Vacuum weapons with anvil or physics editor one

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Vacuum weapons with anvil or physics editor one

Post Jun 24th '16, 19:53

I've been trying to edit what weapons are vacuum enabled but to no success, I can't seem to find out how. Are you able to edit this? Am I just blind and it's right there in front of me? or do I just need a different editor. please help, thanks
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Post Jul 24th '16, 18:26

Where does it have to do with vacuum? I've turned these on and nothing happend
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Post Jul 24th '16, 19:33

I'm pretty sure that to change which weapons work in vacuum you need to use an MML file containing the appropriate changes. This can be done by including code that looks something like this:

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   <item index="" maximum="" invalid=""/>

What you would be interested in is the "invalid" part - this determines what type of environments the item is 'invalid' for. If you wanted an item to function in all environments, you would insert a '0' - if you wanted the item to not function in a vacuum, you would insert a '1'.

I would recommend consulting this page before attempting any such in-depth MML coding. Mind you, MML is quite simple and easy to pick up even with a very limited experience in other kinds of coding, so don't be scared to start experimenting with it - for such a simple tool, the options available to its user are nigh-endless. Just make sure you check the appendices at the bottom of the guide (linked above) so you know what numbers to plug in! ;)
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Somewhere in the 19th Century...

Post Jul 24th '16, 22:26

And don't forget to remove it from the Scripts folder if you don't want to use it any more.
And only have one version at a time in the Scripts folder.
And look in the Scripts folder to see what's already there.
And that includes Scripts folder in AlephOne folder and in the local game folder(s).
I personally think they are self propagating like wire coat hangers.
I just play 'em; I don't know how they work.
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