Escape From the Marathon

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Karen walked toward Ian. Taking his arm, she stopped him, and sat him down against the wall. Jack walked up to her, and Karen noticed the new girl was shyly walking a short distance behind Jack.

"Get up her. We're nothing without other people to back us up." Karen said, giving her a reassuring smile.

Looking at the assembled group, she was surprised that she felt safe. Safe, as in the kind of feeling that you get with people that you trust. She also realized that it was up to her to take charge. Well, Jack might do it. But the other girl was too shy, at least at the moment. And Ian?

"Okay people, we haven't drawn our lots, but this is the outcome that we got anyway. We need to trust each other to survive. Let's introduce ourselves, and maybe, with all the pieces that we have, we can put together why we're here." Said Karen, feeling self-conscious.

'Oh, that's easy, you'r-'

Karen ripped the eyepiece from her eye and dropped it to the ground.

"I'll start. I'm Karen, and to be honest, I've lost everything. All my memories gone. He knows me, but that's all I've got to go one right now." Said Karen, gesturing to Jack at the end, signaling for him to go.


Ian waited. He wasn't interested in the others talking about random stuff. What he was interested in was the strange object in his hand. He thinks it came from Karen, but he wasn't sure.

Feeling it with his hands, he found that it was circular in shape, with an indention in the center on one side. Likewise, it pushed out on the other.

Lifting it to his ear, he could hear voices.

"Put it over your eye"

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So that's why she doesn't remember...

Jack had mainly stood there wondering what they were going to do. Scott had sorta assigned him as their leader. He was in command. Karen got things started with introducing herself first to everyone and telling a little bit of herself. Jack would've saw this useless introducing herself to him, had he not known about her losing her memory.

She doesn't remember what all happened on theMarathon.

It was for the best, in a way, with how Scott sacrificed himself to save Karen and Jack. Not everyone can handle deaths well. He wasn't exactly sure how Karen was dealing with it. She was mainly concerned about how he was handling it, since he was with Scott longer.

"I'm Jack, in case you didn't know." Jack said, looking at Karen more than the others.

What else am I suppose to say?

"Uh, I'm Kayla." the other girl said, thinking it was probably her turn to introduce herself. "I'm a survivor of the alien attack that took place on the Marathon."
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"took place on the Marathon"


Karen's head felt like it was going to explode. Memories of the Marathon flew past her in her mind.

'The exploding BoBs' 'The hunter' 'The bay' 'Scott'

Oh, god, how did I ever forget about that? My friends, my family. Scott.

Karen zoned back into reality, realizing that she was on her hands and knees. Standing back up, she stumbled over to Jack, hugging him.

"I'm sorry that I didn't recognize you. I've gotten some of the memories back, but not all of them. Just the one's of the team on Marathon.

Looking over at the other guy, she tapped him on his shoulder, taking note that he had her eyepiece.

Oh well, he doesn't look like he'll break it.


Ian felt the tap on his shoulder. He listened for a second, and no-one was talking, so he introduced himself.

"I'm Ian, and due to an engineering accident, I am now blind. I've been blind for about 3 years so far, but my other senses have been heightened, and due to that I'm able to hear things that most people miss. I am also capable of going through immense amounts of data, as long as it's told to me.
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Jack was shocked when Karen fell on her hands and knees. He was about to go over to her and help her up, until she got up on her own, stumbled over to him, and hugged him. Jack wasn't really used to being hugged by just anyone, but he decided to let it slide.

"I'm sorry that I didn't recognize you. I've gotten some of the memories back, but not all of them. Just the one's of the team on Marathon."

"Um... yeah." Jack said under his breath.

Karen eventually let go, and tapped the blind guy on the shoulder.

When Ian was done giving an introduction of his own, Jack finally got a plan together. "Look, I think we should get moving and find others. I don't think standing here forever will get us anywhere, or any answers."
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"Yeah, not happening. Prepare to teleport." Karen heard through the eye-piece.
"Watch out!" Karen cried. But her warning fell on... nobody. Well, what was left of nobody/ everybody. Karen then felt herself being teleported.
"-ap" Karen stumbled upon the wall. "I will never, Never, get used to that."

