Items not appearing in Weland?

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Items not appearing in Weland?

Post Nov 12th '14, 14:13

Items aside from monsters and players (Which are appearing correctly) are not appearing in Weland. If I click in the location where an item has been placed, it is selected, but I can't see any actual picture icons for the items, making it difficult to work with. When I place a new item, I see an icon of it for a second, but it quickly disappears and is no longer visible even when selected. I made sure I had "Show items" enabled. Anyone else had this issue?

Post Nov 12th '14, 14:44

Are you on OS X? If so, this is a known incompatibility with the 3.x releases of Mono. If you aren't using Mono for anything else, uninstall it and install the 2.0.11 release (dmg).
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Post Nov 14th '14, 12:52

Thanks so much, it works now!

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