how long does it take

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Post Jul 8th '07, 04:17

for you guys to make your maps
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Post Jul 8th '07, 04:48

Nameless wrote:for you guys to make your maps

From when I start them until they're good.

How long does it take you to make your posts?
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Post Jul 8th '07, 07:19

*irony bonus*
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Post Jul 8th '07, 14:34

Ok well this is just going to lead to pming me about my maps if I dont answer your question, so Ill answer it here.

Single Player Maps: a bit more than 1 - a bit less than 3 weeks. A lot of my maps are kidna crappy when I look back on them so I gotta fix them. I once did a map in 4 days, 900 polygons, but it was bad, so I redid a lot of it.

Multiplayer maps: Depends on the size, Mexican Standoff and the Afterparty took about 3 hours, Sky Fortress took me about... 1:30 hours, Metal Melancholy I vividly rmemeber taking exactly the time of 7 1812 Overtures. Each of the 9 arenas took me at most and hour (pretty simple maps).

If you want to obtain such an intention span (which normally just comes with age), try your best to replicate Rubicon maps or some marvels of maps from a scneario or something. That is what I did a few years ago.
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Post Jul 8th '07, 16:34

If working on a scenario, it took me about two days per map. (~8 hours total?) These maps would take usually 20-25 minutes to play through on 'normal'.
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Post Jul 8th '07, 17:20

Nameless, I've seen your maps and I am not impressed with them. It must have taken you 10 minutes to finish Shotgun Dojo, merge it and upload it here.

Good maps take hours to do.
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Post Jul 9th '07, 02:23

It takes me about 7 hours total (a day, probably two, including breaks and such) to create a map, get the texturing and lighting done, ammo and all that junk. Then, of course, I play-test it about 10 times, usually fix some stuff, play-test it 15 more times, usually fix some little things, play-test it a bunch more, then I solo test it and look for any little texture-misalignments, bouncy walls, and stuffs like that.

This takes course over a long period of time. So, my maps are usually ready for the public in about 3 weeks time.
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Post Jul 13th '07, 08:47

For me, I'll draw out the map first and it usually takes me about a week to find something I really like...Once I start mapping it, that takes about 4 or more days depending on how many times I switch the texture sets around and if I break Forge. Then I go back to step one...and rinse and repeat...
Uhm...including, sketching out the map, building it, resketching it, rebuilding it, texturing it, testing it and fixing all the mistakes or even going back to the drawing board...about two weeks plus testing and retesting.
You Better Move only took about a week and a half, but I was on a roll.
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