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Post Feb 24th '07, 03:15

Right. So, I've been working on a scenario as of late, but for some reason, I can't add my terminal data to my maps.

When I try to open a map with Hex!, it comes up with

"Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS error
Result Code= -50"

However, when I open maps created by others (Specifically, Yota Saga ep. 1) it works with no hindrance.

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Post Feb 24th '07, 03:18

Ok, 1st of all you need to merge your map file, do you know how to do that? if so, do you know about merging multiple maps w/ physics and res and text files?

this is the bungie manuel, it has good info on it. I don't use terms so Im not an expert on it but here is link :
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Post Feb 24th '07, 14:21

I suggest writing your terminals before you merge them.
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Post Feb 24th '07, 17:25

Or open your maps up in Pfhorge and use the terminal editor.
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Post Feb 25th '07, 00:27

that actualy is a Hex problem,
for some reason, after a while you cant open up Hex files you already wrote... I have no idea, it just wont open with hex, (it gives you that message)

so, my only work around with that is... never close a Hex document till your done with it...
But what you can do is (if you already merged maps with text) you can open up a merged map in Hex and veiw all the maps and their terminals. (This way you can copy paste stuff into a new Hex documet)

I wish sombody woulda fixed this problem, cause its tough to go back and fix errors
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Post Feb 26th '07, 19:05

Sweet. Thanks!

That does pose a problem when I'm A1 testing maps that require a terminal tag switch, but I've managed so far. In any case, if the source for Hex! is out there, I'm sure someone will get to it eventually.

Thanks again,

[Edit:] Where can I get Pfhorge for Mac OS 9?
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Post Feb 26th '07, 19:13

Hex! can also make separate terminal text files without a map to base them on. You can merge the files into the map afterwards, like you would if you were doing text-based terminal files.
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Post Feb 26th '07, 19:17

Ah, so that's what that does. :3

Gotcha. I have a saved Terminal, and I had the impression it was mergeable, but didn't know for sure. Thanks for clearing up a question I forgot to ask. ^3^;
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Post Feb 26th '07, 19:25

It is, in fact, wiser to use Hex! that way rather than entering in the terminals after you merge the map file. That way you don't have to constantly save new instances of merges and then copy-paste terminals from one merge to another.
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