Karen did a quick look around. They were in a room, decorated in alien patterns, but not the pfhor ones.

This did not calm Karen. And then another thought struck her.

"Where's Ian?"

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Kayla didn't like being teleported, yet sometimes she couldn't avoid it.

Their group was teleported into a new room, with alien patterns decorating the walls around them. It wasn't like the alien ship that they were previously on, which made her believe that they were possibly not on it anymore. But where could they be then?

"Where's Ian?"

Looking at their group, Kayla saw that Ian wasn't anywhere near them.

Oh no. What happened to him? Why didn't he teleport with us?

With Ian not teleporting to the same room that they were in, it reminded her of the time that she was on the Marathon with Mikhail, Serj, and the other two. Mikahil at one point hadn't teleported with them either, but he eventually found them again.

"Maybe he was teleported somewhere else?" Kayla said. "Maybe hes somewhere close by. We should go look for him."
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Goban had been spending very much time in private without the others. It was strange and nobody knew what he was doing so naturally they were curious. Ulric came to the workshop door and knocked. "Hey! What are you doing?" he yelled.
"Just you?"
"Just me."
"Alright come in." Ulric opened the door to see Goban making weapons. He had a rifle barrel, bolt, and stock in front of him but not assembled and with a few parts missing. He began to explain himself, "I'm making some weapons. One as an early birthday gift for the distant queen and another for maybe you or another could try out. Don't tell her. Her rifle will be a .50 cal BMG bolt action as you see here that weighs twenty pounds. I did some research on it as well. Now I just need a way to present it." Ulric smiled for a second before saying, "Leave the presentation to me. You can put the rest together." He turned and walked out to begin some work.

Zoe was walking down the hall to the lounge silently. She figured everyone would be there since she hadn't seen them anywhere else. When she saw that nobody was there either, she started to worry. Suddenly, someone threw smoke grenades all over the lounge as people in body armor, gasmasks and M16's descended from seemingly nowhere. She covered her mouth and tried to step back but was grabbed by the people before she could. After that she began to realize what was really happening. They were over a month early but she didn't care. The smoke began to change into strange and bright colors as one of the people spoke with their voice muffled through the mask. "They haven't given in to our demands, so it's time for a hostage to be eaten." They walked her over to a table and placed a large cake in front of her and rolled over a camera as if they actually were broadcasting a hostage execution. The person spoke again, "Eat the cake. The cake is a hostage. It must be eaten." It continued with increasing strangeness and humor. At that point they were trying to make it seem bad to make it funny. She took a knife and happily cut the cake as they began to play bad sounding and quite funny stock noises such as screams and panic. Some of the sounds didn't even fit in like a bomb going off, a car wrecking, and a random person screaming "Don't do that!" as if another person had done a minor thing wrong. She began to laugh at how odd the whole thing was yet well organized. The smoke began to clear as another group of gasmasked people were teleported in and began to play as if it were a rock concert. The original group of people took off their masks to reveal the obvious, that they were the other UMBRA members. They began to serve cake and other 'Hostages' until it was time for the gifts.

Goban got up and placed a gun case in front of Zoe before saying "May I present the new rifle 'Nightmare'." He continued as she opened it up and began to observe the rifle. "It is a .50 cal bolt action coil-rifle that has a maximum weight at eighteen pounds. It can fire accurately at over 1000 meters and hit a target full power even if it goes through five tanks of water along the way. Bonus with the AAS on it." She was obviously happy with it and gave thanks to them all. They all cleaned up and the band teleported out again to wherever they came from. The whole thing was silly but it served it's purpose as a surprise comedy and awesome time for them.

After the party, Goban brought the other project to Ulric. It was a modified version of Durandal's assault rifle, or something based off of one. The arched shell on the top had been straightened out but maintained the rail and curves on the side. The parts that were silver had been turned black. Goban had changed the configuration to bullpup and the barrel was extended with a kalashnikov style muzzle and sights. Extra rails had been added to the sides for other attachments. It's magazine had a sort of handle on the sides for ease of grabbing to reload. "Say hello to the 'Jackal'. I modified one of Durandals rifles to fix the accuracy problem and added all of this. It's pretty much a completely different gun now. Same ammo, different result. We're going to share this one until we decide if we want more. If you want you can put on different attachments like sights and suppressors but the grenade launcher stays."

