Unlimited ammo in Anvil

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Unlimited ammo in Anvil

Post Oct 29th '15, 23:13

Anyone know how to give a weapon unlimited ammo without setting its weapon class to "melee"?

I want to make the secondary fire on one of my guns never use ammo and never run out of ammo, kind of like the fist.

I've tried setting the burst count to 0, but Marathon seems to treat the 0 as a 1. Even with an ammo type of "none" the secondary fire runs out of ammo and stops working.

My clunky solution right now is to just have it use the same ammo type as the primary fire, but give it a high magazine size and a low burst count.

Any ideas on how to make the secondary fire work constantly?
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Post Oct 31st '15, 20:27

You can't. What's your problem with melee shots? If you're worried about the velocity-based damage scale, I think you can set the projectile's random damage to 0. Maybe someone else can comment on this, but I believe the "random" modifier in this case is related to the amount of damage a melee projectile does based on owner velocity.
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Post Oct 31st '15, 22:20

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm not really concerned about the damage. The visuals just look weird if I set it to "melee" class.

The weapon is off center in the HUD and the secondary fire will bring up a second weapon on the left of the screen, and the weapon isn't supposed be dual wieldable. Also, the weapons appear further to the left and right than the normal dual wielding positioning, which weirds me out.

It looks especially strange since the primary fire shoots regular bullet projectiles, but the secondary fire is supposed to be a "dash ability" (large negative recoil), so it's strange when the left hand gun does a firing animation but nothing comes out and you slide forward instead.

Anyway, I'll just stick with giving the secondary fire a low burst count per clip. That way the player can use it a lot before it needs to be reloaded.
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