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Post Jun 26th '07, 23:05

While those two features of Forge worked a month ago, now when I try to select them nothing happens. I have tried this on 1.0.1, 1.0.3, and 1.0.4 and nothing works. Can anybody suggest what might be happening? Nothing has been installed on the mac I am using.

Post Jun 26th '07, 23:15

It's possible the window locations are off the screen. Try deleting your Forge preferences.
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Post Jun 26th '07, 23:40

I use a laptop with a second monitor which is larger than my laptop's built-in monitor, and I used to have this problem all the damn time when I was away from my home monitor, because those windows got moved out of the range of my laptop's monitor, and Forge has no mechanism to correct for that.

Although I'm guessing you don't have my monitor situation, I'm almost certain that's the problem, and Treellama's suggestion should fix it.
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Post Jun 27th '07, 00:30

Yeah it was the preferences. Haven't used OS9 in a long time so I forgot about trying that. Thanks, Treellama.

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