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Post Dec 5th '06, 21:03

is there an osx equivelent of ResEdit or anoter program form mac that can be used to edit image files for osx?

Post Dec 5th '06, 21:14

If you can find a program to edit resource PICTs, Rezilla can move them between files...
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Post Dec 5th '06, 21:15

osx doesnt use resources like how os9 did... I rekn'

your gonna have to use classic if you want to play with the resources (via resedit)
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right here

Post Dec 5th '06, 22:37

blast....... the vent core

Post Dec 5th '06, 22:54

There is an application called resorcerer


It is just like resedit but it can edit data forks aswell as resorce forks. Its got a few holes though, that shouldnt be problem.
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