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I've decided to put up a walkthrough of Phoenix the way I like to play it, including the locations of each and every skull. Wherever possible, I like to play levels in unusual ways. The first few levels are fairly straightforward, but it'll get weirder, trust me. Let's begin:

Level 1: A Space Marine is You (3 skulls)

As soon as you teleport in, turn around. Tab the gray and white stripe at the back of the alcove. If it doesn't open, check the one on the other side of the room. Besides your first skull, it's got an energy katar. This weapon will save you a lot of ammo if you're willing to get up close to the enemy.

Head out the door and onto the elevator. Let the BoBs beat the Pfhor, then ride the elevator. Go north and stab the two Pfhor. Now turn around and open the door at the other end of the hall. Close it and wait until things have settled down. Open it again, and the victors will come over to greet you. Stand just to the left of the door. Every time they open the door, stab them and close it again. When you're done, go in and heal up. Don't forget the ammo on the floor and in the storage closets. Use the pattern buffer (hereafter called the PB).

Turn left and stab the Pfhor on the steps. Open the door and stab the trooper. Switch weapons to the IMP55 and save again. Use the teleporter. Shoot the SplodeyBoBs and try not to get hurt. Turn around and open the wall panel. Grab the flamethrower and second skull. You could use it on the Sploders, but I like to just shoot them. (There's a lot more IMP55 ammo than gas canisters.)

Go to the door and step into the hallway, then back in and close the door. Do the open-stab-close routine again. When they're all gone, go out and down the hall to the north. There are doors to the north and west. Open and close the door to the west repeatedly so the Pfhor score friendly fire on their buddies. Then stab the survivors.

Go in, grab the ammo and stab the S'pht. Cross the room, pick up the fusion cannon, and use it on the hunters. Try not to hit the S'pht'Kr. Go back out into the hall and open the door to the north. See if you can get the S'pht'Kr from the previous battle to fight for you. Stab any remaining Pfhor. Toggle the switch up on the wall with a charged fusion bolt, ride the elevator, and hit the PB.

Go west, through the door, and stab the S'pht. Use the recharge if needed, then shank the SplodeyBoBs and grab the ammo. Go back to the PB, save, and continue down the hall to the elevator. Stab the hunter. It's a lot quicker than using your fist, isn't it? Flip the switch, ride the elevator, open the door, and poke away. Repeat as necessary. Now enter the room. This is a good time to use the flamethrower. Roast the trooper and the drones. Use the PB now. Go back up the elevator and cross the room over to the switch, flip it, and go for a swim. Ignore the hunters as you pass by.

Climb the steps and stab the Pfhor. Go down the hall and ride the elevator. Approach the door but don't open it. Wait for the battle to die down. To be extra-safe, you can ride the elevator back up. Enter the room and finish off any Pfhor. Ride the little elevator next to the ledge. Hide behind the divider until the Pfhor cluster in the corner. Pop out and fire IMP55 bursts at them until someone berserks. Let them finish, take out the survivor, and go into the next room.

Ride the up elevator and hit the PB. Go down the hall and take out the hunter. Proceed to the elevator and ride it down. Grab the fusion ammo but try not to hit the recharge canister. Move over to use the PB but don't go too far or you'll trigger the next encounter. Use the fusion cannon on the juggernaut in the hangar. It'll move to the right, so lead it a little. Soon it'll drop, and if you time it right, you can trigger the hunters to teleport in and run under it when it explodes. Shoot the other juggernaut while the S'pht'Kr do their thing. Once the battle is over, grab the 2x recharge and hit the PB.

Look behind the crates for the third and final skull. Jump down, cross the hangar, and flip the switch. Wait for the door, go in, save, and hop onto one of the teleporters.

Level 2: Nottingham Lace (7 skulls)

Wait for the BoBs to die, then jump down and dispose of the enemy. The fusion cannon is nice because it makes the hunters explode. Open the door, run for the PB, and use it.

Kill off anything still hanging around before you go up the steps. Then go up just to the top step. Get the Pfhor to come over so you can stab them. Go a little furthr into the room and you'll trigger the BoBs to teleport in. Go down the stairs and wait for them to die. The Pfhor will come down the stairs where you can entertain them with old war stories. Then go up the steps and to the right. Ignore the guys in the towers for now, but try not to get hit by them. Don't go up the elevator just yet. Stay on the green ground heading east and you'll trigger some Pfhor and splodeyBoBs. For fun, see if you can get the BoBs to explode among the Pfhor.

Go through the door near the ledge to the east and pick up the crossbow. Don't get the 2x canister yet. Go over to the elevator and tab the wall to the east for the first skull and some gasoline. Go up the elevator and when the Pfhor teleport in, run around behind them and stab, stab, stab. Or use another weapon if it suits you. Don't forget the ammo near the window. Watch your health and when it gets low, jump off the ledge and run back to the PB.

Finish off anyone that's left, then head up the stairs east of the top of the elevator. Take out the enforcer first, then the purple guys. Now head down the stairs to get the attention of the Pfhor below. Go back up and stand next to the stairs so you can stab them as they come up. Go back down and open the door. Step in, step out, and close the door. Stab anyone who tries to open it. Once you kill the Pfhor and the blue S'pht, you can pick up the chip and ammo. Take the teleporter back to the PB.

Flip the switch south of the PB and go through the door. Get back out before it closes. Repeat this a few times, and you might get a Pfhor to berserk. If not, you'll have to do the killing yourself. Watch out for Pfhor who try to circle around and come through the door across from the PB.

Once things quiet down, you can get that 2x canister. Return to the PB, flip the switch, and go through. The second skull is hiding in a little alcove to your left. Go into the room to the south where you'll find some ammo under the water. Now go to the 2x recharge, watching out for anybody hiding on the stairs. After you recharge and get the ammo, go up the stairs to the south and through the door. Kill the Pfhor and get the ammo. Halfway down the path to your east, about where the enforcer teleports in, look across the rocks to the north for a bit of wall that's darker than the rest. There's a third skull behind it, and an MA-82!

Continue east and some Pfhor will teleport in. There's a blue one across the gap. That's where you want to go. Step onto the little rise on the left side of the road and jump across the gap. If you're running diagonally, you won't even need a grenade hop. Kill the blue dude and pick up the fourth skull. Jump down and make friends with the other Pfhor below.

Continue along the creekbed and go through the door. A trooper teleports in with a friend. Give them the good news. Some more may come down the steps. If they don't, send some fusion bolts up to them. Switch to the flamethrower, go up the steps, and roast the enforcer. Stab any remaining orange S'pht. You can open the door at the top of the steps if you like. Cross the bridge to the west and read the terminal. You can jump off the bridge and stab one of the Pfhor in the towers as you fly by.

Head back to the 2x recharge and go up the stairs to the north. Open and close the door to get some friendly fire action going. Fire off some shots to speed things along. Try to get the room's population down before going inside. Once you do, stray shots can awaken the orange S'pht and things could get hairy.

Once the room is clear, look for the flickering panel on the west wall. Behind it is the fifth skull. Open the door to the east and introduce yourself to your new friends. Cross the bridge and read the terminal. You can jump off the bridge and stab either of the Pfhor in the towers as you fly by. Take out any remaining Pfhor in the towers now.

Go back to the room where you found the last skull and open the door to the north. Start up the steps to trigger the next battle, but once you do, go back down and close the door. Wait a little while, and the surviving Pfhor will jump down to the lower level where they're easier to deal with. Go back up the steps and through the door to the east. You can pick up the ammo and recharge canister, but don't insert the chip yet.

Go back out the door, take a U-turn to the left, and finish off anybody wandering around. Now go back and insert the chip. This is a really good time to use the PB.

Go out and take the U-turn again and go through the giant door that just opened. You'll activate a bunch of bad guys. Dispose of them as you see fit; I like to stab the enforcer first, then use fusion bolts on the hunters. Their explosions usually kill the other Pfhor hanging around.

Once they're all gone, head up the stairs to the north. Halfway up the stairs, look to your right at the top of the big column and you'll see a switch. Hit it with a charged fusion bolt and continue up the stairs. (It raises some stairs elsewhere.) Open the door and greet the trooper and his little blue pal. There are three windows on the north wall. Tab the middle one to reveal the sixth skull.

