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Questions about the content creation procedure go here, including using Forge, Anvil, or other editors, or operating emulators like Basilisk II.

Post Sep 8th '06, 22:35

Please correct me on these whenever possible.

Forge - Pfhorge: a map editor which I find too complicated to use in it's current state. The visual mode is a blue and pink river. [MGross] There is also a Windows Map Editor that is open source.
Anvil (Shapes) - ShapeFusion: a shape editor that looks like, when finished, will kick ass. Will it edit the Terminal Pics and Menus? But I find it unusable in it's current state.
Anvil (Physics, weapons, monsters etc) - Currently no Aleph One replacement. But the source code to a Windows XP compatible Physics Editor is open source under the GPL. From what I've seen, it kicks ass. [MUp]
Hex! - Pfhorge has built in Terminal Editor which looks quite useful.
Pfhorte - Who knows. Source Code released in Lho'owon Archives under Aleph One : Utilities under a different name.
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Post Sep 9th '06, 00:50

OBED, the Marathon map editor has a terminal editor built in if I'm not mistaken. Plus with mmls you can replace shapes, so you might want to mention that. Its the harder method of getting things done./
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