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Post Aug 15th '09, 18:17

This post has been divided into two parts, first, the Invdividuality Conundrum, my douchebagged personal magnum opus and second, the Legs Sex Party.

Part 1

<<< Fishman92 has joined >>>
<<< 10:05:14 AM >>>
Fishman92: what the hell
Fishman92: meta?
Fishman92: meta?
Fishman92: that is you isnt it
Fishman92: i knew u'd do that :P
Fishman92: god why do u always do this? its not funy
Fishman92: Lol i do know that's u
Fishman92: i know thats u, because i am me and this is harasment
Fishman92: stop it!
Fishman92: two-faced people really piss me off
Fishman92: If you're really me, then firstly, what computer am i using? secondly, what's my real name? thirdly: what the hell are u doing quoting my post!!!
Fishman92: if you're rly me, what computer am i using, whats my real name and why are you qoting my post?
Fishman92: ok haha i don't use text language much well...... maybe i do but hey who cares :P
<<< Guest has joined >>>
<<< 10:11:24 AM >>>
<<< Guest is now known as Meta >>>
Fishman92: OMG
Meta: Hrm.
Fishman92: WTF????
Fishman92: OK NOW I'M SCARED
Fishman92: D:
Fishman92: what the hell are you doing now meta? is this sum kind of trick?
Meta: What the fuck are you talking about, Fish?
Fishman92: HELP ME and btw i'm the real fishman92.
Fishman92: the one above is not me i swear
Fishman92: No you aren't meta, im on to you!
Fishman92: STOP THAT!!
<<< [?bleatingiMac] has joined >>>
<<< 10:13:10 AM >>>
Meta: Hey, I'm Meta. What's going on here
Fishman92: I dont know!!!
Fishman92: someone is impersonating me!!!
Fishman92: HELP
Fishman92: .
Fishman92: ya, you, you asshole.
Fishman92: That wasn't me!
Fishman92: asshole? only comokanu says that and he's a dickhead
Fishman92: But i'm Fishman! if not meta then who? Kurrin, is that you?
Fishman92: no i am fish
Fishman92: This is not funny
Fishman92: !
Fishman92: infact i'll post my msn contact list if i have to
Fishman92: Spurity!
Fishman92: fine then i will
Fishman92: Posting naow
Fishman92: no
Fishman92: Really, who is this ?
Fishman92: stop impersonating me!
Fishman92: I'm me!!
Fishman92: not impersonating u!!!!!
Fishman92: :/
Fishman92: Comanaku, you friend steeling bitch! what the hell?
<<< Fishman92 is now known as Fishman92 3/7/09 >>>
Fishman92 3/7: tyherre
Fishman92: good, now we all kno who the real fish is, me.
Fishman92 3/7: no
Fishman92: yyeah
Fishman92 3/7: no
Fishman92: yeah!!!
Fishman92: so STFU
Fishman92 3/7: cos that was a really good day it's in my sig and ha i never write "yeah" i write "yeh"
[?bleatingiMa: You really think that those 2 things couldn't possibly be copied by someone else, given how public they are.
Fishman92: well, your a talented troll ill give you that but its not funny anymor!
Fishman92 3/7: i don't say troll either
Fishman92 3/7: !
Fishman92: i do actuly
Fishman92: so fuck you
Fishman92 3/7: And i don't spell like that
Fishman92: STFU!
Fishman92 3/7: i've never written that in my life
Fishman92: yes i have
Fishman92 3/7: no i haven't!
Fishman92 3/7: and you are not me
Fishman92 3/7: i am me
Fishman92: and i dont spell like that
Fishman92: i am me
Fishman92: you r some asshole
[?bleatingiMa: Who is me, me is who? What is 'me', anyways? What defines self?
Fishman92 3/7: ha i don't go round calling people assholes
Fishman92 3/7: hey lhowon?
Fishman92: that's an interesting pont, i could touch on that in my scenario
Fishman92 3/7: no ITS won't have that in
Fishman92 3/7: but thanks anyway
Fishman92: considering its from u ahole i don't think it will
Fishman92 3/7: speaking of which, i really need to get some more maps done...
