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Post Dec 3rd '10, 23:11

Try to watch this, all the way, start to finish, without skipping anything. I DARE YOU.
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Post Dec 4th '10, 16:48

do we getz a prize if we watch the hole thing?
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Post Dec 5th '10, 00:09

Durandal347 wrote:do we getz a prize if we watch the hole thing?

My eternal love and free crack.
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Post Dec 5th '10, 07:34

I did that years ago...

"Dad beat us, dad beat us, die a penis draw a penis"

"We just died, please just die"
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D?rovací tvá?í.

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SuFu, SD

Post Dec 7th '10, 08:24

That was a fruedian slip if i ever heard one.
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Post Dec 7th '10, 23:43

"Giant penus, It's not a penus, giant penus, it's not a penus"
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Post Dec 9th '10, 13:50

buy a fetus

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