5-D Intersections Weland plugin

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5-D Intersections Weland plugin

Post Jan 25th '16, 08:51

Ever wondered if a level used 5-D space? This plugin for Weland reports any instances where polygons overlap in 3-D space, so you can tell whether a map obeys the standard laws of physics.

Spoiler: standard physics is overrated in Bungie's maps.

Download - Source code
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Post Feb 1st '16, 17:19

This is definitely an interesting plugin. Never seen anything like it.
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Veldin Orbit

Post Feb 3rd '16, 09:16

heh heh without having even downloaded this, I like this plugin. It always bugged me when mapmakers blatantly ignored this kind of thing. I'm such a stickler, in my maps if it even comes close I have to go back and add an elevation in the floor of the above level to coincide with the spacial reality. Marathon 1 levels ignored this all the time, and even as a kid with no real knowledge of the workings of the engine, I noticed it and thought it was clumsy.

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