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Tutorial Nine: Advanced Features (i think they split the pages up in more pages when making the pdf, which they did in a very stupid way cuz they start at -2 or so) If you dont get it reading that page and looking to Ryoko's image, i strongly advice you to keep your maps flat...
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Post Jun 13th '07, 15:11

I actually havn't looked at Ryoko's image yet, i've been to busy trying to prove that i'm not an idiot, but i think I can probably figure it out between the two.

In other news:

OK, TL, you were right about it being the same guide, and I was wrong. That's kind of obvious now.
In my defense against me being a bumbling idiot: there's no page numbers on my version! How was I not to assume that the manual wasn't always digital, or that there hadn't been a guide made for Forge that I didn't know about, seeing as how I have one of the older, if not original, forms of marathon. I personally thought you were talking about some unofficial but generally used guide that's been released on the web since this one! But of course noone understands Forge that well...

anyway, that's that, and I think we can safely assume that this thread can trickle down into oblivion at the end of the topics area.

EDIT: am I to assume that the black line is just a regular polygon border, and that it's black because forge is weird, or is it a different tool? And no, i'm not talking about the negative space columns. I know what those are.
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Black lines are solid polygon edges, as opposed to blue lines, which are transparent edges (because they're connected to another polygon).
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