The red haired girl made notes on recent happenings. 'Durandal arrives and engages Pfhor. Multiple areas attacked. UMBRA UAVs scan area. UMBRA involvement now? Already? Not yet?' She thought she had seen something in a wetland but found nothing earlier. She figured it was just local wildlife.
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Karen agreed with Kayla.

"With four of us, our best chance of survival is sticking together." Walking out the door, she walks into a slightly bigger room that had a broken terminal, some light infantry weapons, and a... Karen gasped. "A sword!" Rushing up to grab it, she swung it around, getting a feel to it. It felt oddly familiar to her, as if from an dream, that once dreamt, was promptly forgotten.

Calling back to the others, she said. "It's alright, there's nothing here, except some surprises for you."

Grinning, she turned around and grabbed two pistols, some ammo, and stuck them in her pant's pockets. She also saw a rocket, and it was surprisingly out of place with the other weapons there. Picking it up, she weighed it on her hands. Tossing it to Jack, she turned around to the terminal. Flickering, humming, and not surprisingly, not in English.


Post Aug 14th '12, 20:16

"With four of us, our best chance of survival is sticking together." Karen said, seeming to agree with Kayla. She then went into the next room.

Jack followed Karen into the next room with Kayla following behind. He saw Karen swinging a sword around, which kinda seemed strange. Who would use a sword in this day in age? He smirked seeing Karen swinging it around like a child.

"It's alright, there's nothing here, except some surprises for you." she said.

Karen then started digging through the pile of weapons, taking two pistols and some ammo for it. She tossed Jack a single rocket, which he barely caught in time before it hit the floor. When he realized what she had thrown, he felt the same way when he got his first rocket back on the Marathon.

Great. Now I don't have a rocket launcher...

With Karen already taking her pick, Jack went through the pile next, taking a pistol with a few magazines. He tossed the last pistol at Kayla. She wasn't very good at catching things, as she dropped it on the floor. She bent down to pick it up, while also red in the face because she failed to catch it in time.

"You can have the rest." Jack told Kayla, while pointing to the pile which was now only four pistol clips.

Jack saw Karen standing in front of a terminal. Nothing on the screen was in any language he had seen before.

"I don't suppose that was what was suppose to give us instructions as to what we're suppose to do."
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Karen just gave Jack the 'No Duh' look.

"I think so. Why can't we just ask Erin?" Karen said, reaching for her eye-piece, only to realize that Ian still had it.

Reaching into her pocket, she grabbed the remaining one, and put it on.

"Hello? This is Karen. Anyone reading me?" The voice that came back wasn't Erin, but it was someone she knew, of only barely.
"Karen? This is Ian! Where are you? You just teleported away!"
Karen looked at Jack to see if he was reading, although she was unable to read his face."

"We're down on the planet. Are you okay?"

"Yes, but there's something comi--"

"Sorry for the interruption, but this is what should be on the screen. 'This is a secure pfhor bunker. The pfhor, in their belief in their security, have left next to no guards. Your goal is to get to a closed computer and grab the files inside. These are essential to the war. And as for your friend Ian, I wouldn't worry. Durandel wants to see him."

Flicking out her pistol, Karen reloaded. Her jubilation at finding the sword had quickly diminished to horror.

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It was day time on the planet when Goban and Mary began their attack. Goban had put on a thick armor that covered his whole body and taken a UAR with a 100 round mag. Mary had just grabbed one of durandals assault rifles and went in light casual clothes again. They teleported in on the roof with explosives that they would use to destroy the place. They immeadiatly took some of the smaller charges and planted them on the roof in front of them before standing back and blowing a hole in it. Jumping down they both went their seperate ways to sweep the area and destroy everything. Goban went one way and began to stroll through simply shooting down anything in his way. Mary ran forward and eliminated everything quickly without stopping. She continued to build speed and never slowed down while using explosives to help propel her as she jumped and flew through the air.