Fishman92 3/7: :p
Fishman92: yes i do
Fishman92: and i ned to post a beta
Fishman92 3/7: no
Fishman92 3/7: 0.2 is not ready
Fishman92: not yet but i'm trying
Fishman92 3/7: no your not you're not me i am me and i am posting it when ready
<<< Fishman92 is now known as Kurrin >>>
Fishman92 3/7: Really?
Kurrin: Yeah, which will be never because every aspect of it sucks exponentially
Fishman92 3/7: Well meh
Fishman92 3/7: hahaha that was hilarious
Kurrin: Yes, it was
[?bleatingiMa: What do you want.
Fishman92 3/7: lol
<<< SteveDollars has joined >>>
<<< 10:26:01 AM >>>
Fishman92 3/7: hi
SteveDollars: hey
Kurrin: hello
Fishman92 3/7: hows MPDX then?
SteveDollars: kurrin, fishman
Fishman92 3/7: ??
Kurrin: It's good. I'm pretty happy with my decision to drop the Dropbox, the project had no direction and a whole bunch of crap was just popping up in there.
Kurrin: The Pistol and AR are well on their way to being finished.
Fishman92 3/7: cool
Fishman92 3/7: u have better hardware so urs is bound to be better graphically
Kurrin: Hopefully I'll be able to post updates soon but I don't know. It depends on my sporadic schedule.
Fishman92 3/7: ok
Kurrin: Best of luck with ITS, it's certainly going better than Marathon: Vengeance.
Kurrin: To which I can only say /facepalm
Fishman92 3/7: thanks... just needing more time to map... :P
SteveDollars: dont u diss vengence
Fishman92 3/7: nah that's lookin good too
Fishman92 3/7: :D
SteveDollars: A lot better than nova
Kurrin: It's tainted by fail, the only vengeance I want is for that poor poor bandwidth which that stupid topic takes up.
Fishman92 3/7: what happened to nova anyway?
Kurrin: How's Nova doing anyway?
SteveDollars: good
Kurrin: Damnit Fish
Fishman92 3/7: lol
SteveDollars: the first chapter should be finished around september
Fishman92 3/7: cool
SteveDollars: Well, the mapping at least
Kurrin: I look forward to it.
Fishman92 3/7: :)
SteveDollars: thanks :)
SteveDollars: Where is MPDX standing?
SteveDollars: Is it still fairly early in development?
Kurrin: You know how it is. I have no real content but a ton of shiny screens to captivate the attention of the many Pfhorumgoers. :P
SteveDollars: hehe
Fishman92 3/7: the pfhorums annoy me
SteveDollars: oh?
Fishman92 3/7: but it's good sumtimes
SteveDollars: I just find them boring
SteveDollars: and filled with horrible flamewars
Fishman92 3/7: yeh
Fishman92 3/7: lol
Meta: No good flames since CLIQUE lost power. :(
Fishman92 3/7: lool
Meta: What?
Fishman92 3/7: the flames get boring after a while
Meta: Well, I personally love flaming down the works of others to compensate for my own lack of any talent whatsoever.
Kurrin: Well, that's dark.
Fishman92 3/7: which is kinda pointless :P
Kurrin: Ever considered Seratonin Levelers?
Meta: ouch :{
Fishman92 3/7: ??
SteveDollars: you have no right to be mean on the pfhorums, jerk
Kurrin: A form of anti-depressant.
Fishman92 3/7: WOOOHOOO
<<< JohannesG has joined >>>
<<< 10:37:26 AM >>>
Fishman92 3/7: GO STEVE!
Fishman92 3/7: lol
SteveDollars: hey joho
Fishman92 3/7: hahaha
Fishman92 3/7: hey
<<< theBattleCat has joined >>>
<<< 10:37:51 AM >>>
JohannesG: o/
*** Meta cowers in fear of the increasingly less powerful Dollar.
JohannesG: GARY!
