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Post Aug 24th '12, 19:19

Okay, so I was trying to merge my solo map on Wednesday. I thought it was going to be done that day, and I could get to sent to some beta testers. That apparently wasn't what was going to happen.

I'm using Atque for merging. The first time I tried merging the files, I used the old way of merging that I used with Forge. A file, with the size of 0 k popped out. I put .sceA on the end and tried running it in A1. An error occurred. I tried opening it in Weland. There was an error as well. I asked for help on #alephone, but I didn't get much help there. I tried using what I saw in a split map (Marathon Infinity) then tried merging again. Didn't work again either.

What I'm trying to get at here is how do I merge correctly with Atque? I always used Forge for merging before this when I still had my laptop, but now I gotta use these new tools. I seriously need help!

Also, since I'm asking merging questions, how do I put PICTs into maps with Atque? For that I also did it differently.
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Post Aug 24th '12, 19:22

Unmerge the vanilla Infinity map.
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Post Aug 24th '12, 19:37

Got it fixed. Steve and TK helped me out on #alephone. I didn't have the "00 Chains of Dreams" folder inside another folder.

Thanks anyways.
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