Over 20,000 kilometers away at a human base, the red haired girl discussed her business with the BOBs. They had agreed to what she had to say and received an array of weapons and jammers. The idea was that she was going to help the rebel against Durandal's draft and escape everything. Her instructions were very specific. Don't contact anyone, don't let anyone in, don't engage any hostiles, don't get detected by Durandal, and just hold out until her signal arrives so that her gifts would keep them safe. However, the one thing that she said was absolutly the most important, "Don't trust the people in the white masks."
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Ian felt himself being grabbed. He had just lost contact with Karen, and then something had shown up and grabbed him. Struggling, he wretched his body this way and that way, trying to get away. He stopped, as a thought had just struck him.

Where would I go? I don't know the terrain!
At least on the Marathon he knew the basic lay-out of the upper-levels.

He felt himself being put roughly on a flat surface. And then strapped in.


Post Sep 15th '12, 01:24

The red haired woman watched on as she confirms UMBRA's presence on Lh'owon. They had caused a small amount of damage to the Pfhor's supply flow and were currently encircling another base. Three snipers, two men and a woman, but the others were nowhere to be seen. They were probably going to teleport in at some given moment during the attack. According to her notes then one would be left behind as support, so there would be four attackers.

Zoe layed in prone in the sand with her new rifle, watching the area, waiting for a good moment and position. Ulric and Rickard were far off on another side of the pfhor base. She had thought about removing her mask while looking down the scope, but decided against it for stratigic and security reasons. The AAS scope continuously calculated her shot's trajectory. Wind speed, direction, drop, time to target, everything she needed to know except for how to lead a target unless she kept it in place long enough appeared on the scope with simplified information that all summed up to where that bullet went. There was also the option to link that information to the masks, but she didn't do that, she liked it better in the scope. It was more natural for her.

At least twenty minutes passed. The heat beating down on her even under the desert camo cloth as she waited. Eventually, Rickard reported in, "Window for attack, thirty seconds. Set?" In response, each of the other members uttered this phrase except Zoe, who took a deep breath and analized each target. It was time. There were five different ones, but she needed to react fast enough to find out which one's to shoot in which order. "Set" She said, preparing for the others to begin the assault.

"Sweep" with this word uttered, the other five members teleported to multible spots around the perimeter just out of the enemies line of fire. In her sights were the pfhor troopers, Dom, and Goban. Aiming at the one that reacted the fastest, her finger tightend on the trigger, and she fired. There was a thunderous boom from her 50 calibur coilgun. After a split second delay, a trooper's upperbody was smashed into a yellow-green mist. Zoe worked the Nightmare's bolt and fired into the next trooper with similar effect. Before she could fire again Goban killed two more with the UAR as Dom cut another down with his machete. They promptly moved inside the base to begin their part of the attack.
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"Well, obviously this term is not going to be of any use, so we might as well move on." Said Karen, taking the lead.
Everyone looked at her. Glancing at each of the team, she gave them a look that she hoped looked confident.
"Well? The sooner we get the damn data, the sooner we can leave!" Karen said, moving towards the door.

And walking out.

Jack looked at the doorway, and then at Kayla. "I can't force you to come along. You can stay here and guard the door, but I need to watch Karen's back."

And with that, Jack left too.

Now Kayla was alone. She looked at the door, sighing. "You say I have a choice, but I have none, none of us did from the moment we were born on Marathon."

And with those words to no-one, Kayla left also.

The corridor outside was bland, nothing much noticeable about it. There was a light strip in the wall, and some goo on the floor, but that was about it. Moving on, the group proceeded with silence, glad for each others companionship and protection. But as the group moved deeper and deeper into the stronghold, a feeling of dread was pressed upon them...

A Karen kicked a rock forward, bored from the mono-tone of the tunnels.

Kayla however, was already on edge, and accidentally fired a shot off into the darkness.

Alarms blared, and the group all had pretty much the same thought as the others.

