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Post Apr 18th '09, 02:19

Do not be alarmed if you enter a stall, only to find it occupied. The Chinese Squatter is totally benign, and is also considered rare and valuable. It is also said to bring good fortune to those who leave it unspoiled, and also makes a fine hood ornament.

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Ares Ex Machina

Post Apr 19th '09, 19:44

Oh my.

If I open a stall and find this, do I get the right to kick him in the crotch for being such a dick?
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Somewhere outside the Citadel Of Antiquity

Post Apr 20th '09, 16:58

Only in Texas.
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Post Jun 13th '09, 05:19

As long as he remains folded up after being picked up, punting him is acceptable.
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Ares Ex Machina

Post Jun 13th '09, 16:00

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