Help implementing shapes patches with plugins

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Help implementing shapes patches with plugins

Post Apr 29th '13, 16:23

I need instructions, step by step preferably, for implementing them in a plugin.
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Post Apr 29th '13, 16:37

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Post Apr 29th '13, 23:03

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Post Apr 30th '13, 04:43

Huh, now it seems that although the script works, the shape patch may be another problem.

Could you help me with this?

I am using the (as far as I know) latest version of shapefusion, on a Mac Mini intel core 2 duo, running MacOSXLion
There is probably somthing obvious that I am missing, so I will list the steps I tried:

- duplicated original shape file

- made appropriate changes to frames and stuff

- I selected the shapes set (weapon in hand graphics)

- went to the system bar (I use a mac) selected "export shape patch"

- it said "select a source file" (or somthing along those lines) so I select the one that I just adjusted

- it then did the "save as" window and I used the resulting document ( .ShPa) in the plugin.

What might I be doing incorrectly?
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General Tacticus

Post Apr 30th '13, 06:30

Select the standard Shapes as your "source file." This tells it which Shapes to compare against, to generate the patch. If you compare your adjusted shapes with your adjusted shapes, then you'll get an empty patch, which isn't what you want. :)
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Post Apr 30th '13, 15:48

Thanks, I will try that.
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