Post Sep 15th '12, 23:28

Ulric was in a similar position to Zoe but on the other end of the base and with a standard USR. He figured that he'd need at least two shots instead of one to eliminate the set of troopers by the entrance. As he waited, a small notice popped up in the corner of his vision.

-Recon Drone destroyed-

'Again?' he thought, 'That's two now, where are they getting shot down?' His thought was interrupted when he noticed a lens flash from the top of the base. With quick but subtle movements, he aimed up to the flash, only to see that whatever caused it was gone, so he relaxed and moved back into position. He remained unmoving, moving around his aim to see the effects on the AAS.

Once again, he was distracted, but this time, it was Durandal in stead of strange occurances.

So here we are, in the middle of a war and you all seem so casual and calm. Truely this is the life for you. With that, I have a question that I'll ask you. It is one that has eluded me for the whole of the seven years since the events on the Marathon. There was a certain group of three that made it to a hanger with a ship in it and was full with pfhor.
He was cut off by Ulric, "I know what happened"
At this moment the others began to make the statement "Set"

And so I ask you, Ulric, why did he do it? Why did he so recklessly throw away his life to let the others escape? Why do humans act in such ways?

"Because Scott was a fool"

Ulric aimed to a trooper and fired as Alexis and Charlotte teleported in behind the pfhor. He fired again to finish it and moved to the next. Charlotte was using another one of Durandal's rifles and unloaded into a group as Ulric shot a hole in another troopers helmet. Alexis walked calmly forward and stabbed it's face. When all of the troopers were gone, Ulric reloaded and the others went into the base.
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"Move!" Karen shouted. The instruction was unnecessary for Jack, as he was already moving, but Kayla just stood there.
Jumping at Karen's shout, she started running, waving the gun around in every direction when she did.

*I'm going to have to teach her gun safety later...*

Running down the corridor, they saw Jack stop suddenly. And as they got closer they saw why. For the first time since they had started here, there was a three-way turn.

"Which way?!" Shouted Karen. She was panicking, and this wasn't helping her nerves.
Sounds of pfhour noises filtered down one of the hallways.

"That way." Jack said, pointing towards the sound.


"DAMMIT" Shouted Ian at the top of his lungs.

They were doing something to his head. Something to his mind. They were... they were putting something in, while he was still awake.

Struggling against the restraints, he could barely manage to move his left hand more than an inch. They had him locked up against the table.


Post Sep 22nd '12, 21:53

Something was off. There were eight UMBRA members on scene, all doing something. Yet that wasn't within calculations. If they're all attacking, then who's on support? Definate problem.

Mary was the only one going solo this time. She had equipped a custom Remington 870 shotgun that now was able to use 4 inch shells. They called it the Ultra mags. Along with it comes four inch shells that they based off of some old shell that many considered unnecesary and not worth it. It was a three and 1/2 inch magnum bird shot that traveled at a speed of 1700 fps. That was one of the fastest shotgun shell velocities in the world at the time. Now they changed it to a larger shot that traveled the same speed but also had all of the shot held together like a slug until around thirty meters before it spread. She also brought one of Durandal's shotguns just in case.

She waited in the teleporter chamber along with the other's, anxious to get out there and kill some pfhor. While she was waiting she got bored and decided to see how fast she could consistantly aim, lower the gun, and aim again multible times. "Save your energy for the real fight. More fun that way right?" Alexis said, but they knew what she really meant was 'Quit screwing around with that damn thing before you shoot someone.' Mary frowned before responding, "I think I'm going to get a drink before we go since we've got time." Nobody tried to stop her, and that was part of the reason for the set procedures they had. She walked out of the chamber and into the lounge to get some coffee.

As she walked she looked at Rickard's computer. The computers they had were essentially desktop computers, if anyone at that time even used that term anymore, with a thin, but large keyboard with all sorts of shortcuts and other things on it. The keys themselves were sort of holographic and could change what was shown and typed when used, but was still solid. The real marvel however were the screens. Essentially they only consisted of the stand and the bottom, but the screen itself was projected above by the stand and was COMPLETELY intangible, while still maintaining better functions than a normal one. While all of their computers were sufficiently advanced and amazing by quite a few standards, of course there had to be one that was modified in some way like a person from the old days would take what they called alienware and put crazy add ons like hi-fi speakers, multible screens and stuff like that. Rickard's was like their advanced version of that. Thinking about time, Mary stood by the computer and began messing with it. She found information, changed passwords and settings before logging off, grabbing her coffee and drinking it.

