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Post Mar 6th '07, 22:51

Ok I was shooting at the replacement of the tick, a flying monster which had about 200 HP and was not weak against anything with assult rifle bullets. It didnt move very significantly far while it was alive and being shot, but when it died it for some reason flew extremely fast across the room, with a force that kept it pinned to the wall for a while, instead of only moving a tiny distance away.

How do I fix this? I've seen this bug in rubicon's chamberlains aswell and red's little buggy thingies.
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Post Mar 7th '07, 05:37

This sometimes happens to all monsters in their hard death mode, they usually get stuck where polygons meet in a corner that is raised, I got about 5 hunters stuck on a map by this..., You have to alter something but im not sure what it is... I think it is the terminal Velocity. Under Aliens/tick/physical constants...

Post Mar 7th '07, 05:38

Also, the external velocity Scale might do something but if you lesson it, they won't fly up as much when they get hit in explosions.

Post Mar 7th '07, 12:30

Not to be off topic, but there is an edit button for a reason!

Post Mar 7th '07, 15:08

isnt there a mass function in anvil? in the monster properties? I thought there was an option somewhere for that, but knowing many death problems I have experienced, its hard to take out... I supose
(not to make it even more off topic) he does that everywhere [double posting], so its not like its an accident
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