Fishman92 3/7: OMG
Fishman92 3/7: !!!!!!!!
theBattleCat: DCBOB!
JohannesG: i missed you gary
Meta: Wow.
theBattleCat: OMG!
*** JohannesG hums Gary's leg
Fishman92 3/7: hi
theBattleCat: Let the leg humping begin!!
Fishman92 3/7: lol
JohannesG: way ahead of you!
SteveDollars: no one humps my legs :(
Fishman92 3/7: hahah
Fishman92 3/7: bye people
Fishman92 3/7: ~!!!
*** theBattleCat humps SteveDollars leg
<<< Fishman92 3/7/09 has left >>>
<<< 10:38:44 AM >>>
SteveDollars: :)
theBattleCat: ah
Kurrin: You could model my Radioactive panties.
Kurrin: Steve
SteveDollars: awesome
JohannesG: Gary, what's up?
Kurrin: Well, I see no reason for this facade anymore.
<<< Kurrin is now known as Meta >>>

Part 2

JohannesG: what brings you to this neighborhood
theBattleCat: just checking on you
theBattleCat: keeping you honest
JohannesG: hehe :)
SteveDollars: he's been a naught boy
SteveDollars: filling marathon with minimalism
theBattleCat: I bet he has
JohannesG: yes, i've been abusing my admin powers
theBattleCat: my naughtometer was going off the scale
SteveDollars: and your fog powers
theBattleCat: Is that your school project?
theBattleCat: with the sounds and the wandering and the white on white in the fog?
JohannesG: was, i "finished" it. got a 10 for it. haven't polished it and released it yet though
<<< Meta has left >>>
<<< 10:41:15 AM >>>
JohannesG: planning to do it this winter though. i will have loads of time to kill and awful lot of dialup.
JohannesG: didn't get into the school in sweden :/
SteveDollars: 10/100
theBattleCat: boo
JohannesG: lol steve, more like 10/10 :D
SteveDollars: the prof was a doom fanboy
JohannesG: nah, he was a total graphics whore
SteveDollars: hehe
JohannesG: he was like "hey! where's the gloom and HD and stuffz?"
JohannesG: went to the main arty café in Akureyri the other day. some artist, (with scarf and a hat and everything) talked to me and complimented me on my project.
SteveDollars: haha
SteveDollars: awesome
JohannesG: someday, 'thon will become a trend in the icelandic art community :/
theBattleCat: scarf and a hat and everything. Sounds pretty damn official.
JohannesG: and 'thon will get filled with artyfarty nonsense projects
JohannesG: Gary, that's all you need
JohannesG: or a beard
theBattleCat: I grew a beard once
theBattleCat: and I've got a scarf and a hat
theBattleCat: OMG! I could be an artist!
[?bleatingiMa: 'thon filled with artyfarty nonsense projects. Not to dissimilar from what's going on right now *ahem MPDX*
JohannesG: indeed
theBattleCat: When do the sex parties start?
[?bleatingiMa: When Either LT or Godz gets here
theBattleCat: OMG I've got the farties to go around for like... everyone!
JohannesG: sex parties start according to your beard length
JohannesG: ... sex farties? :/
[?bleatingiMa: Legacy Typhoon will bring his sex leg, and Godzfire will hump everyone.
[?bleatingiMa: ...
<<< Guest has joined >>>
<<< 10:46:09 AM >>>
<<< Guest is now known as LegacyTyphoon >>>
theBattleCat: hey check this out. Me in an arty farty beard.
[?bleatingiMa: Hooray! Let the sex part begin.
Meta: Hey legs
Meta: Ooh, Gary.
Meta: My dungeon awaits. :)
<<< [?bleatingiMac] has left >>>
<<< 10:47:06 AM >>>
theBattleCat: I'm just a hunk a hunk of burnin' beard
<<< [?bleatingiMac] has joined >>>
<<< 10:47:25 AM >>>
LegacyTyphoon: He's back. Sheep sex ahoy!