Stick your head in the doorway to the west and say hi. Some Pfhor and a S'pht will come over to bring you gifts. Politely decline, then go and read the terminal. It will teleport you. Use the PB one last time and head through the door to the south. Go to the northwest corner of the map and up the stairs that were raised when you flipped the switch. Through the door you'll find the seventh skull and a terminal that takes you to the bonus level, Running From Evil.

Bonus level: Running From Evil (5 skulls)

Pick up the ammo and save the game. Wave your katar at the troopers below. They'll run away. As soon as they're around the corner, follow them. Step into the long hallway to activate some more Pfhor and do your "shoot me" dance. Of course, you don't actually want to get shot, so fire the MA-82 to suppress the ones close by. With luck, the Pfhor will do most of the damage for you. Slip around the corner and wait for the survivors with your flamethrower. Pick up the ammo next to the big pillars if you haven't already.

Go down the hall and open the big door on your left. Close it and count to three. Open and close it again. Do this a few times until all of the Pfhor and S'pht decide they'd rather attack the enforcers. The enforcers will win. Go inside and take them out. Flip both switches and roast the troopers. Collect your first skull.

Go back down the hall and through the doorway on the right. Flip the switch and torch the enforcer. Do it fast before the S'pht bolts come flying in. Go back to the hallway. Pop into the room another time or two to encourage friendly fire. Finish off any survivors. I like to wait around the corner with the flamethrower.

Ride the elevator, open the door, and offer the Pfhor a light. Collect the second skull and flip the switch. Jump down, making sure to pass over the square table in the room below. Go back out to the hallway and head left. Back up while firing grenades at the approaching Pfhor, trying especially to take out the blue ones first.

When they're at peace, go to the little room they came out of and collect the third skull. This will activate a whole mess of troopers in the big room, so run back there and do the "shoot me" dance again. When they reach the short hallway, move west down the long hallway while lobbing a stream of grenades at the door frame as they pass through. Any troopers who make it through can be finished off with fusion bolts.

Go back to the big room. On the east wall is a panel that slides back to reveal the fourth skull. Go to the door on the north wall and eliminate the two troopers. That's your exit term, but there's one more skull to get before you go.

Go out the doorway to your south. A handful of Pfhor are guarding the fifth skull, but once they see you, they'll forget all about it and come to you. Go back through the doorway and wait with the flamethrower. Once they're fully cooked, go get the skull and head back to the exit term before reinforcements arrive.
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Level 3: Enchanting New Mexico (3 skulls)

Stay on the ledge and let the BoBs work their magic. A bunch of bad guys will pass through the doorway below; pour grenades or fusion bolts down on them and try to get the hunters to explode. When their numbers are greatly reduced, hop down, go into the building and hit the PB. Watch out for any remaining baddies. Run around the building to finish them off and collect the ammo. There will be a couple of blue Pfhor on a ledge above. Give them a demonstration of the FLMb flamethrower's arc of fire. I just love how it curls over the edge and gets them.

Go back inside and ride the elevator. There's a little alcove on the outside of the northwest corner. You can jump down to it from here for the first skull. Return to where you jumped from, go around the corner, through the door, and immediately exit through the doorway to the west. Give the trooper and his pals some love as you pass by, but jump down and visit the PB. Some hunters will be waiting for you; fusion is your friend.

Go back up the elevator and take out the hunter across the room with fusion bolts, then go inside and help the BoBs finish off the rest. Exit to the west again and fry anybody you find there. Ride the elevator up and flip the switch. Cross to the opposite corner of the room and go out the door. Hop across the rock ledges until you come back to the building. Dispose of anyone you find here.

As you approach the elevator, a crowd gathers to come up and argue with you. This is where you finally get to use the IMP55 the way it was meant to be used. You picked up a second one on the previous level; fire off half a clip from one of the pistols. Now when you use them, one will reload while the other keeps firing. Not only that, they can be used to suppress multiple enemies with a wide spray of bullets. Each time the elevator comes up, unload on its occupants.

When they're all gone, take the elevator down and eliminate the trooper and his buddy. Flip both switches and go in to use the PB. Take a breath; we're just getting started. Go back to the hallway and follow it to the elevator. Tab the wall to the left of the elevator for the second skull. Ride the elevator. Some Pfhor will teleport in; ignore them for now. Go up the elevator to your right.

Open the door and shoot the blue hunters with your crossbow. Shoot a few of the others, too. Close the door when they shoot at you to keep from getting hit. When you've hit all the hunters you can see, enter the room. Cross it and jump out the window to the west. Return to the elevator and deal with the Pfhor you ignored earlier. If you're lucky, a Pfhor will be berserking above you. You should be able to hear it.

If there's no berserking Pfhor or you don't want to wait, go back up. Run around the outside of the room while firing fusion bolts at the hunters. Start with the brown ones and finish with the blue. You can leave at any time through the window; they'll wait for you. On the south wall of this room are some doors that won't open and some red-and-brown somethings. Whatever they are, tab the left one and it will open. Go in and get the third skull. Don't take the 3x recharge just yet.

Go through the door to your east and use the katar to knock the hunters into the lava. Dispose of any enemies you see below you; grenades and crossbow bolts are good for knocking them into the lava below. Look above you to the left for a Pfhor who pops in and out. That's the exit from this room. Kill that Pfhor with a crossbow bolt. Don't miss the hunter way down below on the left. Jump onto the ledge just inside the window on your right. Take out that annoying blue S'pht before breaking the panel. Hop across the ledges and ride the platforms. Cross the room to the exit, flip the switch and jump in.

Once you heal and save, it's time to tackle the three remaining rooms. Start by opening each door, grabbing the ammo just inside, and running back out. Evil dudes will teleport in to a couple of these hallways. Flip the switch, fire fusion bolts at them, and let the door close. Repeat as necessary. Once you've cleared the hallways, it's time to move in.

We'll start with the north door. There are Pfhor on the ledge across the lava. Fire fusion bolts at them until someone berserks. Kill the survivor. Eliminate the enforcer above you with fusion bolts. Grab the crossbow ammo and flip the switch. Cross the lava and immediately return to take out the enforcer and S'pht that teleport in. The IMP55 is a good choice here. Go back across the lava and look for a red square on the wall. Tab it to raise some stairs. Stand at the bottom of the stairs and launch a grenade at the panel above you on the column. Run up the stairs. You can mostly ignore the Pfhor up there; just flip the switch for the elevator and keep ahead of the lava. You only have to shoot the Pfhor if they get in your way. Drop down the chute and hit the PB.

Now for the west door. The little room to the north has some Pfhor and S'pht; eliminate them but be careful not to break the panel on the west wall. I like to use MA-82 bullets. Anyone who comes through the doorway gets stabbed. There's an oxygen recharge here, not that you need it. Go out to the platform.

Flip the switch and immediately step off it to the west. The blue Pfhor will cluster at the far end; drop a grenade on them. Follow it up with some MA-82 bullets to start them berserking. If you get tired of waiting, switch to the katar and dive in. Use the katar to knock the hunters into the lava and kill the Pfhor. Then go stand on the edge of the ledge on the east side of the room and move down until you can just see the panel in the other room. Fire a charged fusion bolt at it and run for the rising and falling platforms. Ride them to the top and dodge around the left of the Pfhor that teleport in. You should be able to run right by them. Flip the switch and drop down the chute.

Finally, go through the south door. Fire fusion bolts at the idiots on the far side of the lava. If they cluster, try grenades or crossbow bolts. Again, take out the enforcer above you with fusion bolts. Flip the switch and lob grenades at the Pfhor that come out of the door in the central column. Cross the lava and burn the Pfhor that teleport in. Grab the fusion ammo in the alcove and shoot the S'pht. Move to the west until you can just barely still see the panel and shoot it with a charged fusion bolt. Run through the now-open door, ride the elevator, and jump down the chute.

After the fourth panel is broken, a door opens on the west side of the room with an elevator that takes you back to the ground floor. You can get the 3x recharge now and read the exit terminal to teleport out.

Level 4: The Bistromath (3 skulls)

Head down the little hallway and pick up the ammo-- not that you have a choice. Step out of the hallway to trigger a firefight. While the BoBs have everybody distracted, nail the troopers on the ledge with a missile. A couple of S'pht want to congratulate you for the killer shot; wait for them in the hallway with your katar.

