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Post Sep 8th '06, 19:50

I wanted to get my maps onto the testing grounds and i needed to get in a Stuffit or Zipper file, and i dont know how to compress a folder on Macintosh OS 9.2, so my question is how do i compress a folder on Mac OS9 into a Stuffit or Zipper?
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Post Sep 9th '06, 00:48

Try this link, fill out some blah information

And download the one for OS 9.

That should help you make stuffit or zip files.

BUT, you'll need an unstuffing program to even get to those....but since you have OS 9.2, an older version of Stuffit should be on the computer already. Check Applications, then Internet stuff? Or use sherlock to search for it.
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Post Sep 9th '06, 03:09

Thanks Zott [MUp]
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