Error in Weland...or maybe it's Vasara? or maybe Aleph One?

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Error in Weland...or maybe it's Vasara? or maybe Aleph One?

Post Jan 4th '19, 08:36

Happy New Year, everybody.

I came across an issue in a level I am working on. I fire up Aleph One, turn on the Vasara plugin, select my project level, press begin new game, and Aleph crashes and I get the following message


/Users/jeremiah/Source/alephone-svn/trunk/PBProjects/../Source_Files/GameWorld/platforms.cpp:123: platform index #-1 is out of range

My hilariously basic understanding of anything remotely close to "programming" or computers would lead me to believe that somehow I assigned a polygon/platform -1, but I don't know how that would occur. Perhaps I have maxed out the number of platforms available? I remember from a million years ago Forge having a maximum of 64 platforms per level. I thought Aleph expanded these numbers? Actually, I'm not even sure my level has even 64 platforms. OK it probably does, but not too many more...

I actually don't think it is a Vasara issue, because it still crashes if I turn the plugin off.

Also, since finishing my last mammoth level and building this one, I'm kind of getting back into map making again. I'm thinking I will build a short scenario, maybe eight or ten levels, that act as a sort-of sequel to my original maps I uploaded a couple years ago. I don't really have a story to tell, but I'm just having so much fun building big, spacious levels that I think I have a half dozen or so left in me to make. I also putzed around with physics editors and made some actually formidable bad guys (i.e. not just circle-strafe-to-defeat enemies).

Anyway, any advice with my current issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Post Jan 4th '19, 13:52

It's not a Vasara issue. Something went wrong in the map. Maybe you created a platform trigger and then deleted the platform?

Is this the map with a ridiculous number of polygons? You might be running out of map indexes.
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Post Jan 4th '19, 16:14

I have had this issue before and I'm pretty sure it's in relation to a switch that is assigned to a platform that has either changed or doesn't exist. My fix has been to simply delete and refill the polygon where the switch is and make sure the platform is ready to go before assigning it.
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Post Jan 4th '19, 20:14

trellama, Weirdo--it was I had deleted a platform that already had a switch assigned to control it, so you both had it; thanks! I actually went through and systematically deleted all my platforms one and a time to try and find the problem. I ended up deleting all of them and still had the problem. :angry: good thing I made a backup!

The map indices is a concept I think I am getting the hang of. In my last level--the one with at one point well over 3000 polys--I ended up skimming down the rooms in the level because I had apparently reached this vague limit. I also found that, ironically, platforms seem to dramatically decrease the the available indices, as well. I compared the two at one point, and I believe they take just as many values away as sound objects.

Thank you, guys.

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