Group Select in Weland?

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Group Select in Weland?

Post Aug 24th '18, 22:17

I'm a veteran user of Adobe Illustrator, so I've been trying to use Weland like Illustrator. Anyway, I want to move polygons around in Weland after I've drawn them. Resizing / repositioning, etc. If I want to move outer hallways and rooms outward to make space for a new inner room, I'll want to preserve the shape and arrangement of the polygons while I move them. I also want to expand the width of some hallways. All I need is a way to group select a number of points / vertices. I tried shift selecting, and it didn't work. There is no rectangle selection box when I click and drag the mouse. Is this possible, or am I missing something? Do mappers really select each and every vertex or line individually to modify their map designs? If so, how do you get your mapping projects done in less than a year?

I know there are master mappers on this forum, so if you get a chance, I'm also really interested in how you get your mapping done. For example, do you make sketches before jumping into Weland? Do you draw something up in another design program before making the final design in Weland? Do you just do it all directly in Weland? If so, how do you make design changes happen?
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Post Aug 24th '18, 22:39

Weland can't do multiple selection. Obed is the only marathon map editor that can do this, and it's windows only. I've used it before just to make the type of edits you're talking about. I don't think it'll let you quickly resize a set of polygons though, although it's been a while since I've checked. This is probably obvious, but if you want to resize a hallway, you can select the line and move that instead of moving both points, but that's about the closest you'll get to a shortcut in moving groups of polygons.

I think some mappers may plan things out on graph paper first or something similar. You're not far off about it taking a year, in the sense that it takes years of experience mapping so you know how to get things right the first time and don't need to spend a bunch of time resizing/moving stuff after drawing it.
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Post Aug 24th '18, 22:44

As far as I know Weland has relatively the same feature set as the original tool (Forge) in this regard, meaning at most you can select one polygon and move it; to the best of my knowledge what you're describing doesn't exist. The answer to your question is really uh... we (or at least I) tend not to modify our designs. If I really hate a section of my map I just delete the whole area and start over.

I personally never make sketches before jumping into Weland. I just have a general idea of what I'm making and draw things out as I go. I know some people tend to draw out the whole map in Weland before filling things, however, whereas I tend to build a map in chunks. I like to build one area, add heights/textures, see how I like it and then move on.
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Post Aug 24th '18, 23:01

god i wish weland worked like illustrator
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Post Aug 24th '18, 23:59

Thanks, I think I'll stick with working in Weland and I'll try to get it right the first time. The chunk by chunk idea sounds good to me. Wish I knew how to program a feature like this. Vidmappers probably wouldn't use it though, so I should learn how to do without it also. :)
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Post Aug 25th '18, 05:35

Is this what the Copy & Paste plugin is for? I've never got that to work myself, as it was compiled for an older version of weland
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