[?bleatingiMa: Who the heck makes an OS X applica
JohannesG: gary, you should grow your beard back
SteveDollars: I do
SteveDollars: :)
[?bleatingiMa: ..tion that doesn't use command q for quit
[?bleatingiMa: Also,
*** [?bleatingiMac] kicks LT
SteveDollars: well, I haven't added command q for quit yet
theBattleCat: I still have it, I keep it in my crotch these days
[?bleatingiMa: I'm a goat damnit, get it right.
LegacyTyphoon: I'm going to model you like a sheep, then fuck you ;}
Meta: Also, we should look into Goat, Battlecat, Catgirl sex
[?bleatingiMa: And a tantric lava cat
theBattleCat: mmmm... catgirl?
theBattleCat: brb, got to turn my granola
Pfhortipfhy: Ohi gary.
JohannesG: enjoy
Pfhortipfhy: Bye.
<<< Pfhortipfhy has left >>>
<<< 10:50:37 AM >>>
Meta: Yes, catgirl.
LegacyTyphoon: brilliant, isn't it?
*** JohannesG needs more coffee
<<< LegacyTyphoon has joined >>>
<<< 10:55:03 AM >>>
JohannesG: back
Meta: lol
theBattleCat: Hi bye Pfhortipfhy
<<< da has joined >>>
<<< 10:55:49 AM >>>
<<< da is now known as Death's Avatar uDog >>>
LegacyTyphoon: Don't kick my clone, there's so much fun we could have with it.
JohannesG: test
LegacyTyphoon: sup
<<< JohannesG has joined >>>
<<< 10:56:45 AM >>>
<<< JohannesG has left >>>
<<< 10:57:01 AM >>>
Meta: Our government is corrupt!
JohannesG: test
LegacyTyphoon: oh no!
LegacyTyphoon: I see two of me
<<< JohannesG has left >>>
<<< 10:57:25 AM >>>
LegacyTyphoon: Oh yeah!
LegacyTyphoon: who's the original
LegacyTyphoon: and who's the evil clone?
<<< JohannesG has joined >>>
<<< 10:57:38 AM >>>
LegacyTyphoon: I am of course
JohannesG: ugh..
LegacyTyphoon: ormore original then original
LegacyTyphoon: you're the evil clone?
JohannesG: yay for internetz
LegacyTyphoon: no, you are
[?bleatingiMa: :C internetz
LegacyTyphoon: no, you are
Death's Avata: Ill just boot them both
Meta: I plead the fifth
LegacyTyphoon: haha
Meta: Bt seriously, :( internetz
LegacyTyphoon: lol @ meta
LegacyTyphoon: that was you, wasn't it?
[?bleatingiMa: Even without the second LT, it got crowded in here
[?bleatingiMa: We have more people than udogs :O
Meta: Ma godz!
[?bleatingiMa: No no, godz isn't on.
Meta: Hehe
Meta: I say we just boot both LTs
<<< LegacyTyphoon has joined >>>
<<< 11:02:20 AM >>>
LegacyTyphoon: there
[?bleatingiMa: Nah, then we would lose the almighty power of the sex leg.
Meta: And right now we have two sex legs
Meta: Sex me
*** Death's Avatar uDog sex's you
LegacyTyphoon: meat sex?
Meta: Nay, /Sex me
Death's Avata: he is a boy.
LegacyTyphoon: Sexy sexy sex
Death's Avata: he is a boy.
Death's Avata: he is a boy.
Meta: It's a trap!
LegacyTyphoon: *SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP*
Death's Avata: O_o
LegacyTyphoon: meat sex
<<< Death's Avatar uDog has left >>>
<<< 11:03:55 AM >>>
theBattleCat: *fap fap fap fap*
<<< da has joined >>>
<<< 11:04:01 AM >>>
<<< da is now known as Death's Avatar uDog >>>
[?bleatingiMa: Now look what you did.
LegacyTyphoon: or would "flap" have been a better noise?
Meta: Fap or fwap, either way, it's happening.
LegacyTyphoon: lol
LegacyTyphoon: heh
theBattleCat: It can't "flap", I just had my foreskin pruned.
