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Post Apr 2nd '09, 00:56

Oh. sorry..... Bridget are you [spoiler]french[/spoiler]?
20 Minowere Dr. Fromidlov, Canada.

Post Apr 5th '09, 09:44

I'm like 1/8 [spoiler]French[/spoiler], and also I [spoiler]shave my armpits[/spoiler] but I guess you can kinda tell from some of my photos.
Alan wrote:
QUOTE(Alan @ Feb 1 2008, 08:14 PM)
Also why is Bridget a guy yet he looks so pretty?

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Another World

Post Apr 6th '09, 16:13

ack45 wrote:Oh. sorry..... Bridget are you [spoiler]french[/spoiler]?

I was talking about the f.
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Post Apr 6th '09, 19:58

20 Minowere Dr. Fromidlov, Canada.


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