Switch to the flamethrower, go up the steps and light the troopers on your left. Some Pfhor come down to see who's doing all the screaming; torch them too. If you're low on gas, use the IMP55 instead. Save the game. Turn around and flip the switch. You know the deal; open door, fire fusion bolts, repeat. Once the hallway is clear, save again and go in. Join the BoBs in shooting the cyborg.

Head down the hall and grab the ammo; save the 2x recharge until you really need it. Don't venture onto the steps to your south yet. Just don't. A little further west of the recharge is a window between two doorways. You can just stand there and let the fools do most of the damage to themselves. You'll probably be left with one berserking trooper. Off him and get the hunters up on the ledge. Some S'pht will be approaching from the east across the lava. (Actually, it's coolant, but whatever.) Pick them off with fusion bolts before they get too close. Now pour fusion bolts into the crowd in the room to the north. If there are any survivors, show them how the IMP55 works. Go through the gap to the north and use the PB. Continue through the door, eliminate the trooper and his pals, and use the 2x recharge. In the room to the east is some ammo. Do NOT flip the switch.

Go back to the PB and then around the wall to the south. Go down near the lava to the east; if any Pfhor are here, use the IMP55. Go to the edge of the lava and some S'pht will approach. Hide in the alcoves on the north side until they get close. Run out to draw the fire from the enforcers above and get it to hit the S'pht. Don't worry about getting hit yourself; you're got the 2x recharger in the next room. Let the S'pht attack the enforcers for you. You can hit the hunter's feet with fusion bolts from here.

Look at the map. There's a thin wall to your south with a little ledge at the west end. Jump to the ledge to get the first skull and a 3x recharge. Go back to the room where I told you not to flip the switch. Now you're going to flip it, and all hell breaks loose. You don't have to kill everything; you just have to survive long enough for the doors to open again. No, you can't just shoot the switch with a grenade and run out before the doors close. RyokoTK isn't stupid, you know.

Once you flip the switch, cross the room and fire grenades at the Pfhor coming down the elevators. Once the jerks at the other end of the room arrive, give them hell just to slow them down. Use missiles if you feel like it, or the crossbow. Turn your attention back to the guys all around you now who're trying to dent your helmet. Blast away with the IMP55 or MA-82 until the doors open and get the flying Jesus out of there.

Return to the PB. You deserve it. Now go back and finish off anybody who's left. Through the doors to the east is a big room. Run in and back out. Go all the way back to the 2x recharge and look into the room. After they kill all the BoBs, the enemy just clusters and waits to be disposed of. So grant their wish with fusion bolts. You might even get an enforcer to help out by firing at you. He's so far away that nearly every shot misses you, but he can score a lot of damage on his buddies.

Once they're done, move in. Go all the way to the east, turn south and ride the elevator. Go up the steps to your north and deal with anybody who might be left there. Watch your step or you'll take a lava bath. When the coast is clear, jump down and go over to the switches. You can't flip them yet; I just wanted you to remember where they are. It's time to head over to the south side to activate them.

Remember the steps I said not to venture onto back in the third paragraph? It's time to venture. Go up the little flight of stairs on the west to bring in some short-lived BoBs. Go hide for awhile and the Pfhor will form a mosh pit to the east. I don't know what music they're listening to, but it doesn't matter. They've got a fever and the only prescription is more grenades. Drop some in the middle of the mosh pit until berserking breaks out. You can take out the lone enforcer across the lava while you wait for them to finish. Above its head is a switch. Hit it with a charged fusion bolt to open a door to your right with a PB and the second skull. Save the 3x recharge for when you leave this level.

Are they done moshing yet? Head down there and you'll find a bunch of hunters and cyborgs behind a door with a hole in the wall next to it. Shoot fusion bolts through the hole at the hunters' feet. Then head to the little room to the east with the switch and recharge. Flip the switch and go back out. Some new guys appear who want to ruin your day. Ruin theirs by hiding behind the wall as they try to shoot through it and wind up shooting each other. Blast anybody who makes it around the wall.

When it's safe, go through the now-open door next to the hole in the wall. Go up the steps and east to a door. Pull out your katar and go inside. Stab the enforcer who teleports in, you spawn-killing bastard. Then find and flip all four activation switches. In the alcove on the east end of the room is a hidden switch. Flip it and run west as fast as you can, out the door, past the steps and through the open door to the third skull. You can go get the 3x recharge from the second skull now, too.

Return to the two switches you couldn't flip before. Flip them and return to the elevator to the east. Go down the steps to your east and turn south. Ignore the hunters up ahead and go to the terminal where you started the level to teleport out.
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Level 5: The Count of Tuscany (4 skulls)

Finally, a level that you can do completely wrong. Normally, at the start you'll move south, then turn east and pass three buildings on your left with enforcers in the high windows, and come to a small room with a pattern buffer. Don't do that.

Instead, where you turn east at the edge of the water there is a set of stone steps, with one low enough to clear with a grenade hop. In fact, if you do it just right, you can jump up with just a recoil hop and take no damage. (Run diagonally and fire just as you clear the last step. It's difficult and may require many attempts, so you might just want to do the easy thing and take the damage.)

Once you're up, follow the gray sidewalk to the first building. Empty it and move to the second. Stay on the gray sidewalk or lots of bad guys will teleport in and mess you up. Empty the second building and go on to the third. Approach the switch carefully so you don't accidentally take the 2x canister. Flip the switch and take the ammo. Kill the folks on the stairs and go up. Look for a flickering bit of panel on the west wall. It's a switch that lowers the platform for the first skull.

Go back to where you grenade hopped and turn north. Run through the door and close it behind you. Flip the switch on the west wall and hide until the fighting dies down. Come out and finish them off. Go down the stairs and sneak up behind the five hunters. You can hit all five with one missile. Don't bother finishing them off; they'll be easy enough to get later. Just run back upstairs and climb the stairs to the north. Stick your head in the long corridor and wave at the nice enforcer. He'll come over for a game of Go Fish, but you don't have time so just stab him. Go down the corridor, lower the panel, and flip the switch.

Go back to the PB and head downstairs. A door has opened with some more hunters behind it. Use another missile to wake them up and run back upstairs. There are a couple of enforcers shooting at you from high windows to the north. You can take care of them now while you wait for the hunters to get where they're going.

Go all the way downstairs and out to the big valley. You'll activate some Pfhor and a juggernaut. Run away! You've also activated a couple of enforcers in the buildings to the south, so go back up the steps and eliminate them. The juggernaut usually wanders off to the south and gets lost. You may have to kill it eventually, but for now let it go. Go back down and run to the north side of the big steps in the middle of the map to activate some cyborgs, then head back upstairs, but don't use the big steps. (I know that's a lot of running back and forth, but now it pays off.)

Go back to the long corridor with the switch at the end and look on the other side of the divider. There should be a crowd of hunters and cyborgs ready to explode. A few fusion bolts will set them off like the Fourth of July. Go down and finish off any that didn't climb the big steps.

Now you can climb those big steps. Open the door at the top and introduce yourself. When the party's over, walk straight ahead from the door until you run into a wall. Turn right and you'll see a column about a hundred feet away with a white stripe in the middle. Tab the white stripe to reveal the second skull and a katar that you don't need.

Return to the door at the top of the steps, go through it, and go down the hallway to the north to find a switch that opens a door below you (releasing cyborgs) and a door off to the west (releasing lots of hunters). There's a window next to the switch you just flipped where you can just stand there and watch the cyborgs go up in a blaze of mega-chain-reaction friendly fire glory. Then you can go down the hallway to the first of two terminals you need to visit before you can leave.

Go down to the room where the cyborgs came out and tab the wall to the north. It'll drop to reveal the third skull, but don't grab it because it also opens another wall with more cyborgs. Just run back upstairs and pick them off from afar.

Next, you can go over to the hunters and get them to explode all over themselves, too. Just inside the room with the hunters, on the left, are two columns that drop down once you visit the second must-read terminal. Behind the right column is a wall panel that will reveal the fourth skull and an invincibility powerup. Go upstairs and visit the second terminal. It'll cause a bunch of various critters to teleport in and start shooting at each other. Go ahead and take the 2x recharge, jump out the window and return to the PB. Save, go upstairs and bring down the juggernaut with fusion bolts, then finish off anyone on the ground.

