How do I place terminals / control panels in Weland?

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How do I place terminals / control panels in Weland?

Post Sep 29th '14, 18:20

I'm trying to move from Weland to Pfhorge for a couple of reasons, but something that seems absent is the ability to place terminals, control panels, shield panels etc? In Pfhorge, you just inspect a side of a polygon and there's a checkbox for "Side is a control panel" and then pick from a drop down box, Weland doesn't seem to have any such functionality so how exactly do you do it?

Post Sep 30th '14, 06:43

To my knowledge there is no ability to place panels from within Weland onto walls. You will need to use a texturing plugin. Load your map into Aleph One with one of the following plugins and you will be able to texture those walls and set the specifications of the control panel, shield panel etc.

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