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Post Oct 23rd '06, 03:48

Without the use of 3D models, is it possible to give an object more than 8 viewing angles? I thought I saw a Marathon shape thing for a lunar landscape with a more than 8 rotational frames enemy on it, but don't recall the site. (I didn't download it, was just viewing the site a long time ago.)
Just want to know if its possible and how to do it.

Oh and how are those viewing angles in Anvil arranged? Is angle 1 front, and angle2 clockwise or counterclockwise 3, etc. And before directing me to the Battle Cat's page, I have been there already. It would just be simpler if you happend to know the answer and give a quick response.

Lastly, I read somewhere (hackvil) that you can't have more than one frame for ammo and weapons on the ground. Is this still true with mml?
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Post Oct 24th '06, 16:55

8 is max unless 3d model. 3d model is 512 incraments of .709

Front, (monster's right) right front, right, right back, back, back left, left.

I dont know about that... never really investigated.
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