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"Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge Readme file wrote:Some Highlights:

In Morgana's Revenge, you can expect the unexpected!

- Hunt through the jungles of the Jurassic period, travel through the heart of a volcanoe, and visit the cave dwellings of the Grogs.
- Combat the slow but powerful T-rex, or take on the major raptor, the fastest foe ever to emerge from the Marathon engine.
- Gain access to the castles of Camelot, Davenport, and more!
- Use Excalibur to take on the Black Knights, Evil Archers and Rogue Sorcerors.
- Unfold the riddles of the enchanted forest, and use Merlin's magic to overcome the odds.
- Space travel aboard Kronos while attempting to fight back Morgana's invading forces.
- Explore where Morgana came from, and experience the power of her magical beasts.
- Travel through time gates and future pods to exploit the space time continuum.
- Come face to face with Morgana's son, Mordred, as you fight for the holy grail.
- Chase Morgana back into the future, and discover the wrath of GATs and Mechas.
- Fight your way through underground sewage systems while avoiding the dreaded Spewie.
- Infiltrate Morgana's stronghold in the Forraje empire, break her security system, close her plants, and invade her spaceship.
- Confront Morgana and her master wizard, Mauvair, in a final cityscape showdown.
Did the guy who wrote this think the draw of suspense and mystery was a bunch of bullcrap to the players? I need to go drink a violet canister to recover from this >_<

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I didn't expect this.

Hmm, they should have, at minimum, left off the last one.
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You need an invincibility potion before the Excalibur team find you. If I had one, I'd lend it to you [MLaugh]
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He doesn't need it. He's got dual shotguns.
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