It was right as she was half-way done drinking that Rickard reported a window and the others began to set up. In an instant she finished the drink, put down the cup, and sprinted to the tele-chamber. "SET!" she said while jumping up and down from excitement and satisfaction as she entered the room. Under her breath she began to say "hurry up" hoping that she could go. "Sweep"

Instantly she was teleported in front of several troopers as one droped after being sniped. She quickly unloaded the gun into the rest of the troopers, leaving large hole in them that expanded as it went through them. Quickly she reloaded and ran through the door into the based to see that a couple of purple troopers were firing grenades at her. They each fired three that seemed to come closer at decent speed, but so slow all the same. She jumped to the left almost nervously but playfully to avoid the first one, then back to avoid the next, and then dove forward to avoid the last of them. While still in the air she fired a shell into the first trooper, and while it made a huge hole in it's armor, it kept moving. She was closer to the ground as she pumped the shotgun and fired right as she hit it, killing the first trooper. Quickly she rolled over to avoid the assault rifle fire from the second trooper and killed it too.

The area seemed clear until a couple of pfhor drones appeared, firing little green bolts of energy. Mary figured that there was no need to waste ammo on them and quickly charged at them, strafing to avoid the bolts before knocking them down to the ground and smashing them. Through her mask she looked around, seeing four different sillouettes run around shooting and stabing. She smiled to herself in the thrill of attacking head on at the enemy. Also through the mask she saw pfhor movement and other threats all over, and around the corners. She was about to decide on which of the three ways she could go, left, right, or straight, but never finished because Ulric called, "Hey, I have a quick request, if you can, I want you to head up to the upper floors and see if there's anything interesting. I'm sure I saw something and you may be able to climb through the windows." He paused a beat as if suddenly having an idea, "bonus points if you find a terminal that takes you up top." While that last statement meant next to nothing, she found extra thrill in seeking whatever he saw, but realized that there was little to no chance to find a terminal, and she had no way up through windows. However she did have some rope in case she could repel down.

The doors to the left and right opened up to reveal about fifteen purple fighters pouring out into the hallway that Mary was in. This was more convenient than some might think due to how much the shells would penetrate anything less than a purple trooper. So she simply fired another shell that tore a quarter sized hole in the first fighter, and rapidly spread as it penetrated each pfhor. With only seven left and nothing in the Ultra Mags, she pulled out Durandals shotty and finished off the rest before reloading. The only door left unopened in the blood splattered hallway was the one straight ahead. When she opened it, she could hardly believe how lucky she was that it happened to be an elevator.

With two fully loaded shotguns and excitment flowing through her, Mary went to what she assumed by the placement of the strange buttons was the top floor. The doors opened once again to reveal open air once again, a number of corpses, and one surviving pfhor that was seconds away from being on the ground. Mary instantly lunged forward and smashed the pfhor with the butt of the gun, knocking it down. In that same movement, she spun and dropped elbow first into the alien's face before getting up again and smashing what was left of it's face beneath her boot.

Seeing nothing else on the roof, she looked over each edge to find the one highest up. When she found it she drove a spike into the roof and attached her rope to it. She counted to three and then jumped backwards and fell about ten meters, then slowed down and jumped again. This time she came in and kicked through the window and into a trooper before landing and rolling. Immeadiatly she brought up her gun and fired into the next two pfhor.

After about thirty minutes of killing and searching, she found nothing. She was back down to the third floor and saw nothing much. Instead of charging, she stopped as she noticed something turn the corner. It was human, but not UMBRA. All that she saw was a glimpes of long red hair flowing down a woman's back. Creeping forward, Mary stopped at the corner and waited for a beat before popping out and aiming. However, the room ahead was empty save for a few pfhor corpses, a terminal, and some doors. She was about to access the terminal but stopped when she heard Dom and Goban coming through a door behind her.

