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Post Sep 7th '06, 20:38

Forge and Anvil are classic apps. That means they won't work on new macs. Has anyone got the sourcecode or building a new app? Aleph One has no Physics Editor (not that I know of) that will work in OS X. Does anyone know of one? Anything?
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Post Sep 7th '06, 21:11

Hmmm.... OS X mightve come with classic, if not install OS 9 yet to. i think it would still be on OS X but you'll have classic to run forge and anvil

hope i helped
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Post Sep 7th '06, 21:18

I already have Classic and OS 9.2 installed. What I was asking was if anyone was working on OS X versions of Forge and Anvil. I know Dieselfame3 is, but I don't know much about it. Also, his signature says he has the source code to Forge and Anvil.
Btw, did Bungie release Forge and Anvil's source codes?
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Post Sep 7th '06, 21:46

No, the source code for Anvil and Forge have not been released, and there are no versions for OS X.

Post Sep 7th '06, 22:55

Not just not released--the source code is lost. So, there will never be OS X versions unless someone does it from scratch.
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Post Sep 8th '06, 06:36

I heard Dieselfame3 was making something called MADD. How's it going? Will it be for OS X?
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