Marathon emulation on Basilisk II

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Post Apr 24th '09, 14:14

Remember that topic I made WAAYYYY back a year ago? Since then, the people on the Basilisk II help forums STILL haven't answered my question!

Do you guys think Sheepshaver might be a better emulator for this kinda stuff? Or is the mac rom I'm using just not up to snuff? Marathon always has background music and thousands/millions of colors disabled no matter how much memory space I allocate to it. Other games don't have the music options blocked off, the music just doesnt play -_-

EDIT: Holy crud, I got Marathon's music to play! Looks like I needed to reinstall the OS system 7.5 and inlcude a little bit more in the custom install than emaculation's setup guides suggested (including everything in the "multimedia" tab did it, i'm guessing). Finally, reinstalling Quicktime 4 saved the day. Wow, that's a problem that took a year for me to sort out.

Sadly, mac Hexen's music is still mute ='( I wonder why that is?

Now one weird thing is that the Basilisk II GUI only allows you to enter one color mode at a time (256,thousands,millions,etc.). When you are in the Mac OS environment, you CANNOT change the color settings (or so I believe....) The monitor must be set to 256 colors in order to launch Marathon but once inside you cannot change this to any of the other color display settings in the configurations... I'm assuming this is because loading 256 colors from the basilisk gui loads just that: ONLY 256 colors and nothing else. This is such a puzzling situation =/
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That's because that forum is very much dead. I would go seeking for help at it is more active.
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