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Post Jul 20th '11, 16:42

Bit weird seeing as I've already played and beaten all planks of Rubicon X, but I'll explain:

The first time I played through the game I failed on 'Hairy Legs', thus sending me to the Pfhor plank. I subsequently got to the Salinger plank via 'Deep in the Aardvarks', but at the time I didn't realise that this route skips a couple of levels at the start of the Salinger plank, so on my current run-through of the game, in which I succeeded on 'Hairy Legs', I am now faced with some levels that I'd never actually played before.

Now I am on 'The Gators of NY' and I am sharing Ryoko's frustration. I have explored everywhere that I can, killed every enemy I can find, but I am now stuck. I have no idea where I have to go/what I have to do now. I have read a couple of terminals, but only 2 (I think).

Is there any key areas that are well hidden that I may have missed? Or have I just not found all the terminals I'm supposed to read? Moreover, what the hell is my actual objective on this level?

Many thanks in advance
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Post Jul 20th '11, 17:01

Look very thoroughly in the sewers for a circuit board to break. If I recall correctly, it's on one of the gangways, near a junction: a door should open up, revealing the terminal that leads to 10001 Nordic Nerds.
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Post Jul 20th '11, 22:53

Thanks man, but I had already found that terminal and it just contains a crew log about failing to find a vaccine for the Achilles virus or something. Does this mean I am yet to finish my objective on the level?
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Post Jul 21st '11, 00:09

Never mind, I completed the level. Not exactly sure what I did but after a few hours of wandering around the level, one of the terminals I had previously been to changed into the exit terminal. Weird. Thanks anyway!
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