That should about do it for killing things. Grab the third skull and 3x recharge and save the game. Go to the fourth skull and invincibility powerup. Grab them and run for the exit term. Don't even read it; tab through the screens as fast as you can and teleport to the next level.
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Level 6: Shades of Gray (3 skulls)

When you teleport in, run through the doorway and turn to the right (east). Run all the way to the east until you come to a little booth with a couple of switches and a terminal. An A'kr will come out of the water; a few fusion bolts will convince it that it should have stayed hidden. The first skull is in the water with a 2x recharge. You can come back for it later.

Go in the booth and flip the switches. One switch raises some steps in the aforementioned water, and the other opens a door you're about to run through. You can return to the ammo and terminal when you have time. Exit the booth and go back to the little steps just west of it. North of the steps is the door that just opened. Go in and turn left. Take out the A'kr blocking your way, open the door and flip the switch.

Go back out to the booth and finish off any A'kr hanging around. The invincibility should wear off about now. Head west out to the big room and then northwest to a doorway with a PB and 1x recharger behind it.

To simplify things, I'm going to label some important objects. If you're standing in the doorway next to the PB facing east, on your left are a set of steps (A), then a doorway (B), another doorway with an elevator © just inside to the right, and a room that u-turns to the left to another elevator (D). There are a bunch of A'kr floating around in this room, plus a hunter and cyborg. Fire fusion bolts through the doorway until they're gone. If you approach the doorway the A'kr may try to go through (D) and surprise you from the left. When it's safe, go in and take the u-turn. A cyborg teleports in with a flock of A'kr. A well-placed missile can put away most if not all of the A'kr, then duck around the corner and switch to the IMP55 to dispose of the cyborg.

Your mission is to find and install a chip, flip two switches to gain access to the exit teleporters, and visit a building to the north. We'll complete the tasks in that order. Go back to the canyon where you teleported in and turn east to find a cave. Follow the cave, watching out for any enemies hiding here. Go up the steps and take the chip. The switch opens the door next to it, giving you a shortcut back to the PB. Don't fall for this trick; it also allows bad guys to go through and surprise you in areas you thought were secure. Just go back the long way.

Now install the chip. Go to (B) and kill the hunter and A'kr inside, then take the little elevator and go through the door. Some A'kr and a cyborg will teleport in to the north guarding a door on the east wall. Run south. On your left are two holes in the rock that lead you back to the PB. A'kr and cyborgs will follow; try to catch them as they pass through the windows. This restricts their movement and makes them easy targets. They might crowd the room and make it hard to use the recharge; use the 2x canister at the first skull if you need to.

Go back to (B) and finish off anyone you find there. Return to where the A'kr teleported in and go through the door. No need to flip the switch; it opens a door near the PB that you won't be using. If you run up the steps in front of the switch and quickly spin to the left, you can jump up on the window sill. This lets you into a room with two alcoves. The first one will spawn some ammo when you leave; behind it is another where you insert the chip. Watch out for lurking cyborgs. When you exit the first alcove, several A'kr will teleport in to the second one. Fortunately, they're clustered and easy to eliminate. Install the chip and head back out the door you came in. Some A'kr will be there waiting in ambush. Slip back inside the door and blaze away with your IMP55's as they try to come through.

When you're done with them, head south and go up the rock steps, through the door, and turn left. Go down the hall, ride the platform, and flip the switch. Go back up the platform and through the door on the right for some ammo and another save at the PB.

Now ride the elevator at ©. Some A'kr and cyborgs are behind the door. The best way to deal with the A'kr is to lure them down the elevator shaft and stab them as they emerge one at a time. Then go up and shoot the cyborgs. Across the room are some steps down and a door. When you go through the door, more A'kr and a cyborg teleport in down below (what's with these cyborgs-- some kind of A'kr ride-along program?) Step back through the door, go to the top of the steps and wait for the A'kr to open the door. Rain down MA-82 goodness upon them. Ignore the cyborg; it'll go away and hide. Cross the tops of the pillars, go through the door, and meet two cyborgs. If you want to be tricky, just run around them, flip the switch, and get out.

You can drop down between the pillars and go through the doorway. You've now opened the door to the west that leads to the exit. Go through the now-opened door and when the noobs teleport in, fire a missile and go back down the steps. Make the survivors swim up a stream of fusion bolts. Go back in and keep your eyes peeled to the left. When the door opens, fire a missile into the crowd, go around the corner and switch to the MA-82, then lay grenades at their feet. Approach the door on the west wall and it will open for you. Three A'kr including a yellow boss will be there. Back up while firing fusion bolts until the two lesser A'kr are gone, then switch to the IMP55 and empty clip after clip into the boss until it's one with its ancestors.

Now visit the building to the north. Ride the platform at (D) and flip the switch. It opens a door directly underneath you. Go out the doorway to your left, drop down, and go through the open door. This is another good chance to use a missile. Once the hallway is clear, you can proceed. I like to run inside far enough to make the hunters pop out and then escape. Stand at the doorway and empty the fusion cannon at them and watch the hunters and cyborgs explode. If any troopers berserk, let them finish before firing again.

Eventually, you'll be able to enter the building. The terminal will teleport you back to where you started the level. Jump down to a ledge on the right for the second skull. Return to the scene of the last battle. Go up the steps and through the doorway. Slide along the east wall until you slip through an opening and drop down. Open the door, take the skull and 3x recharge, and step into the teleporter. Save the game and head for the exit teleporters.
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why isnt this on traxus/MSG?
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The Dungeon

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CryoS wrote:why isnt this on traxus/MSG?

Probably because I have no idea what that is.
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Rampant wrote:Probably because I have no idea what that is.

Traxus (a marathon wiki)
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Level 7: Vampire Killer (4 skulls)

This time there's a regular full walkthrough, plus three shortcut variants for advanced players to skip about half of the map, but still let you take three of the four skulls. (You could still go back for the fourth if you're inclined, but then it's not much of a shortcut).

After you teleport in, go into the little room to the west. There are two dividers on your left; tab the end of the second one to reveal a switch that opens a panel for the first skull. Go up the steps and meet your new pals. They're eager to play and will follow you anywhere. Lead them down the steps and pass out IMP55 bullets like they're candy.

Go back up the steps and pick off the Pfhor up on the wall with fusion bolts. Approach the wall they were standing on and some A'kr will come over it. If they weren't so vulnerable to fusion bolts they could take over the galaxy. If you've gotten to this point without taking any damage, you can do shortcut A now (see below). Otherwise, play on and you can take shortcut B after you reach the PB.

Head northwest into the next room. I like to run into the tunnel on the west and return to the doorway. This results in a whole mess of baddies getting channeled into a small area, where they score a lot of damage on each other and are easy to handle. Once they're suitably inert, head up the steps on the east side of the room and through the doorway. Grab the ammo and pick off the Pfhor across the water with fusion bolts. Go back down and visit the PB. If you want to take shortcut B, here's your chance. Otherwise, play on.

You're now at the west end of a long room with a stream in the middle. I like to play this room by running across it to trigger the monsters, then running back and grenade hopping out to the PB. Depending on your health, bravery, and skill, you can run to the stream or keep going all the way up to the eastern windows. Try to get the Pfhor berserking. Once you return, look for the A'kr clustered way back at the windows, waiting for you to snipe them with fusion bolts.

Once the room is clear, go in and look up. You'll see skull number two above the stream. If you stand at the west end of the room and look up and to your left, and you can just see the lower left corner of a switch. Toggle it and you'll open a door on the north wall that leads to shortcut C and the third skull. If you don't toggle the switch, you can still reach the third skull either by raising the water or jumping down from the ledge above the cave that leads to it.

Some Pfhor will be on ledges along the north wall. You can dispose of the troopers easily by just standing below them as they fire grenades at their feet.

Once you've cleared the room, go to the east end, turn south and go down the corridor. A couple of Pfhor will teleport in to your left. Pick up the ammo and trigger the next encounter. Wait around the corner with the MA-82 for best results. Use the PB, but watch out for sneaky Pfhor and A'kr behind you. There are some Pfhor on a ledge to your west. They can't hit you, but you'll have to fight them sooner or later. This is a good time; just arc genades over the ledge at them.

Go up the steps to the south and some troopers will arrive. Just stand at the bottom of the steps and they'll eagerly blow their own feet off with grenades. Go back up the steps and turn west. The switch to raise the water is on the right wall. Watch out for more troopers teleporting in as you approach it. Before you flip the switch, walk to the end of the corridor and look up and to the left. You'll see a switch that raises the giant steps to the west. It's probably best to leave it alone, because you'll be using a secret passage to bypass the steps.

