Shooting vectors in Anvil

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Post Jun 14th '07, 20:14

How do I change a shot (for example, a fusion bolt) so that it comes from the top right corner of the screen towards the middle rather than from the bottom middle of the screen as it does now?

Post Jun 15th '07, 01:16

I have no idea but are you making a new weapon? Perhaps a Fusion Launcher? You should ask Ryoko, I think TGI had a fusion launcher that came from the top right...
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Post Jul 4th '07, 21:38

Ah, I am a seasoned Anvil user from back in the OS 9 days. You have to edit the Physics file under the Weapons screen.

I can no longer use Anvil myself on my Intel Mac, but I believe that you either go to the Weapon Definitions part or the Trigger settings thing.

There's a dx and dy field for modifying where on the screen the projectile originates. If you need an idea for what a given number will do, look at the rocket launcher's dx field, as it fires from the left.

Hope this helps.

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