"Well it looks like there's nothing left here. It was fun while it lasted though" Goban said satisfieingly. Mary just looked sort of down before asking "Did either of you see any humans? Not one of us?" She asked this sort of confused and concerned. They guys both answered no, and they all teleported out before anything could be followed up.
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Kayla looked at Jack like he was crazy.
"What?! You want us to go towards the aliens that want to kill us?" She said with a strained voice.
And with the, Jack took off at a run.
Karen sighed, grabbed Kayla's arm, and took off at a run after Jack. Kayla half-stumbled, half-fan after her.


Gunshots. Catching up with Jack, they saw that he had already started the fight with the pfhour.
With a quick look, Karen gauged that there was about 15 "generic fighters" and about 3 troopers.
"Thank God that there's no hunters, eh Jack?" She glanced at where Jack was firing. To the left. "Kayla, shoot where Jack is shooting! I've got the right!" And with that, she pulled out her sword and engaged the enemy.

Jack risked a glance at Karen. She was fighting like an expert with the sword. She also had a smile.
And the smile gave Jack the creeps. It wasn't a "I'm having fun" smile. It was the "I enjoy this way to much" smile.
Jack rolled his eyes, and concentrated on shooting the advancing trooper.

Kayla fired shot after shot, until her clip was empty. Reaching for her pocket, she realized that she didn't have another clip.


Post Sep 23rd '12, 19:52

Daniel Webster was strolling down the hallway, grinning widely and whistling. He occasionally stopped to admire his reflection in the shiny cabinets which lined the hall. He smiled to reveal that his teeth were made of gold, like his heart. He did an elaborate twirl, then fell, hitting his head on the floor.

The things that make men into monsters also make them happy.

He sprung back up, his grin widening to monstrous proportions. He chanted an eldritch song as he hopped on one toe, tracing an elaborate pagan symbol on the squeaky-clean floors using his black dress shoes. The floor hummed with magical energy, and he began to increase the speed with which he worked. Soon he was hopping like a maniac, and it is said that if one enters those nighted hallways, they will still hear his hopping to this day.

The floor opened up beneath him, and he descended into the plutonian depths of that unspeakable place. Bats flew around him lazily, occasionally remarking in the long-forgotten bat-tongue that he looked like a proper gentleman. He spoke to them as he fell, making casual conversation regarding the current democratic elections in the bat-nation. The bats discussed politics briefly with him, before leaving to visit a witch's sinister pagan meeting ground.

The stink. I can smell it. That's why it's a stink.

His legs broke beneath him as he hit the ground, but his smile did not fade. He laid there, smiling, smiling forever.

And then his stomach rumbled.,6733016.story
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"So are we all here? Good enough, let's begin"
All of UMBRA save for Alexis sat in the lounge. Unlike other times, there was no music, no activity, nothing. They had no fancy generic meeting room so they used the lounge instead. It remained silent for some time before they really began. "We've finally found the source of our recon problems." Zoe said, "Our analysis shows that the drones were shot down in the same area by the same weapons and same people. Using both our data and Durandal's, we found that the area was occupied by human troops. The BOBs that Durandal sent there apparently went dark and laid low. From what we can tell, they saw our recon flights as a problem and shot them down to attempt to stay low. Two things happened between those events and now that tell us what to do. First, Mary notices a Jane Doe wondering around a pfhor base and possibly watching us. Second, the Bobs at the base delivered an ultimatum essentially saying that they want out of the war, they're going to start a revolution and all that crap, so now we're doing something about it."

Zoe stopped for a moment and caught her breath after summing up the beginning of upcoming events. "I can't believe I have to wear these. I guess I could have worse though." Those who couldn't already see turned to see Alexis walking in wearing the same green suit that most Bobs wear. She seemed utterly annoyed at the idea of dressing as one. Rickard followed up in the conversation next, "And so this is where we have trouble. Normally, Durandal would just teleport those idiots into space or put them back in stasis, but for some reason, not even he can reach them. I think that the person Mary saw has something to do with this. So here's our plan, we're sending Alexis in with her expertise to act as a double agent and try to find out what this is all about. Next, we'll drop Ulric right in there after we use some grand distraction to make sure they don't notice him. We can arrange for Alexis to walk in unnoticed, but Ulric is different, he's the one going in fully armed doing his thing with the same objectives as her."
Ulric cut in suddenly, "Basically, teleporting in is conspicuous enough to get me shot, but Alexis has the means to make it seem.... I guess you could say normal. So she'll teleport in and find a way to let me in so that I can sneak around and find information about who people are, what's going on, and get rid of all of their countermeasures to Durandal."