When you flip the switch to raise the water, some A'kr will drop out of the ceiling around the corner. Don't wait for them to find you. Go around the corner, stay to the left, and cross the room. Go through the doorway on the left wall and wait for them behind the overhang. They'll duck under it and you can stab them. You would think that by now they'd have developed weapons that work underwater. Stupid A'kr.

After they're gone, you can float up to the ledge on the west. Be ready to get ambushed. Head down the corridor to the north. Some Pfhor and cyborgs are waiting. The corridor turns west and some more A'kr zap in. There's a switch on the north wall that opens up a room with a whole bunch of Pfhor. Just run back and forth in the doorway lobbing grenades at their feet.

Across the room and to the right is a ledge that allows you to jump down and get the third skull. To the left are some steps up to a room with some Pfhor and an A'kr. There's just enough space above the steps and below the overhang to pour fusion bolts into the room. Once it's clear, heal up, grab the key card and ammo, and save the game. Go back down the steps where some yellow Pfhor are waiting. Just run right by them; you won't be back.

Go south out of the room and use the key card to open the door on your right. Head back to where you started the level and use the PB. Exit the room, float up, and open the door to the south. Shoot the Pfhor and let the door close. Repeat as necessary. Go through the door and find the crossbow ammo hiding in the darkness to the west. When the A'kr come for you, you can hide here and stab them when they find you.

Head east to the water's edge and kill everything you see. Cross the giant steps (which should be down) and use the 2x recharge. Tab the electrical panel in this room to reveal some steps leading to the fourth skull. Be ready for some close-quarters battle. Go through the door at the top of the steps; the PB is to your right. Stay alert. If you've raised the giant steps, you can go down to the skull and 2x recharge from above.

Go north, then east down the corridor. Take a U-turn to the left. As soon as you touch the steps, A'kr will show up. Run back down the corridor and make them eat fusion bolts to get to you. Then return and climb the steps to the terminal. An "exceptionally expensive" invincibility powerup will teleport in. Don't bother healing up; you'll get a 3x recharge at the start of the next level.

The shortcuts:

Shortcut A: if you still have maximum health, you can blow yourself over the wall with a missile.

Shortcut B: if you don't have maximum health, fight to the next PB. Don't forget to grab the ammo and kill the Pfhor across the water. Take the 3x recharge canister, return the wall and blow yourself over.

Either way, you'll want to swim all the way northeast and then surface onto the ledge to the south. You'll have to fight some A'kr to get there. The fun way is to shoot them from underwater with the crossbow. The easy way is to go through the drain to the north and wait at the bottom for the A'kr to follow you. Stab them when they do.

It's not easy to surface onto the ledge. You have to time it just right and start your rise from deep underwater for maximum vertical velocity. Use the western side of the ledge so you don't accidentally trigger an encounter. Once you make it up, don't approach the Pfhor to your east, but eliminate them from here. The MA-82 works well. Go west to the corridor with the Pfhor and cyborgs. This is no time for subtlety; use missiles on them.

Continue to the PB as with the main walkthrough. Just don't get hit. Once you use the PB, flip the switch at the bottom of the steps, then jump off the ledge to the east to get the third skull. You won't be able to get the second skull without raising the water or missile hopping to it.

Now jump back in the water and return to the wall you missile hopped over. To the south along the east wall is a window into the room with the 2x recharge. Once it's safe, do a backwards grenade hop to blow yourself into the room. Continue as with the main walkthrough.

Shortcut C: toggling the switch opens a door on the north wall. Go through and ride the elevators. Take the skull and fry the troopers. A whole mess of Pfhor will be in the room below you. Pop in and out of the doorway firing MA-82 bursts until somebody berserks. Finish off the survivor, then jump down and fire fusion bolts up the steps to the west as in the main walkthrough. Grab the key card and ammo. You can't just run by the yellow Pfhor through the door to the south this time. The switch is on the other side of the wall.

Instead, jump off the ledge on the east side of the room, then go west, young man (I've been dying to say that) and grenade hop out. Heal up and head for the big steps just to the south. The key card will open the door at the top. The cyborgs aren't expecting you to come this way. Take them out, then proceed east. Don't forget the A'kr teleporting in behind you.

Follow the corridor until you're outside and jump in the water. Swim west, then south to the room with the 2x recharge. As mentioned above, some A'kr will take an interest in you; shoot them with the crossbow or lure them into the drain to the north. Blow yourself into the 2x recharge room with a backwards grenade hop, then open the panel and proceed as with the main walkthrough.

A couple of final notes. 1: It is possible to open the door to shortcut C, then raise the water, but it doesn't gain you much of an advantage. 2: It is possible to raise the water after taking one of the shortcuts by firing a charged fusion bolt at the switch while bobbing in the water outside. It's not easy though, and it only gains you the chance to get all four skulls, plus a 3x recharge that you probably don't need.
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Level 8: Great Cave Offensive (7 skulls)

When you drop into the lava, swim southwest and follow the cave as it bends northwest. Ride the elevator. Wait for your invincibility to wear off, then grab the first skull and the rest of the goodies. Return to where you first arrived and use the pattern buffer. Move quickly, because you need to do a lot before the invincibility wears off. Run through the door to the north, ignoring the ammo. Come back for it later.

Keep running north, staying to the right side. Try to avoid the fusion bolts; they are they only thing that can hurt you right now. There are two parallel passages at the north end of this room. Use the one on the east. An enforcer will teleport in to block your way. Kill it as fast as you can. Go through the door and head northwest to go around the crowd. You can strafe them as you run by, but the important thing is to keep moving.

Once you're past the big crowd, turn to the northeast and run for the base of the big stairs. Go up the stairs and head south. A door will open ahead of you as you approach it. Start shooting as soon as it opens; the MA-82 is good. Blast your way through into the room. Go to the east side to collect the key card and other nice prizes.

Now turn around and unload on anyone dumb enough to follow you. Your invincibility will wear off during this fight, so watch for it. Once you've thanked your entire fan club, head back out the north door of this room. Turn west and jump across the divider into a little recess in the wall. Tab the wall to reveal the second skull. Stay alert; there may be stragglers lurking.

Jump down and go into the eastern one of the parallel passages. A divider separates the two passages. Tab it in the center and a block will drop, allowing you to shoot the switch on the other side. It opens a small door on the east wall where you can pick up the third skull. Do it fast; the door stays open very briefly.

Enter the room to the south and go up the stairs on the west side. Carefully cross the gap over the lava, kill the BoBs, and head down the passageway that the BoBs were in. Flip the switch on the south wall to lower the steps and visit the PB. Go back up the steps and around the corner where the passageway turns north. To your east you'll see a big hole in the wall. You can run right through the screen, so run through and jump over the lava into the hole. Take the fourth skull and use the teleporter.

There are two big doors along the west wall: one right in front of you (I'll call it door A) and one just north of it and down the steps (door B). Go through door B, and once it's safe, tab the wall north of the door to find the fifth skull. You can use the 3x canister when you feel it's necessary; there's another further on you can grab just before you leave this level.

Fight your way west to the steps. After hitting the PB, go east to the 2x recharger. You won't be able to use it safely until you clear the room south of it, so do that now. Once you've cleared the room, go to the window on the west wall and look north. You'll see a couple of indents in the wall and some stone steps to the west. Jump into one of the indents and then over to the steps. Tab the wall to the west to reveal the sixth skull.

Go back to the phlebotnium machine. Flip the switches and smash the panels. You don't have to kill everything here. In particular, it's probably best to just run past the boss hunter to get the switch and panel it's guarding. That might be a good time to use the 3x canister. On the east side of this area is a set of steps you have to climb to jump across to one of the switches. Halfway up the steps on the west wall is a gray panel. Tab it to find the seventh skull and the other 3x canister.

Once you've broken the machine, head back to door A. Go through it and you'll come to another big door to the west. Some ammo and a 2x canister teleports in. Through the door are some BoBs that can take a lot of damage. You don't have to kill them; just head through the doorway in the southeast corner of the room, hit the PB, and jump in one of the teleporters to leave.
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Level 9: Neo New Mordor (5 skulls)

"One does not simply walk into Mordor.? -- Boromir

At the start, around the corner to the west is the first skull, hiding in the shadows. Don't take it now, though. It's best taken just before you leave the level, and going back there will draw A'Khr that you don't need to face yet. Instead, go down east to trigger the BoBs and hide behind the nearby pillar for a moment. Then when the fire has died down a bit, run back up to where you started, and hide in one of the crevices on the north wall.

