Minor Weland bugs

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Minor Weland bugs

Post Jun 12th '13, 03:11

Polygons are not updated after editing the X,Y coordinates of an endpoint (via double clicking a point). If an endpoint is edited such that a concave polygon becomes convex or vice versa, the change is not updated in the MapWindow - i.e., the poly is still drawn as invalid (or valid in the reverse case). Also, changing the X,Y coordinates does not register as an undoable change in the Editor. Using the undo function (Cmd-Z) undoes whatever changed was made prior to the point coordinate edit. I think this is probably the source of this bug.

In code terms, I think you just need to call UpdatePolygonConcavity() for all polygons that have that Point as a vertex (iterate over EndpointPolygons[ pointIndex ] ?) after PointDialog.Run(), but I can't find where that gets called for a double click on an endpoint. Maybe it's something in one of the glade files I haven't gone through. For the second bit it's presumably nothing more than calling SetUndo within PointDialog.Run(), but I can see how that might be a problem since that appears to have been designed for specifying a custom grid (which wouldn't be a change to the map or undoable in any sense).
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Post Jun 12th '13, 14:25

PointParametersDialog (from PopupParametersDialogs.cs) gets created in MapWindow.OnButtonPressed.

It appears to set the point coordinates directly, completely bypassing Editor's undo and polygon concavity functionality. Nice.

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