"So how are we going to distract them?" Goban asked.
"Something high profile. We should send you in, I don't think they've ever seen a penguin before." Charlotte says this joyfully. "But really I was thinking, what if we used low tech flight and a unique flight. It'll double as the distraction and the transport."
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More and more Pfhor continued to pour in seemingly from out of nowhere. The good thing was that there was nothing more than a trooper. However, the amount of fighters seemed endless. Jack began to reload when he realized that he was down to his last magazine, but this wasn't the worst of it, as more pfhor came from behind them. He quickly spun and unloaded into them before holstering the gun. "Damn, what now?"
'This isn't fun anymore' His thought was cut off by the sound of Kayla screaming. She was on the ground and at the mercy of the pfhor. Karen was still fighting furiously, and Jack was prepared to fight with everything that he had. Suddenly, though all of the noise, two sounds made it to his ears. "Get down"

Jack didn't even react to the voice yet until he heard and explosion that turned the group of Pfhor behind them into a fine yellow mist. The shockwave knocked him off his feet as an assault rifle was fired full auto into the crowd of pfhor. As suddenly as it began, the hallway was full of blood and dead pfhor. "Wow, I'm almost surprised I didn't hit you guys. This thing has so much spread, but it's so AWESOME!" The group turned in the direction of the voice to see a girl carrying an assault rifle. While the gun seemed to sound and function like one from the Marathon, it certainly didn't look like one. It was one of Durandal's. The girl herself had long red hair and wore a grey trench coat. They all stared at the woman who just saved their lives as she reloaded. "It really seems like you all need help" Karen finally stepped forward and spoke, "Well it's about time we got some help, but let me guess, Durandal?" The red haired girl shook her head. "Nope, I'm on my own. You can call me G." They wondered about what such a name would mean, but quickly ignored it. Reasons for names weren't important, what was important was survival. Jack finally spoke up "My names Jack, that's Karen, and this is Kayla"
G suddenly smiled, "Got somethings that might interest you" She then opened up her coat to reveal one of Durandal's shotguns and two boxes of ammo for it on one side, and seven handgun magazines on the other. She placed all of it on the ground for the group and began to reload her rifle.

The break from the carnage seemed to last forever as they took the gifts from G. Jack took the shotgun and it's ammo, while Karen and Kayla split the handgun ammo. "I'll come with you to an exit from this place, but then I need to be somewhere else." G said "Are you all ready?" The three all looked at each other before nodding their heads to her. "Then let's go." G began to walk as the others followed. Their footsteps echoed through the hall until they reached a door. In the silence, G spoke "Open the door" Kayla hurried forward to the door and waited for a few seconds, constantly running the same thing through her head, 'It'll be okay, it'll be okay, it'll be......' Before she even knew it she opened the door. As soon as it was open enough, G dove through and fired her gun at a few S'pht that floated near terminals. With a sort of static sound they seemed to almost disappear from existence. "Alright, come on in"

The group complied and moved into the room. It was almost completely empty aside from what appeared to be an alien x1 charger on the wall to the left, and two terminals directly ahead. G turned to speak, "Alright, this is your stop. The terminals should take you out of here, but before you go, I have the most important thing to tell you." Her expression changed from joy to seriousness. "Whatever happens, you can't let Durandal know about me, and there's a sort of.... Group of people that you absolutely CANNOT trust. They wear white masks and could probably kill you all without a problem. Before I leave, I have one more thing to say." She paused and walked over to Jack. Grabbing his arm, she whispered into his ear, "You're worst enemy is here." With that, G disappeared down the way they came.


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