Question about Sounds file.

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Question about Sounds file.

Post Mar 16th '14, 19:35

Its been a long time since i've been around the Marathons and too my suprise to still see a community around it,

but i have a question about the Sounds file that Marathon and marathon engine based games use.

How do i open the Sounds files to get at the the effects themselves i've located my old Prime Target game and installed it through sheep-shaver and i'm looking to get into its Sound files to use as my own personal project/sound replacers, i can't seem to open any of it through Anvil or atleast not through SheepShaver and what not since i no longer have an old Mac with the required operating system.. so is there anyway to open the archive to get the sound files? if anyone thinks they can i can just upload the sounds file if needed.

Post Mar 17th '14, 00:40

ShapeFusion will open the file, and let you play or export some sounds. I don't think it can access every sound in the file, because Prime Target made changes to the Marathon engine that aren't supported, but that's probably your best bet.
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