LegacyTyphoon: that sounds painful
<<< Death's Avatar uDog has left >>>
<<< 11:05:30 AM >>>
<<< da has joined >>>
<<< 11:05:51 AM >>>
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[?bleatingiMa: Wait, what tBC?
[?bleatingiMa: ...I.. wow.
LegacyTyphoon: lol
Meta: Thou shalt not lay with a typhoon as you lay with a woman. Thou shalt not lay with a typhoon as you lay with a woman. Thou shalt not...
LegacyTyphoon: for I like fucking your wounds and rending your ass inoperable
LegacyTyphoon: this is horrible having 3 of us
[?bleatingiMa: With Health Canisters
LegacyTyphoon: its such an uneven number
LegacyTyphoon: So erotically uneven
Meta: Fwap Fwap Fwap
[?bleatingiMa: Lt, the grand master of erotic numerals
<<< LegacyTyphoon has joined >>>
<<< 11:08:13 AM >>>
<<< LegacyTyphoon has joined >>>
<<< 11:08:15 AM >>>
<<< LegacyTyphoon has joined >>>
<<< 11:08:18 AM >>>
<<< LegacyTyphoon has joined >>>
<<< 11:08:18 AM >>>
SteveDollars: I don't trust any link to spankwaire
LegacyTyphoon: there
SteveDollars: *wire
SteveDollars: also
SteveDollars: wtf
LegacyTyphoon: oh wait that's seen
<<< LegacyTyphoon has left >>>
<<< 11:08:39 AM >>>
SteveDollars: haha
LegacyTyphoon: now there's an even number
LegacyTyphoon: Uh! Oh! Oh yes! Yes! YES! YES!!
LegacyTyphoon: which one is talking
LegacyTyphoon: THE one.
LegacyTyphoon: the one with the "poor impulse control" tatooed on its forehead?
[?bleatingiMa: I love how shitty anime/hentai actually is at animating anythng
[?bleatingiMa: *anything
[?bleatingiMa: It's so low budget
LegacyTyphoon: lol
Meta: Then again, we're having a Hotline sex party.
[?bleatingiMa: Forget even detailing characters, they don't even animate half the shit
Meta: Show me!
LegacyTyphoon: lol
[?bleatingiMa: Or at best, re-use the same frame over and over again
LegacyTyphoon: that's animation for you
<<< LegacyTyphoon has left >>>
<<< 11:11:45 AM >>>
<<< LegacyTyphoon has left >>>
<<< 11:11:48 AM >>>
<<< LegacyTyphoon has left >>>
<<< 11:11:51 AM >>>
[?bleatingiMa: No, that's what animation's become
<<< LegacyTyphoon has left >>>
<<< 11:12:01 AM >>>
LegacyTyphoon: haha
LegacyTyphoon: I suppose
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<<< 11:12:40 AM >>>
<<< da has joined >>>
<<< 11:12:47 AM >>>
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<<< 11:12:50 AM >>>
[?bleatingiMa: Admittedly, even stuff like bugs bunny re-used some frames, but the stuff was detailed and fully animated
<<< da has joined >>>
<<< 11:13:03 AM >>>
<<< da is now known as Death's Avatar uDog >>>
LegacyTyphoon: dude its porn
LegacyTyphoon: why would they detail it
Death's Avata: what
Meta: Enjoy your ignorance, you lucky bastard.
LegacyTyphoon: lol
LegacyTyphoon: heh
Meta: I have the impulse to post this whole chatlog on The Pfhorums
LegacyTyphoon: you know what would happen
[?bleatingiMa: Go ahead, it's ridiculous anyways.
LegacyTyphoon: haha
LegacyTyphoon: I'm trying to figure out who's been moonlighting as me
[?bleatingiMa: ?
Meta: Maybe I'll let this develop a bit more.
LegacyTyphoon: or why they'd even moonlight as me while I'm not here, its not like my reputation can get any worse...and I have no shame.
LegacyTyphoon: go ahead Meta
Meta: K
LegacyTyphoon: I command thee
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