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Post Jan 26th '07, 03:50

ok so im making all my stuff in os X via photoshop, i save the stuff, for exsample a frame of the warrior as a .pict then i go into sheepshaver and i move it over via the unix thing and i go into anvil to import the pict, however anvil dosent see the pict..... wut do i do?

im trying to use shapefusion in X but it wont recognise my shapes file either....
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Post Jan 26th '07, 20:02

Try using the Marathon file typers.

Download that to Sheepshaver and see if it works.

Otherwise, I'd say that you could try putting a photo editng program onto Sheepshaver (AKA Graphics Converter And seeing if the images will even open.

If not there is a problem with the .pict you are saving. Try saving it as a bmp or something, converting it in Sheepshaver VIA Graphics Converter, then try inporting it into Anvil.

One more possible suggestion would be to zip or stuff the .pict files before putting them over the UNIX thing you are referring to. Then unstuff/unzip them in Sheepshaver.
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