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Post Mar 25th '07, 12:57

Is there any way to make the wandering of a projectile (like the wiggling you see in some tracking projectiles) more... broad?

And also can you set how well a projectile tracks you?
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Post Mar 25th '07, 17:50

I've noticed that the speed of the projectile effects how well it tracks its target. The lower speed you have, the more time the projectile will have to change direction.
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Post Mar 25th '07, 21:35

Yeah, it tracks better at a slower speed, and also it bounces better at a lower speed too. As for wander Im not sure, I remember seeing a physics model where the fusion charged shoots a worm like thing that wriggles round and pierces through things, it was bullet richochets so it costantly made the "peyong" noise. It wormed its way around from the wander but Im not sure how they got it to make it look wormy...

Post Mar 25th '07, 23:14

horizontial and vertical wander gives the projectile a wormlike movement if it has a contrail, but maybe you mean something else.
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