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Post Apr 12th '09, 20:05

Either i'm forgetting something vital, or this is not possible. (or I just encountered quite an annoying bug)

I'll start from the beginning
I am replacing the sph't keycard for a project of mine with an animated sprite. So what I did was replaced the keycard sprite with my new one in hakvil, and then added the rest of the frames into new bitmaps at the end of the item shapes collection (7) and assigned frames to it. (7 frames to be exact)

Still the item doesn't animate, and when i try writing a <item><shape> MML to define the animation that way, it seems to give me an random frame from the sequence, but not animated. just random static frames for each keycard in the level.

My bet goes on that I am doing something wrong given the fact that I have become quite rusty when it comes to shapes editing. Does anyone spot anything wrong? Or does 'thon perhaps not support animating items?
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Post Apr 12th '09, 21:34

I recall reading something on the matter here:

I'll quote it for you.

The thorny business of One-Animated and One-Not-Animated Sequences

(Anvil 1.0.3f added these options to the Views menu, except that it's buggy and doesn't actually work.)

What they do:

One-Animated is used for One View sequences that have several frames which should animate.

One-Non-Animated is a little more complex you can have several frames here also, but instead of animating them the Mi engine instead picks one at random and displays that constantly. (It's commonly used for scenery objects and corpses as a way of adding some randomness, e.g. so dead fighters can show a varied and interesting mix of bloodied corpses.)

There is a special program, Twiddler, which is on that page that lets to change between the two. I believe it is classic only however, not sure how to change between them through other methods.
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Post Apr 12th '09, 22:54

Get ShapeFusion and go to Sequences, set the Sequence Type for 17 Dor Ky to "Animation with n views", however many views you have.
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Post Apr 12th '09, 22:56

thank you both for the answers.
Zott's "classic" method worked for me, although I guess i'll rather use the shapefusion method if I need to get another item to animate properly in the future.

thank you very much.
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Post Apr 12th '09, 23:18

Or you could use animated textures... but all of the Key Cards would show the same frame.
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