"But the step's too high!" you complain. Actually, it's not. Get a running start, and stick to the right side. Try to avoid hitting the 2x canister until you really need it. Stay in the crevices and you'll be forgotten. Pop out to draw some A'Khr and use the IMP55 on them. Work your way to the PB to your north and run back if things get too hot.

Once you've secured the PB, use the fusion cannon to clear the ledge to your north. Make sure the entire area is secure; jump on the (unraised) platforms to the north and east and you may draw some more A'Khr. Once the area is secure, head through the narrow gap west of the PB. Once you've activated the bad guys, return and wait for the A'khr to come through the gap. Use the IMP55.

Now start working on the area to your west. Knock the troopers to the west into the lava with grenades. To the northwest are troopers on a ledge. Fire fusion bolts to get one to berserk. The enforcer up in the tower can be hit with fusion bolts. Cross the lava to the west and look up where the enforcer was. You'll see a switch. Toggle it with a charged fusion bolt. It raises a platform to allow access to the tower.

Ride the elevator to the top of the tower. To the north, if you run over the edge and immediately return without jumping down, you'll trigger some enemies. Hide until your berserking trooper has made a mess of them. Then head north across the lava to the 1x recharge and turn west. You can go right through the wall at the end of this ledge. Go up the steps and you'll find the second skull.

Look to the northeast for the wall with black and yellow stripes on top. You can run up the steps and leap onto that wall, and then to the first of five yellow terminals you have to read as your mission requirement. You'll have an easier time if you return to the tower first and shoot the enforcer with fusion or the crossbow. Once you do jump on the wall, have your katar ready. A hunter will teleport in and you can use the katar to knock the hunter off the ledge. You don't have to worry about any of the enemies below; just read the terminal and save the game.

I was originally going to continue the walkthrough from here by telling you to kill the hunters below and then go northeast where you can grenade hop up and enter the fortress from the back. You can complete the level this way without opening the fortress doors. I decided not to have you try it this way because the grenade hop is difficult and actually completing the level in this way is very hard. If you want a challenge, try it. If you succeed, give yourself a medal for combat skillz.

Instead, jump back over the yellow and black wall and return to the 1x recharge. Head east. Cross the gap in the floor and and jump out of the window to the south, then turn east to get to the front door of the fortress. When you get there, four hunters teleport in. See how many you can knock into the lava with one missile. You can flip the switch to raise the steps while you're here.

Jump down to the 2x recharge and PB. Hit the PB as you go by just to be safe. Go through the little gap to the west and wait for the bad guys to come to you. Watch out for A'Khr dropping down from the windows above you. They're crafty that way. When the coast is clear, climb the steps and return to the front of the fortress. Leave that black Pfhor on the high ledge for later.

Continue east and four more hunters will be there. Take them out any way you please. To the east is a white ledge that you can jump onto and then you can go north through the door. This will trigger some A'Khr; hide behind the door and shoot them with the IMP55 when they open it. Refill your oxygen and save the game. Don't go through the west door just yet. Go back out the south door, kill the enforcer to the east if you haven't already, and go east up the rock ledges.

When you get to the top, you'll see a switch to your west. Run for it. There's a lot of bad guys, but it's okay. Flip the switch and jump over the lava to the west. Recharge your shields and deal with anyone following you. That should include an A'Khr; wait for it. While you're waiting, several hunters and a cyborg will cluster on the ledge to the north. You can stand near the PB and fire fusion bolts at them from just out of their range.

When the ledge is empty, ride the platform to the east. Lob grenades over the steps until everybody's gone, then go up the steps and visit the second yellow terminal. Below you to the south is a lone enforcer. See how many grenades it takes to knock it into the lava. Then jump down to where it was and go through the (fake) lavafall. Ooh, look! A brand-new EMP cannon! We're gonna have some fun with this! By the way, that's the third skull.

Now what? Remember where you jumped out of the window in front of the fortress? Next to that window is a passageway that leads south to the third yellow terminal. Before you get there, some Pfhor will try to block your way. But not for long. There's a switch here; don't bother flipping it. Read the terminal and head to the right (southwest). You'll run into a red pillar. There's an identical one just west of it. Just west of that one is a wall. Tab the red stripe on the wall to reveal a switch that opens the door to the fourth skull. But first, you'll have to get some hunters out of the way. Here's how:

Jump down into the valley to the west and you'll trigger some of the hunters. Run up the wide steps to the north and you'll trigger some more. Escape by running up the rock steps to the east and hiding behind the red pillar. Hunters will come up the steps looking for you. Use the fusion cannon to explode them. Eventually, you'll run out of hunters. Now flip the secret switch, run down into the valley, up the wide steps, and through the open door to collect the fourth skull and some missiles.

Read the fourth yellow terminal and save the game. Return to the front of the fortress. Do NOT get there by going north. That would trigger some encounters that you don't need to. Just go back east and drop down. Remember the door from five paragraphs back that I said not to go through? The one next to the oxygen refill? It's time to go through it. A crowd of Pfhor will be clustered in the narrow corridor. I like to use the IMP55 here, but the flamethrower is good, too.

Read the terminal and follow the directions. That's the switch that opens the doors to the fortress. It also unleashes some A'Khr, so watch out for ambushes. We're coming down the home stretch now. Go to the front door of the fortress and look in. Hopefully, as you roamed around, they shot at you and accidentally hit each other.

We're going to make them hit each other some more. There's a building in the middle of the fortress. Just run around that and return to the front door. Don't stray off to the west or you'll trigger more of them, including a juggernaut. Run around the building a few times. If you want, you can go to one of the windows overlooking this area and snipe them. Hopefully, you can get someone to berserk. If you see it, go hide (the crevice where you hid back at the start of the level is a good spot) and wait a while. Maybe go have lunch.

Eventually, you'll have to finish them off. Once you do, go to the east side of the fortress. There's some ammo along the south wall here. Go around to the east side of the nearby pillar and tab it for the fifth skull. There's a flamethrower, too, but you've already got one.

Go north and you'll find an enforcer across the lava. Make it go away and jump across. Ride the elevator and go east. You'll trigger some troopers and a hunter. Just jump back down across the lava to the south. Try not to fall in, okay? For some reason, the troopers will jump down to where the enforcer was, but the hunter will stay put. Shoot the hunter through the window and dance around until the troopers shoot each other and berserk. Go back up the elevator and then down the passage south to the fifth yellow terminal.

Go fetch the first skull now. Save the game and use the terminal there to leave.
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Level 10: A Change of Seasons (3 skulls)

There will be five 3x canisters and one 2x canister available on this walkthrough (plus another 2x with an optional ammo grab). You'll want to keep one 3x for just before you leave (probably the one hidden with skull number two), and you'll use up another just to make a missile hop to grab skull number one. Plan accordingly. Of course, if you take too much damage, you can always kill yourself and start over from the last save.

Once you arrive, the first thing to do is switch to the EMP cannon. There weren't any good opportunities to use it last level, but here's your chance. Head down to the PB and save. Continue down the hall and a pack of hunters will be coming your way. It's best to aim at a wall just above their heads. It shouldn't take more than four shots to destroy most of them. If one or two are left, you can retreat up the hall firing fusion bolts. Try not to take any damage, mmmkay?

Pick off the two hunters on the ledge to the northwest with fusion bolts. Now head west into the valley. Enemies will appear on the ledge to the south. You can lend the BoBs a hand by lobbing a few grenades up there. Also up there is the first skull. We're going to save all of the skulls for the very end, just before leaving.

Continue west and climb the stone steps along the west wall until some assorted foes zap in to the north. Head back to the safety of the east, but shoot at them as you go. The fusion cannon is probably best, or the crossbow if you're good with it. They'll form a mosh pit at a certain spot, but it's hard to get a good shot without taking heavy fire. You can try lobbing grenades over the rocks at them.

Keep an eye out to the east. Some sneaky A'Khr will try to ambush you from there while you're dealing with the mosh pit. You can retreat toward the PB and wait for them. There are a couple of enforcers on the high ledges; while you wait you can take them down, but they're mostly harmless. Just make sure you won't have any A'khr sneaking up behind you.

