him! She was quiet the whole time, thinking about her brother again. Who knows how far away they were from Tau Ceti.

The other two, the woman named Karen and the other guy, walked off. She didn't know if they had accepted her into their group, or what she was meant to do. She followed them from a distance, not really sure what they were meant to do on this ship.
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