What is you favorite Aleph One scenario

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Post Jun 25th '11, 23:17

I would say RED and Rubicon X are my favorite right now. I'm also try to have a newer experience so it would be awesome if I could have your insight.
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Post Jun 30th '11, 01:05

Hey Terminator! Sorry for the wait, I approved your post.
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Post Jun 30th '11, 12:48

Switch wrote:Hey Terminator! Sorry for the wait, I approved your post.

His name is not Terminator. Please extend to him the same courtesy he extends to you by spelling his name correctly.
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Post Jun 30th '11, 16:07

Tempus Irae
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Post Jun 30th '11, 18:54

Los Disney's
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Post Jun 30th '11, 23:19

Brandon wrote:Los Disney's

Ha ha, yeah, that was cool. And INSANE.
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Post Jul 1st '11, 01:01

Operation: Exaggeration

Humor and the custom physics entertained my young soul.
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Post Jul 9th '11, 21:58

i liked tempus irae's being on the earth environment, but quite a few maps seemed to be impossible to pass.

i liked GI's and phoenix's new guns.

my favorite original marathon is M2.
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Post Jul 10th '11, 10:34

Infinity or EVIL. Rubicon is sensational too.
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Post Jul 10th '11, 21:10

Third party scenarios:
EMR 3.0. It's practically a whole new game.

Second place is Tempus Irae...amazing map design. They recreated the Sistine Chapel using the Marathon 2 engine, for crying out loud.

Rubicon gets third place, just barely edged out by Tempus Irae. Tempus Irae was more fun to play even though Rubicon had a lot of cool new features.
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Post Jul 12th '11, 11:54

I enjoyed RED, Rubicon X, Evil, Tempus Irae, Marathon Squadron. Great to see what could be done with few tools and smart people in the Marathon, A1 community.
Carlos on the Run looked fun too.
Blood of Bin Laden as a smaller scenario.
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