Once you've dealt with the A'Khr and the mosh pit, climb the steps on the west wall again. There are three enforcers in the windows here; use the crossbow on all of them. Jump across the gap and enter the doorway. A juggernaut and some other things will teleport into what I'll call the "valley" even though it's indoors. Fire fusion bolts from the doorway at the juggernaut and dodge out of the way if any missiles are headed for you. When the coast is clear, go inside and through the door on the left. When you approach the PB, a 3x canister and some ammo will appear in the darkness north of the PB.

Save the game and return to the doorway to the west. It's time for the shortcut. You can recoil hop across the gap to the northwest. Just go down the steps a little ways, run diagonally, leap across the narrowest point, look down, and fire an MA-82 grenade as you cross the gap. It's really not as hard as it sounds, and best of all, you take no damage. There's a walkway to your west. Jump onto it and go up the steps into the room to the south to use the PB.

This will trigger a battle between lots of enemies and a few BoBs. While the BoBs are getting slaughtered, carefully pick up the fusion ammo, saving the 3x canister for when you really need it. Then go down the steps a little ways and see if there are any A'Khr to pick off. You'll also get hunters and maybe a cyborg below you. Kill them all.

It's probably easiest at this point to just take a left U-turn (west then south), then come back up the rocks and pick them off from near the doorway on the east wall. You'll have to recoil hop over the gap again, though. When you feel ready, save the game and jump over to the rocks on the east wall and go north to the rectangular area with the pillars. Turn west and head for the doorway. Follow the corridor south and east to find a 2x canister and the all-important uplink chip.

Now head east to what looks like a swimming pool. When you approach it, a big cyborg and a couple of troopers rise out of the pool on a platform. Hit them with a missile while they're still rising, then switch to the IMP55 to finish them off. It takes a while to kill one of those cyborgs this way, but at least it won't be shooting at you. Remember to stay away from it when it explodes.

Enter the corridor east of the pool. Some Pfhor will come down the corridor towards you. Hide around the corner with the flamethrower and burn them all. Now take a peek through the windows to the east. Be careful; as soon as you step on the window sill, you'll trigger a battle. Before then, you can lob grenades at anything down there. Once you trigger the battle, use the EMP cannon on the A'Khr.

When the A'khr are gone, deal with the boss hunter in the pit. Use regular old grenades and lots of them. Eventually, it'll explode. Then go through the north window and jump onto the ledge to the north. Jump into the ledge to your east, enter the passageway, and insert the chip. Now all you have to do is collect the three skulls and leave.

If only it were that easy. You can't go back the way you came, so you'll have to go forward. Run south into the valley and west back to the PB. Retreat as far as you have to, then fight your way back east. At the east end of the valley several hunters will teleport in on top of the 3x canister. Here's another chance to use some EMP grenades.

Once the valley is cleared, go up the steps to the southeast. You'll trigger a whole mess of evil. Jump across the valley and hide near the pit to the north. Pick off the A'khr with fusion. The hunters and troopers may line up for you to create an easy shot. Go back south across the valley and through the door to the east. The exit terminal is there. If you want to make an optional ammo grab, ride the elevator and follow the hallway. Kill the troopers, take the ammo and run away before anyone can catch you.

If you're ready to leave, you can get the skulls. I already told you about the first one; you'll need full 3x health to survive the missile hop. Just stand with your back to the ledge and fire a missile at your feet. To get the second skull, return to the valley. Look for the waterfalls on the south side. Dive into one of the pools to find the second skull. The third skull is directly north of there, just across the valley about ten yards away. Tab the wall in the crevice behind the pillar.

Return to the exit terminal to leave.
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Post Dec 14th '10, 02:59

Level 11: Something Wicked (5 skulls)

This is a fairly straightforward level. Still, there are a few tricks, and of course five skulls to find. Start by picking up the ammo and visiting the PB. Jump off the edge to the north and go over to where the Pfhor teleport in. Stand below the ledge and shoot them with your MA-82.

Next, to your north is a ledge with a little creek on the east side. When you step off, three A'Khr will appear high up on the east. Start firing fusion bolts at them when they're still way up there. You may score a few lucky hits. Keep shooting until they're all gone; concentrate on the red one first because it's the most dangerous.

Head through the open gate to the northwest. Go down the steps and remind the A'Khr how vulnerable they are to your IMP55's at close range. Now jump across the blocks on the west side of the room and run right by the Pfhor above you. Go through the door into the room with the little elevator on the east side. Ride the elevator and approach the switch on the big elevator. Change your mind and go back to the last room. The A'Khr will cluster and wait at the top of the little elevator, making themselves easy targets.

Now go up, flip the switch and ride the big elevator. At the top, go over to the north side of the room and tab the west wall to reveal the first skull and a 2x recharge. That recharge will make your job a whole lot easier. Open the door and pour fusion bolts on the cyborgs. Now cross the room towards the terminal. When you get near it, you'll trigger some A'Khr behind you. Just run back through the door to the west and repeat the elevator trick.

Go back up to the terminal. Head through the open doorway and you'll trigger more A'Khr. Fire the MA-82 at them as they emerge below you, then retreat through the doorway if things get too hot. When they are one with their ancestors, jump down and go south to the big doorway. Hit the PB, grab the ammo, and go back out the doorway. Go south to the big stone steps. Climb them and you'll come to the second skull. Some EMP ammo zaps in to the southwest. Jump to it and then continue south to the PB. Hurry, because you're being followed.

Save the game and turn to face the A'Khr. Shoot them as they pop over the rock. Then head north again. Kill any stray Pfhor and follow your original path all the way back to the big doorway from the last paragraph. East of the PB are some steps going down and a room with a big pillar in the middle. Ignore the steps for now.

Pull out your IMP55's, enter the room, and hose down the cyborg. Remember to give it some room when it explodes so you don't get hurt. Then ride the elevator in this room. There will be two hunters in front of you and two more in the passageway behind you. For extra fun, you could try stabbing them with the katar. Then go into the room at the top of the elevator and shoot through the window with the fusion cannon at the other two groups of hunters.

Exit through the door to the west and jump across the gap. Go through passageway. When you emerge, more hunters teleport in, including a boss. Jump down to the floor and escape to the PB. Come back with fusion. Try to take out the little hunters first so they explode on the boss. Then kill the boss. Ride the elevator and eliminate the rest of the hunters.

Return to where you triggered the hunters. The big door to the north opens onto an encounter with a cyborg and a few A'Khr. (It's optional, but you'll get a 2x canister, some ammo, and a shortcut back to the 2x recharge if you do it. Open and quickly close the door a bunch of times and the A'Khr will take each other out. Pick off the remaining A'Khr, then move in on the cyborg.)

Your next task is to climb the pillar in the middle of the room. Then you can jump to the steps along the side of the room and go up to a slow-opening door. Behind the door, you'll find some troopers. The flamethrower works well. Roast the troopers and climb the steps.

The door at the top opens on a room with some cyborgs. When you approach it, some A'Khr will teleport in behind you. Open the door, then run past the A'Khr down the steps and go through the door. It might help if you open the door before you go up the steps. Wait for the A'Khr and cyborgs with the IMP55.

Go back up the steps, enter the room, and break the three panels. Take the EMP ammo and jump off the ledge to the west. Use the 2x recharge here if you have to. Go through the door out to the ledge. Below you to the west are the third and fourth skulls (the fourth teleports in when you jump down). Save them both until you're ready to leave.

Jump down, visit the PB, and go down the stairs you ignored earlier. To the east, hidden around the corner, is the fifth skull and some gasoline. Go ahead and pick it up. Now run north, all the way up the stairs. Hide in the room at the top of the stairs and wait. A few A'Khr will come looking for you; use the IMP55 to make them wish they hadn't.

Several Pfhor are in the next room. Firing crossbow bolts at their feet is probably your best option. Kill them all, then open the four panels, but don't break the circuits. Go south to where you can jump down to the stairs that go back up to the PB. Fire grenades at the two panels you can see and run up the stairs. Wait for the A'Khr to arrive and give them something to remember.

Return to the circuits. Break one and hide in the room to the north. Destroy whatever turns up. Repeat this for the fourth circuit. Now head back to the PB. The terminal next to it can now transport you to the next level, but you have to get ready for it. Go up and jump to the fourth skull and the 3x canister. Go up again (sorry for all the running around) and jump down to the third skull. Now move quickly. Grab the invincibility powerup and jump down to the south. Run around to the PB, save the game, and read the terminal as fast as you can to teleport out.
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Level 12: The Face of Modern Gaming (4 skulls)

When you zap in, grab the chip and head out the door. Don't bother with the PB, we're heading for a better one. Go north into the valley and into the big gap to the left of the rock wall. There are steps on the east side of this gap. Go up the steps to the viaduct. At the east end of the viaduct is a fake wall (you can see it on the map view) hiding the first skull, plus some ammo and a 3x canister. Don't take it now; come back for it when you need it.

Keep going north up the steps, then through the door to your west. Use the PB, then kill everything around you while you're still invulnerable. You've triggered a lot of them, so really dish it out. When you're finished, hit the PB again and go up the little stairs to the south. A few troopers show up; go back down the stairs and wait for them. When they get to the top of the stairs, send them off to Valhalla.

Go back up the stairs. When you get to the terminal, look to the south and down. See that ledge? You can jump to it from here. The second skull is in the cave behind it, also with ammo and a 3x canister. To the southwest you can see two switches. The star shaped red-and-black switch is one of three needed to open the triple door that leads to the chip slot. The other switch opens the giant door to the southeast.

Flip the red-and-black switch from here with a charged fusion bolt. It's best to leave the other one alone. Now return to the PB and go east. Stay to the north and go around the big pit. Go down the rock steps and kill anything that comes to meet you. If you get damaged, go back to the 2x recharge. Fight your way south; there's a lot to kill but this is the easiest way.

Eventually, you'll come to where the cave turns to the west. There's a door, but it won't open. However, behind the door are some steps that lead to another door. Go through it, drop down, and use the PB. You might as well refill your oxygen while you're here.

Now let's flip the other two switches. Go north about twenty meters until you come to a gap. On your left are some narrow stairs leading up, and on your right is a small tower. You can go into the tower to pick up some ammo and flip a switch that lowers some stairs to give you a shortcut.

Continue north until you run into a wall. There's a gap just to the west; go through the gap and head northwest. You'll come to the south end of the pit you skirted around to the north of earlier. To your east is an elevator with a yellow wall behind it. To your west are steps leading down to a PB and 1x recharge.

Go to the elevator first. East of it is a door. Behind the door are a couple of Pfhor and the second switch. Don't go near the steps. Flip the switch, exit the room, and head west. Go down the steps and hit the PB. Of course, you'll have to eliminate any enemies you find along the way. At the south end of this room are some steps and another elevator. Go there, killing the A'Khr that teleport in.

At the top of the elevator is the third switch. Don't approach it; it's a trap. Just shoot it from here and return to the triple door. Watch out for the A'Khr ambush. Flip the switches for the triple door and ride the elevator down. Locate the exit elevator. It's on the opposite side of the room from the chip slot.

Insert the chip and run for the exit elevator. Just ignore the troopers along the way. Ride up both elevators and flip the switch to open the door. Through the door and to the left are the steps leading back to the PB. Save the game and go north. About twenty meters north of the PB are the narrow steps up to the west. You shouldn't have gone up them yet. Do that now.

You'll trigger some bad guys. Go through the doorway to your left, grab the ammo, and return to the PB. Fight them from there. Then return to the narrow steps. Go up, jump across the gap, and go up the steps to the south. Kill the BoBs, flip the switch, and you're back where you started. That terminal is also your exit term. You could leave now, but you don't have all of the skulls. You can pick up the crossbow ammo now, though.

Look out the door. To the northwest is a bunch of hunters on a ledge. Take them out and go over to where they were. There's a gray-and-white stripe to the north. Behind it is the third skull. Go up the big rock steps to the north and pick up the first and second skulls if you haven't already. Head all the way back to the PB at the south end of the fortress.

Save the game and head back up the narrow steps. This time, after you cross the gap, go northwest and you'll come to a small raised area with a view of the canyon. On the south side of this area is the fourth skull inside of a hollow pillar. It's got an invincibility powerup in there, too. Grab it and run for the exit term. It might help to practice the run first.

Don't bother saving the game; you'll save when you get to the next level. Just use the terminal as fast as you can and teleport out.
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Post Mar 2nd '11, 05:07

I'm stuck trying to find the final skull on Holy Wars. I've cleared everything, and have tried transporting out, but I want to get all the skulls.

I've got the two visible ones, the one at the top of the steep 'stairs', the one behind the light bar, and the one accessible from the room before the final room next to the rockets. (Trying not to spoil too much here).

The only clue I'm seeing is a red triangle in the middle of the map, but it might be just an artifact of the door below. Any other pointers?

Thanks. Really love the scenario so far!

Post Mar 2nd '11, 23:16

CryoS wrote:why isnt this on traxus/MSG?

This is why the Marathon community is absolutely dead. People try to start interesting constructive threads and they get replies saying that they shouldn't be posting them here. It's happened to me a few times as well. It's not like this forum is absolutely packed full of traffic and it's getting too cluttered in here!

OP - any chance of finishing this??
Dublin, Ireland

Post Mar 2nd '11, 23:45

Maybe CryoS just likes Traxus better.
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Post Mar 3rd '11, 01:51

CitizenKane wrote:This is why the Marathon community is absolutely dead. People try to start interesting constructive threads and they get replies saying that they shouldn't be posting them here. It's happened to me a few times as well.

This is total nonsense. Maybe a handful of people are so oversensitive (or perhaps just overdramatic) that they'll leave when given valid advice about where it is more helpful to post things, but they hardly make up the whole community--which itself is in no way "absolutely dead."

There's also nothing wrong with someone pointing out that what you think is interesting or constructive is actually not. Some people aren't apt at making that determination on their own.
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Post Mar 3rd '11, 05:07

however i think the best approach cryos could have taken would be to ask permission to repost the completed walkthrough on traxus or ask the OP if they'd be amenable to putting it there themself. it would be nice to have all this effort preserved somewhere that you'd expect to see it rather than search a related forum in case it might exist - while this forum is good for putting it down, getting corrections and asking questions and otherwise finalizing it.
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Post Mar 3rd '11, 12:47

Treellama wrote:This is total nonsense. Maybe a handful of people are so oversensitive (or perhaps just overdramatic) that they'll leave when given valid advice about where it is more helpful to post things, but they hardly make up the whole community--which itself is in no way "absolutely dead."

Well actually I didn't mean the whole marathon community, I just meant this forum.

Treellama wrote:There's also nothing wrong with someone pointing out that what you think is interesting or constructive is actually not. Some people aren't apt at making that determination on their own.

Yeah but I'd rather there be many threads that some people might not find constructive than there being virtually no activity on the forum at all. I love Marathon, granted I'm not involved in the community in any way in that I have never in my life done any mapping or what have you, I just love the game and I love reading about it and discussing it with like-minded individuals. So I would like to think that there is a place where people can come and just talk about it without others replying that this isn't the place for such discussion!
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Post Mar 3rd '11, 13:50

CitizenKane wrote:Yeah but I'd rather there be many threads that some people might not find constructive than there being virtually no activity on the forum at all.

To each his own. There's always TCBY, I'm sure LOTSA SPAGHETII is a great example of a thriving community, if that's what you want.
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Post Mar 3rd '11, 19:30

Treellama wrote:To each his own. There's always TCBY, I'm sure LOTSA SPAGHETII is a great example of a thriving community, if that's what you want.

There's also Struttin' That Ass! Although that's quickly becoming a monologue....
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Ares Ex Machina

Post Mar 3rd '11, 19:33

Attitude can make a difference. CryoS had a valid idea, but "why isnt this on traxus/MSG?" comes off sounding accusatory: little better than "WHY IS THIS A POLL." I think what CitizenKane's driving at is that we should let people know when we appreciate their effort, even if their contribution isn't useful to us personally.

I admit I haven't read all of Rampant's posts, because I'm still seeing how much I can find on my own. But I know how much (fun) work goes into writing a full scenario's walkthrough, and I'm happy to know a walkthrough now exists for Phoenix.
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Crater Creator

Post Mar 3rd '11, 20:31

Crater Creator wrote:Attitude can make a difference.

I submit that untreatable humorlessness is just as much a problem here as brusque but helpful suggestions, but I much more rarely get on your (collective) case about it.
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Post Mar 3rd '11, 20:35

I think the idea is that newbies can't see how "WHY IS THIS A POLL" is funny, since they haven't usually seen the previous WHY IS THIS A POLL posts.
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